How I Processed 20 Pounds of Ground Beef (Freezer Meal Prep)

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Prepping Ground Beef for the Freezer

I’m a big fan of buying in bulk and making freezer meals, for a couple reasons. First, buying food in bulk can often save money. And second, having meals ready to go in my freezer helps me plan my weekly dinner menu and saves me time.

Freezer Chicken

I usually end up buying boneless, skinless chicken in bulk – up to 40 pounds at a time!

Last week, however, I branched out and split a 40 pound lean ground beef order from Zaycon Fresh with a friend. (More on placing orders like this in a moment.)

Lean Ground Beef

This is how the meat looked when I received it. Each chub contained 10 pounds. Now, what to do with it? My number one piece of advice when it comes to freezer meal prep: consider the meals you already like to make for your family. It can be easy to see all the fun freezer meal recipes and go to town, only to realize later you don’t really like those recipes!

Cutting up a Chub of Ground Beef

Here are the meals I tend to make with ground beef: hamburgers, tacos, chili, and occasionally I’ll use ground beef for meatballs, in casseroles, in soups, and spaghetti sauce (though these days I prefer using ground Italian sausage – it’s got way more flavor!).

Freezing Ground Beef

I decided I wanted to freeze some as-is, so I did that right off the bat. Pretty easy!

Frozen Burgers

Next, I decided to make burgers! I pressed them out and flash frozen them on a cookie sheet in my freezer before putting them in bags. To keep them tidy, I used a sheet of wax paper in between each burger. I also opted to leave these unseasoned as I’d much prefer to season them as they are cooking. (It’s my understanding that some seasonings can intensify when frozen too.)

Ground Beef Cooked

While the burgers were freezing, I browned about 6ish pounds of the ground beef. My thinking was that it could be used for taco night or chili or other recipes where ground beef is needed. I like the idea of having to skip the step of browning it later! As with the burgers, I left it completely unseasoned.

Finally, we used about three pounds of the ground beef to barbecue hamburgers with friends last weekend!

Freezing Ground Beef for Meals

I am happy with how I decided to prep this meat. True, it’s not in complete meals, but I feel like it’s prepped in a way that makes sense for how we use ground beef.

Ordering Meat in Bulk

Are you interested to jump on the bandwagon and purchase meat in bulk? If so, Zaycon Fresh is probably going to be your best bet right now. They offer many products and are available in many locations. (I’ve mentioned GoDirect Foods in recent months, but sadly, they’ve pulled the reins in on their locations and are no longer serving my area. Understandably, this makes it difficult to promote.)

Here’s what to do:

  • Start by creating a free Zaycon Fresh account.*
  • Next, shop by product or location. If you’re new, I recommend you start by location so you can see where the delivery areas & dates are near you.
  • Purchase the product(s) of your choosing.
  • Pick up your product(s) on the designated date and location.

If you’re new to this concept, you may feel overwhelmed by 40 pounds of meat! Well, you can always do what I did – share an order with a friend.

To give you an idea of the items and pricing, here are some of the products I’m finding for the Tacoma location:

Zaycon Fresh

I’ve got a lot more to say on this topic – head to my Freezer Cooking page and also my Recipes page for a number of freezer-friendly recipes.

* Yes, the links contained in this post are my invitation links. If you are interested to explore Zaycon Fresh more, I’d love it if you used my links! (But of course, you certainly don’t have to.) Also note that when you sign up for Zaycon, you’ll receive a referral link yourself. When you share Zaycon with your friends and family and they make a purchase, you’ll receive referral credits.

Now it’s your turn: have you done any freezer meal prep lately?

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  1. Great post. I did something similar with my last Zaycon beef purchase. The purchase prior I had made several freezer meals from the “Fix, freeze, feast” cookbook. Some were hits with the family but others still languish in the freezer after all this time as they were not faves at th first tasting.
    This time I mostly froze the meat in 1 & 2 lb portions. I also made a huge pan of browned taco meat, (with taco seasoning from WinCo) which was very helpful on a recent ski vacation. I was able to warm the meat in the oven while I prepped the rest of the meal.

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