Home Depot: City Pickers Raised Garden Bed Kit for $19.98

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city pickers raised garden bed kit

Want to do some gardening on your patio this year? Check out this City Pickers Raised Garden Bed Kit for $19.98 + free in-store pickup at Home Depot. (If you’d prefer, you can have it shipped to your house for $5.)

This raised garden bed kit measures 24.25″ x 20.25″. Features include:

  • self-contained watering system which automatically waters your plants and has drainage holes to prevent over watering (perfect for novices like me!)
  • mulch cover to help prevent weed growth
  • aeration screen to help provide a sufficient amount of air to the plant roots
  • easy-to-install design

Now, I (Laura) am by no means a gardener, but this product gets really solid reviews and looks to be the lowest price available right now. I recommend reading the reviews on HomeDepot.com as many people give tips about what to plant, where to put it, etc.

In browsing the reviews, it seems like this would be an especially good choice for those in an apartment or condo who need to do all of their gardening in containers. They actually have a “warning” in the product description that it “will grow tomatoes and other vegetables extremely fast and easily”!

OK, I’m intrigued. If you have one of these, what do you think?