How ClickList Works: Everything You Need to Know (Fred Meyer/Kroger)

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How to Use Fred Meyer's ClickList Online Ordering: Easy. Convenient. Simple


Over the past few months, I’ve been watching my Federal Way store slowly create an online shopping area called ClickList in the front of the store. My curiosity was definitely piqued! What is this all about? I was even more excited when I learned that my store was the first in the area to launch this service. The Fred Meyer stores in South Hill, Redondo, and Port Orchard will receive the service later this year. It’s also worth noting that some Kroger Family of Stores around the country may also have the service available or coming (head to ClickList to see if it’s available near you!).

I reached out to my friends at Fred Meyer to see if they could fill me in on the details of how it works so I could share them with you. I also was provided a VISA gift card so I could test out the process from start to finish for myself.

Turns out, the way it works is actually pretty straightforward: you order online and pick up at the store. I think this is a great option for busy families, or maybe parents with small kids who’d rather not spend an hour wandering the store aisles. The idea sounds awesome, but how easy would it actually be and would it actually save me any time? I was about to find out.

I started by heading to and clicking on the “order online” tab. From there, I was taken to a page called “ClickList” where I was prompted to log on with my Fred Meyer Rewards account.

Fred Meyer Online Shopping

One thing I noticed right away that I loved was the “recent purchases” and “my favorites.” ClickList was able to pull recent and frequent purchases made in store with my Rewards card! As I tend to purchase similar items over and over, this made adding items to my cart a snap.

Online Ordering Prices

One question I had about online ordering: would they honor sale prices? I was delighted to see that yes, they do! I was excited to buy some cherries at $1.88 per pound this week because that is the lowest price I’ve seen them yet this season. Please note that the prices are current as of the time of your order, but may change by your pick-up date. (For instance, if you place an order on Saturday with a Sunday pick-up time, you may experience price changes as the new weekly ad breaks on Sundays.)

Pick-up Slot

I was very delighted by how easy the process was. Sometimes, when companies launch these newfangled shopping options they are cumbersome and glitchy. This was NOT the case with Fred Meyer’s online ordering system. In fact, I’d say the whole process from start to finish took me under 15 minutes – and that’s for a huge cart filled with a week’s worth of groceries! It was incredibly easy to navigate and didn’t bug out at all.

One thing you’ll want to note is that it may take a day for your order to be ready (so you will need to plan ahead a little). In my case, I submitted my order on Wednesday at noon, and the earliest available pickup time was Thursday at 7. Now, I knew I wouldn’t want to be heading to the store at 7 during our summer schedule, so I opted for a slightly later morning time.

Review your order

You’ll also be able to review your order before you submit it. Everything looked good, so I said sure!

Click List

Except… two hours later I realized I’d forgotten a couple items. Shoot! I went back online and was able to see how incredibly easy it was to add to my order. (They give you a few hours to do this and thankfully, I was well within that cutoff.)

So far, I was totally impressed with my ordering experience. But how would pick-up go?

Pickup Location for Fred Meyer's service

The next morning, I got to park in one of these handy dandy spots reserved just for ClickList customers. Now, I am just the WORST cell phone user, so don’t be like me! If I had brought my phone with, all I’d need to do was call the number and wait. They will bring it out to you curbside – no reason to go in the store. (Another huge perk if you have small kids in tow!)

Employee Area Click List

Since I didn’t have a phone, I popped into the store to let them know I was here. (Again, you won’t have to do this at all so long as you bring your phone and call.) The bonus for me is I could sneak a peek where the magic happens. I didn’t go behind the doors as it was “employees only,” but it was clear they had places to store frozen and refrigerated items (so rest assured everything will stay at proper temps for you).

Curbside Delivery at Fred Meyer Online Shopping

A super helpful employee delivered my items out to the car for me. I asked him if many people had been taking advantage of the new service and he said they have definitely seen some activity, which excites me. It’s so convenient, and I need it to be a permanent thing! He also gave me a great tip: make use of the “special instructions” field when ordering. For instance, he said, if you wanted very ripe avocados for making guac this weekend, you could request that. Great tip!

