*HOT* Buy a $10 Starbucks Card, Get a BONUS $10!

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Wow – this deal is hot and I think it’s going to sell out lightning fast. Be the first 325,000 people to buy a $10 Starbucks eGift Card using VISA Checkout, and you’ll receive an extra $10. You won’t see the bonus in your checkout, but your email receipt will confirm it. There is a limit of one per person.

As of this posting, this offer is still available. But I strongly encourage you to make sure the verbiage on this page indicates it’s still available before you purchase. Head to Starbucks for more.

If this offer works for you, I’d love to hear about it. And, at some point if the offer expires, please let me know and I’ll mark this post as such.

7 thoughts on “*HOT* Buy a $10 Starbucks Card, Get a BONUS $10!”

  1. This is a tricky one as it allows you to put multiple cards in your “cart” and then checkout, however if you do that, you do NOT get the bonus. I screwed up and did it this morning and learned the hard way, however my husband did it correctly this afternoon and it worked as advertised, although the delivery of the egift cards to the recipients is very erratic. Some people are receiving them within 15 minutes or so and others are taking several hours. It’s a great promo if you follow the directions. =)

  2. I just saw this on th site. The Holiday Starbucks Card eGift promotion with Visa has now expired. An eGift is a digital card your receipent can redeem and enjoy in-store. Just choose an eGift design, add a personal message and the amount you’d like to give, enter an email address then hit send.

  3. Okay.. answering my own comment for those curious. You have to use the VISA CHECKOUT function to get the $10. It worked for me. Tip: you should send the giftcard to yourself because it tacks on $10 to the giftcard YOU SEND.

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