Shopping for my holiday photo cards: Walgreens, SeeHere, Snapfish deals

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I hadn’t made my photo cards yet, so I sat down to do that today. I started with the photo I got in the mail from the kids’ free Santa shoot (thanks, Anderson Real Estate Team!) I thought I’d share with you the deals I found in case you’re in the same boat!

At Walgreens: save 33%, plus free in-store pickup

From now through January 15th, you can save 33% on  prints, photo books, cards, calendars, posters, banners and board prints at Walgreens photo!

Just enter coupon code MERRY1 at checkout. This is great for me because I just received my Santa photo with the kids and I know I can pick up the photo cards at my local Walgreens. If you were interested in buying the folded cards, you can get 10 free when you buy 10 and use coupon code FOLDED20 at checkout.

Here’s my card design from Walgreens:

The cost for 40 cards, and after discount, I’d pay $17.41 (which is $0.43 per card). The other advantage of Walgreens is the fact I can just go pick them up at my store – so I’d have them today and could avoid any shipping fees.

At SeeHere: 25% off photo cards

I also decided to check out SeeHere. Now new SeeHere customers can get up to 25 photo cards free, which of course would be the best bet.

Sadly, I’m not a new customer. However, they do have a 25% off discount with coupon code cards-47. Here’s how my card looks from SeeHere:

After the 25% discount, 40 cards would cost me $17.59 (or $0.44/card). This is very similar to Walgreens’ pricing, however, there is shipping. The standard shipping is $3.19, but it doesn’t guarantee delivery until 12/29, which does me no good. I could go two day shipping, but that’s $6.47, bringing my new total to $24.06. The cool thing about SeeHere is that Ebates is offering 12% cash back. However, this wouldn’t entirely offset the expedited shipping I’d need to pay.

At Snapfish: FREE overnight shipping on $10+ Orders

I decided to try one more online photo shop: Snapfish.

I noticed there are a couple different Snapfish coupon codes. You could use coupon code BIGSAVE to save 25% AND get free shipping. OR, you could use coupon code FSUPGRADE to get expedited shipping on orders of $10 or more (through 6pm, 12/19 only).

Coupon code BIGSAVE dropped my total of 40 cards to $24.26 ($0.60/per card) and that does include shipping. The coupon code FSUPGRADE gave me free overnight shipping (normally $14.99), but my total wasn’t discounted. The cost in that scenario would be $32.34 (or $0.81/card).

While I’m not a fan of the high cost of the cards, you might want to consider the FREE overnight shipping on orders of $10 or more for something else at Snapfish, such as a photo mug or calendar. There might be another deal in there, waiting to be discovered.

The other cool thing about Snapfish is right now, you’ll earn 20% cash back when you start at Ebates! After cash back that would drop the price to just $19.40 $0.49) with standard shipping, or $25.87 ($0.64/per card).

Time to review the deals

So here’s the breakdown for 40 cards:

Walgreens: $0.43 per card, plus I can pick them up today
SeeHere: $0.52 per card shipped (with guarantee by 12/29)
SeeHere: $0.60 per card shipping (on time for Christmas)
Snapfish: $0.60 per card (would be cutting it close)
Snapfish: $0.81 per card (with free overnight delivery)

There are also some options for earning money with cash back: Ebates is paying 3.5% cash back for Walgreens, 12% for SeeHere, and 20% for Snapfish!

However, even with the high cash back bonuses for Snapfish and SeeHere, the Walgreens offer is making the best sense to me right now! 

Are you aware of any other great photo card deals?


4 thoughts on “Shopping for my holiday photo cards: Walgreens, SeeHere, Snapfish deals”

  1. Yep, I just used the code 50BEST at Snapfish for 40 cards with 2 day s&h for a cost of $25.68. Calculate in the 20% from Snapfish and it’s only $.52 per card. Not bad and they will be here before Christmas.

    Walgreens is still the best, but I didn’t know about that deal.

  2. I just ordered mine at WalMart and they were $.44 each for the 1 hour printing. Granted that is $.01 per card more expensive than Walgreens, but the benefit is that you can order any quantity you want- it doesn’t have to be in bunches of 20, which was perfect for me because I needed 30!

  3. If you’re new on they still have the deal going on for 25 free cards. If you purchase only 20 it is only 1.49 for shipping so that comes out to .07 cents per card…not 7 cents, but .07 LOL

    I ordered mine on the 6th and got them today so it took 8 days, but you could choose 2 day shipping for $5.97 and still only pay just under 30 cents per card 🙂

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