Using Digital Coupons for ClickList

The other important question I asked Fred Meyer: what about coupons? YES, you CAN use coupons! Make sure to load any related digital coupons to your Rewards account. Paper manufacturers coupons can be presented at curbside and they should be able to take them back into the store and re-run your total.

Think about it: you save time, and you get the same deal. What’s not to love here?

Ordering from Fred Meyer's Click List

I was really curious to unload my groceries when I got home. I have to say, I was very pleased. None of the eggs were broken. My bread was not smashed. The quality of the produce they selected was consistent with what I would’ve picked for myself. Everything was fresh and neatly bagged up.


They were out of the non-dairy milk I normally buy, so they substituted with the organic version. Note that you have the option to allow for substitutions like this if you want, but you will be charged whatever price the substitution is. (In this case, the organic version was about $1 more than the non-organic.) I didn’t mind this at all, because I know I would’ve made the same choice during my own shopping trip.

DSCN9002 (Medium)

I thought this was another great example of their grocery skills. The chuck roast they selected for me was $15.75, which just so happens to have been the “estimated” price on my order!

All told, I paid about $10 less than what I was expecting for my order. I felt like the service was a huge time saver, particularly during the summer when I don’t always feel like shopping with my kids and we have bigger, better things to do. It was nice to head home at 9:30 in the morning with a car full of groceries, just ready to put away.

It occurred to me there’s another benefit of this service: you’re more likely to avoid impulse purchases. This could be handy if you’re trying to stick to a budget or diet.

Intrigued? Here’s another reason to give ClickList a try: the first three orders have no service charge! That’s right, you’ll just pay for the cost of your order. After that, the fee is $4.95 per order, which I think is incredibly reasonable considering the service they are providing and the time I saved. I would be happy to pay it. If you live near a Fred Meyer offering this service, I wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a try and see what you think!

Head to to get started!

Edited to add: I now maintain a handy dandy ClickList resource for you! It’s a post of all the current Best ClickList Coupon OffersCheck it out:

Enter the Giveaway!

Are you intrigued by my post? Want to give it a try and live in the greater Federal Way area or near another Kroger store that offers ClickList? If so, Fred Meyer is graciously giving a winner a $100 gift card so they can try the process for themselves!

Updated: we have a winner! Congrats to Julie who submitted the following comment that was randomly selected:

This sounds awesome! This would definitely save me some time since I will soon have 3 kids 3 years old and under. I live in Federal Way, so would be able to try it right away.

Julie, please check your email as I’ve reached out to you to coordinate the delivery of your prize.

Entering is simple:

Updated: The contest is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who participated and left such great comments. Even if you did not win, I sure hope you’ll give ClickList a try!

  • Leave a comment on this post by Friday, July 8th at noon. For fun, I’d love to hear what appeals to you the most about ClickList online ordering – the convenience, time saved, the fact you can get the same deals in the store, or something else.
  • As the intention is to use the gift card to experience the new ClickList online shopping service, I’d encourage you to only enter if you can take advantage of shopping at the Federal Way, Washington store OR if your Kroger or Fred Meyer store offers the service.
  • I will randomly pick a winner from all available comments left. I will contact the winner by email as well as announce the winner on this post shortly after noon on Friday, July 8th. You will have 48 hours to respond to my email or notify me of your address following the contest’s close or I will pick another winner.

Good luck!

Disclosure: Fred Meyer graciously provided me with a VISA gift card for the purposes of my review post as well as a gift card for the winner of this contest. No additional compensation was received and all ideas expressed are my own. For more information, please review my Disclosure Policy.

75 thoughts on “How ClickList Works: Everything You Need to Know (Fred Meyer/Kroger)”

  1. I love this! In some ways, pick up is even more appealing than delivery for large orders like this. And I agree that the service charge is totally reasonable for this service. I appreciate the ability to avoid impulse purchases; that’s probably the biggest plus for me.

