How to stock up on coffee at Cost Plus World Market

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Do you shop at Cost Plus World Market? I recently discovered this gem of a store. It’s got a little bit of everything: home decor, wine, snacks from around the world (my favorite part!), and….coffee.

Reader Annie recently took the time to email me step-by-step directions on how she shops Cost Plus World Market to stock up on coffee. I found her post so in-depth and helpful that I wanted to share this information with you, so you’ll be ready for the next sale like this they have. Ready?

Step One. Become a World Perks Member if you aren’t already. You can do this in-store or online. (If you take the online route, there is a $10/$30 printable coupon available to print!

Step Two. Understand how to leverage your member account. Annie explains:

1) As a world market perks member when you buy 6 bags of 12 oz or more [coffee] you get 1 free bag of 12 oz or more.
2) Every Wednesday its 2 points for every 1 bag (thus it turns into buy 3 and get 1 bag free)
This is important for 2 reasons. 1) the buy on get one sale (I’ll get to that) and 2) when you cash in on your free bag make sure to do so on a Wednesday whenever possible – you still get the points.

Step Three. Wait for a “buy one, get one free” sale. Annie shares that this seems to be happening roughly once every three months or so. I’ll do my best to notify you when I see one coming! The sale looks like this:

Apparently, you won’t get points for the “free” item. But if you shop on Wednesday, it’s double points day! That means you’ll get 2 points for each bag you pay for. If you have a $10/$30 coupon (such as the one I mentioned available online), the deal gets sweeter. Here’s Annie’s breakout:

Buy one, get one Sale : Generally Coffee is $5.99 a pack – so this goes to $2.99 a pack
Buy on Wednesday : Buy 6 and pay for 3 – get free pack – so 7 packs for $17.97 or $2.58 a pack
Better – Buy 18 – Pay for 9 – get 3 free packs – use each one on a Wednesday – get one more free – thus pay for 9 and get 22 so $53.91 or $2.45

Step Four. Get there early! Anne says that the last time she did this sale, others knew of it too. She asked if they had more stock in back, and they did! Here is what Annie did:

Buy 12 bags – Pay for 6 – $35.94 – Use $10/$30 coupon – $24.94 – 12 Bags plus 2 free so $1.83 a bag.

Are you following this? She did the “buy one, get one free” sale, used her $10/$30 coupon, and earned 2 free additional bags since it was double points day. (Remember each 6 bags you buy, you earn 1.)

Step Five. If you don’t want to shop in-stores, you can do a similar deal online! Annie has also done this online, particularly when there isn’t a $10/$30 coupon available to use. I think even with a coupon, doing this sale online may be a great alternative. Plus, stock may not be such an issue.

Here’s the crazy deal Annie got:

2 World Market® Breakfast Blend Coffee, 12 oz. FREE
2 World Market® Breakfast Blend Coffee, 12 oz. 11.98 (total)
1 World Market® Mocha Java Blend Coffee Size: 12 OZ. FREE
1 World Market® Mocha Java Blend Coffee Size: 12 OZ. 5.99
2 World Market® French Roast Coffee Size: 12 OZ. FREE
2 World Market® French Roast Coffee Size: 12 OZ. 11.98
2 World Market® Vanilla Bean Coffee, 12 oz. FREE
2 World Market® Vanilla Bean Coffee, 12 oz. 13.98
1 World Market® Sumatra Medium Coffee Size: 12 OZ. FREE
1 World Market® Sumatra Medium Coffee Size: 12 OZ. 6.99
1 World Market® Peruvian Coffee, 24 oz. FREE*
1 World Market® Peruvian Coffee, 24 oz. 8.79
3 World Market® French Roast Coffee 24 oz. FREE
3 World Market® French Roast Coffee Size: 24 OZ. 26.37
2 World Market® Italian Roast Coffee Size: 24 OZ. FREE
2 World Market® Italian Roast Coffee Size: 24 OZ. 17.58

TOTAL $103.66 (no shipping over $100 and no tax because its “food”). Point wise, Anne bought 30 bags, which means she earned 5 additional free bags from doing this deal. Bottom line, when all is said and done, 53 bags of coffee at $1.99 each! You could certainly buy less than this, but Annie really wanted to stock up plus take advantage of the free shipping. Just make sure to do the math to ensure you’re maximizing your points and the buy one, get one free sale.

* Annie is unsure why she was able to include 24 oz bags in this deal. She isn’t sure if stores would have carried this size as part of the deal.

A couple final tips from Annie

Before you do a crazy stock up deal like Annie, take a couple of her tips to heart…

1) Try ONE bag first. Make sure you like World Market coffee before you buy 30 bags! Go on a Wednesday and get those double points! If you like it? You’ll be prepared for their “buy one, get one free sale.” It’s not a deal if you don’t like this brand.

2) You can only redeem ONE free coffee bag per trip. On the free bags you earn with your points? You can only redeem ONE at a time. So if you earn 5 bags, you’ll be making 5 trips. Anne writes she has had no issue going in, getting her free bag, paying nothing, and leaving. But it may be something to consider if your nearest World Market isn’t too near.

A HUGE, HUGE thank you to Annie for sharing her wealth of information! So now you all will be ready the next time we hear of this sale, right?

I would love to hear from any of you that have shopped this sale before. What tips/tricks would you add to Annie’s list? Or, do you have any other great insights on shopping Cost Plus World Market you can share today?