  2. I’ve been having a hard time lately finding the time to do a full grocery shopping trip. With 2 kids playing tournament baseball I’m lucky to have 1 night a week without sport commitments. I think this would make it so much easier. I could place my order while sitting at a sports event during warm ups and then pick up after work or sports the next day.

    I work in the Federal Way area so this just might be a doable thing if I pick up after work. I hope they add this service to a wider area in the future as well.

  3. I’m so stoked for this! Literally a month ago I was trying to find a store that did online ordering, but there was none in our area. I think I’m most excited for the convenience and time saved. Although I live in Auburn, I’ll gladly drive to Federal Way for this service. It’s hard grocery shopping with a 5 month old! Let alone finding time to do it. Thanks for posting!

  4. im a frequent Fred Meyer shopper and this is awesome! I have a young child with a disabiliy. Often times grocery store trips with him are no easy task! Being able to order online and pick up curbside is a fabulous idea! Not to mention helping stick to our healthy eating and budget without the enticement of impulse buys.

  5. I love this idea. I tend to get into the store and forget everything i really needed. Also have a foot issue which makes grocery shopping not much fun.

  6. I would love to use this service! I live in Auburn, but go to Federal Way all the time for Trader Joe’s and Target. I am 7 months pregnant now and could definetly use some help as I am still working full time and just having to go on to buy a few items is exhausting to me!

  7. Thank you for the great review! I’ve noticed this service at the big Fred Meyer in NE that I shop on occasion. I’m pleased to hear you had a good experience & I’d be willing to give it a try on a busy week. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. After reading your post I’m excited to try online ordering! With a newborn and toddler I have no room for actual groceries in my cart! I think I will arrange for my husband to pick up on his way home from work!

  9. I love this concept, especially when avoiding impulse buys and trying to stick to a meal plan! I could see the benefit for those with smaller kids and those really trying to stick to a budget, etc! Excited to try it out:-)!

  10. Wow, I’m so happy to hear about this. I have two small children and my husband is disabled. This would make for a much more convenient shopping experience. My husband could just pull up and have them brought to the car! I will definitely Be trying this out

  11. This service would be awesome for my family. I have some disabilities which make it hard for me to walk around the store for long periods. I really want to try this out so I can help my wife more. I could just drive up and have the groceries brought to my car. Thanks for the info on this

  12. As a mom of four, this will be a great perk! Thanks for the info. I’ve been watching them build this every time we’ve been there recently and wondered how well it was going to go!

  13. I’m so excited about this. I see myself using it mostly when the rain starts back up so I don’t have to load and unload 3 kids in the rain. The fee seems totally worth it especially when i consider that I almost always spend at least that much extra on impulse buys.

  14. I literally just came home from picking up my Click List order! Its the 2nd time I’ve used the service and I am so impressed. The $5 cost of the service is priceless compared to not having to drag three children into the store. And the $5 is cheaper than all of the impulse purchases I would make in the store!

  15. This sounds great!! I would also like the perk of not having to shop with kids, but I also think this would save me quite a bit of money not impulse shopping. Unless I go online when I’m hungry I guess! LOL

  16. I would love to try this for my family! The idea of ordering and picking up our groceries and not even having to take the kids out of the car is so appealing!

  17. This is such a great idea for those days when i’m on my way home from work and way too tired to go grocery shopping!

  18. This sounds fantastic! I would like to use for those times I would rather not get my kids (2 at 5 and under) out of the car! Love that coupons and sale prices are included! I live in the South Hill area so nice to see it will be coming soon.

  19. I remember when I was little and Fred Meyer’s used to have this conveyor belt trolley like thing where you would go and load up your groceries upfront. I have wished many times that they still have that option. This is new service is a dream come true! It’s basically drive through grocery shopping and having a brand-new baby who hates the car seat and shopping it’s heaven sent!!

  20. I think this would be great to cut back on impulse purchases! I’m trying to stick to a budget, but Fred’s can be just as bad as Target or Costco for me! lol I am curious about how it will work for those of us that have the plastic bag ban. Will we have to pay for the paper bags as well if we use this service?

  21. I may just have to start shopping there again. BIG maybe. But this sounds fantastic for a working single Mom! Or, any Mom really!

  22. This is a winning combination with being able to peruse the ad and coupons and electronically load them and then do the online shopping. Am I seriously dreaming? Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I love all these benefits! I think picking up groceries after commuting home from work would be fantastic. It would leave more time on the weekends for fun stuff.i would still need to check in the store once in a while clearance deals. I’m really close to the Federal Way store.

  24. Fred Meyer’s shopping service would be perfect for me! I always forget something on my shopping list. This would guarantee I would arrive home with everything I wanted to purchase!

  25. I have a bachelor friend who is afraid of learning to cook and claims that he doesn’t know how to pick out fresh ingredients and is thus intimidated by the grocery store. This would be a great way to remove him and anyone else of this excuse!
    I want pickup at my Kent store but will gladly drive back from somewhere through Federal Way 😉

  26. I work for a large corporation that offers a grocery delivery service, yet I don’t use it. I am very stuck in my ways and prefer Fred Meyers over any other grocery store chain. I’m ESTATIC to see them offering this service now. As a mother of 2 special needs kids who are easily over stimulated by the sights and sounds in a grocery store, THANK YOU!

  27. We have it here in Portland and I never see anyone using it. I just don’t think I want someone picking out my apples. Also, this involves planning ahead, which is another issue…..

  28. Great review Angela! I live in Portland and I know there are a few stores that have this service. I have used Home Grocer and Safeway delivery services in the past. I loved the convenience. And selection was what I would have picked out. Now that my budget is much tighter, I shop primarily at WinCo and Fred Meyer as needed.

  29. For health reasons, shopping is getting a little difficult at times. I can see using this option. Fred Meyers is the grocery store I shop the most. So this is very interesting. Thanks for the chance!

  30. This service sounds amazing! I have three young kids and it is extremely difficult to bring them to the store with me without having all the extra impulse buys thrown in by them. I am about to have hip surgery in 2 weeks and this takes all the worry of how we are going to get our groceries out of the way!

  31. I love this idea! This would be a real timesaver since I can shop ahead of time. I like that this is linked to your rewards card as I shop at Fred Meyer frequently. It’s nice that they will let you use paper coupons also.

  32. Sounds like a great time saver especially when the kids are at home. Next they need to build a Fred Meyers in Lewis County. : )

  33. I’ve been wanting to try this! I have three small kids so picking up groceries will save lots of time and will be less stressful. Thanks for the info on this!

  34. I would love to try this service! I have two small kids and grocery shopping with them is rough sometimes (especially when “the blue car” is nowhere in sight)! It would also help me to plan my meals ahead of time. No more wondering if we have parmesan cheese or if the cilantro at the house is still good.

  35. I like the opportunity to not drag my eight-year-old son to the grocery store it would be a lot less stressful.

  36. This is everything! As a new Mom of an overactive squirmy toddler, I would most definitely use this service. Our family primarily shops at Fred Meyer and with two full time working parents – this service will be ultimately convinient! Thank you for sharing!

  37. I have seen the new parking spots and staging area in the store and was curious! Thanks for all the info–I would love to try it.

  38. I saw this when I was there the other dAy!! Now I have to try it!! Thanks for the information !! I have 4 little boys 6 and under this was made for me

  39. I love the convienence of not having to drag the kids shopping in the summer and NO extra impluse buys!

  40. They just started Clicklist at both of our Fred Meyer stores in Bellingham and I’m so excited! Putting together our first order now and was wondering about using coupons… so glad that they work on there! It seems to be a pretty seamless process so far. This should save me some valuable time this busy holiday weekend!

  41. I would LOVE to use this service! I have a three and a five year old, so sometimes getting in to the store is a challenge or a downright hassle. I would save so much time, energy and money buying only what I needed and having it all ready to go. One quest though: did you tip your delivery person or assume it was the same as pushing it out to your car?