20 thoughts on “How to stock up on coffee at Cost Plus World Market”

  1. You know, I use my Keurig machine so I use the K cups which are disposable. My parents use the refillable K cup & the last time they had the BOGO deal (maybe a month ago?) I told him about it & he went in & bought 6 bags & got the 7th free.

    Funny note: He didn’t believe me. He had to call the store before he went in to verify I had the deal right because it “seemed to good to be true.” Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad. One of my readers told me “a prophet is never heard in his land.” LOL! 🙂

    I think I’ll buy a bag of coffee to see how I like it & if it’s good, I’ll stock up on the next BOGO deal. They even have organic coffee (around $8 per bag, I think)!

  2. I’m getting jittery just reading this post!

    No, seriously, I’d love to know what fellow coffee junkies think of their stuff. I’ve been scoring pretty good deals on Amazon lately (I like the community coffee dark roast), but nothing that sweet!

  3. Wow! Nice job Anne! I did this deal online last time they had the BOGO, and I found that if your total before the free bags was over $100, you got the free shipping. I spent $50.92 on 16 bags (no tax or shipping, all 12 oz priced between $5.99 and $6.99) and then got two free bags later in-store. At my World Market (Tacoma), they just did two transactions. FYI, you’re able to combine the $10 reward for spending $100 on Gourmet with the $10 off $30 coupon and one of the free coffees.

    Sidenote: two of the bags I got were expired and two expired within a few weeks, so I complained and got an $11.98 refund and got to keep the old coffee. The other 12 bags (received in April) expire sort of soon, in August, September or October.

    • Oh gosh! (BTW I’m “Anne”) I haven’t even checked expiration – does coffee “go bad” or does is just start to taste different after a certain time – Like pop?

      World Market is EXCELLENT with their customer service – FYI – so I’m certain you’d have no problem returning items that were expired. I had a bottle of wine have a cork that was compromised and they did a full refund EASILY and Happily!

      • Oh boy, might want to go through all your bags post haste Anne!!

        Thanks again for contributing your insights. Very helpful indeed!

      • I hate to sound like a jerk, but, if you stockpile….I feel it’s wrong to return coffee that expires, just because you bought way more than you can use before the expiration. 🙁

        • Janine, that’s not the concern. The concern is what if you bought coffee that is ALREADY expired or is about to expire in 2 weeks. Can’t you agree you don’t want to buy something that is already gone bad?

        • Just to really re iterate what Amber already said – For instance I have a box from the last deal I haven’t opened (ok this makes me sound like a hoarder – but really we are moving within the month and so we left it sealed) I will open it – find my ship date and check the bags – if they expired BEFORE the ship date I would return them – otherwise – its on me – I bought product that was good – it sat as I over accounted for need and thats my loss – time and money.

          I think this is important to really highlight – I believe its my responsibility to make sure I know my expiration dates!

  4. I’ve done their BOGO deal twice so far. I LOVE their coffee. I have an espresso machine at home, so I buy the dark stuff (usually Kenya AA coffee).

  5. I LOVE World Markets, and always see the coffee e-mail but never go buy it. Thank you for breaking down how to save $$ with them. I am going to try the sale with the next coupon. Thanks again for adding another favorite store of mine to your blog!

  6. They run a BOGO deal before Christmas too. It’s great way to get coffee for a gift basket. I got mugs from the dollar store, bought some chocolate covered spoons and cookies. I ordered extra for teacher gifts this time. It’s really good coffee. We like the breakfast blend the best.

  7. I’ve done this deal twice. One important note is that, for the bags that you earn free with points, you need to log in to your World Market account to print the coupons. You don’t get an email letting you know when they are available, you just have to check periodically. The first time I did this, the cashier told me I’d get an email for the two free bags, and I finally logged in to my account only to find that the coupons were going to expire the next day! I had to rush right out to the store!

  8. What a deal! We’ve been doing Gevalia, and got a ton of free coffee, thanks to their shipping mistake 🙂 But we haven’t decided if we are cancelling before the next shipment or keeping it…

    There are often Cost Plus $10/30 coupons in the paper too! I will be stopping in and trying this… I want to pick up a couple other things anyway 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  9. I love this deal. I can’t wait for it to come around again. I didn’t realize the free bag coupon expires. Guess I better log into my account and make sure mine is still good. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Wow! Although it sounds incredibly complicated and I will have to read over this a few more times, this is a great deal! We drink a lot of coffee and I haven’t seen a better price for gourmet. I will definitely be trying this… I hope we like it!

    • It definitely does seem complicated but my thinking is, when the next such sale comes along, there will be this reference post you can use!!

  11. For tomorrow (25th), jewelry is buy one get one free (BOGO). I got 2 pair of super cute earrings for $4.99! 🙂

    Also, the $10 off of $30 too. Join their program, it’s free & worth it!

  12. I am a coffee junkie, using whole beans in our espresso machine. I was typically buying the 3 # columbia beans for $15.99 at our Costco but that last time that World Markey did the BOGO, i risked it and bought 6 bags on a wednesday and used a $10/$30. I am hooked. The Italian Roast whole bean is our favorite although the Organic Guatemala is also very good. I use my free bags to try the different organic blends (they are retailing for $8.99) Nevertheless, good whole bean coffee is rarely less than $4 pound and so I am thrilled with buying it for around $2.00 bag when you figure in the free bags. I am going to try the order online bit the next time this sale comes around. I would really love free shipping and to the door since I drive 7 miles to our nearest cost plus. Thanks for this post! Great information gleaned!

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