  42. Thank you for writing about this service. I would like to try it and see if helps me avoid the extra purchases I always come home with on a shopping trip. I think this would make me be more intentional about what I put in my cart. I think it will save a lot of time as well.

  43. Oh man! I love this! My friend has a store in Midwest that does this and I was bummed we don’t! Just saw some parking spaces going up at my Fred Meyer yesterday and I was curious! So glad you posted! After yesterday’s trip I’m excited not to have to bring all 3 kids in!! Also might make buying surprises easier!

  44. This sounds like a great time saver. I wish they’d had this service when my kids were born – it would be a great service for brand new parents!

  45. This is amazing! I can’t wait for my local Fred Meyers to do this. I lived in the UK and every store had online shopping AND delivery- so I’m ready to dive back in.

  46. I am so excited about this – can’t wait for our local stores to offer ClickList. Going to the store is not one of my favorite things to do.

  47. I will be a weekly user of this service!! With a 2 year old, 9 month old, and 2 in-home businsses this is ESSENTIAL! So glad my local Federal Way Fred Meyer is adopting this program!! I am most excited about be having to unbuckle the babies and still using coupons! Woohoo!!

  48. As a mom of a 15 month old and a newborn this service appeals to me very much! I used to love grocery shopping but not anymore! Going up and down grocery store aisles with one or two crying babies is no fun. I would love to be able to put in my order online and pick up the next day without having to get out of the car. Having kids makes you wish that everything in life came with a “drive through” option 🙂
    Another advantage to this service is that I am a huge impulse buyer and this would definitely cut down on that!

  49. I love the idea of this! I just got a flyer in the mail a few weeks ago stating that a Fred Meyer in my area just added this service, but it’s one that’s a little further away than my normal location. I am 35 weeks pregnant and have a 2 year old and 4 year old at home, so I was planning on taking advantage of this once the baby is born! I’m a frequent Fred Meyer shopper, and the idea of being able to get the same deals as I normally do and not have to pull all three of my kids out to go shopping will be a time, energy and stress saver for sure 🙂

  50. I like the idea. And i love fred Meyer. But i didn’t like click list at all. I know, I’m spoiled because i have instacart and prime now already. But no pickups until the next day?? Really? And it’s only groceries. One of my favorite things about fred meyer is being able to get a lot more than groceries. And with little kids, they have the best in store experience short of ikea! Why would we miss out on free fruit and Playland? ?
    I guess it’ll be good for some people, but not us right now.

  51. This would be such a time saver! It would make meal planning so much easier, and hopefully avoid multiple trips to the store.

  52. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this idea!! There are times where shopping with a 10 month old truly daunting or simply not feasible when groceries are needed. I will definitely be testing this out!

  53. I can’t wait to try this out! It’s every mother of a small child’s dream to not have to get out of the car for groceries! I believe we do have this service in my area, I have been seeing and hearing quite a bit if advertising for it recently. Sounds awesome!

  54. This sounds awesome! This would definitely save me some time since I will soon have 3 kids 3 years old and under. I live in Federal Way, so would be able to try it right away.

  55. This is a potential lifesaver! I have a son with a sensory disorder, I usually do my grocery shopping while he is in school, but with Summer here, I have had to enlist helpers or make a mad dash in and out for a few items. We frequent the Federal Way Fred Meyer as well. I am glad to see them bring this to the area!

  56. I really hope that they bring this to the Fred Meyer here! My son has CP and can’t walk on his own yet. He’s getting to the size where he can barley fit in the cart seat and shopping isn’t easy on me. Having someone shop for me would be a huge blessing and make my days so much easier! Thanks for the post, I had no clue they were starting this service. I’ll be checking with the manager here and hope to see it here soon.

  57. Love the idea of not having to take my kids inside. Such a huge time saving thing, and I could shop online while they’re sleeping!

  58. This sounds like it would be an awesome service as meal plannig would go way smoother without the impulse buys and not having to tote my 8 yr old and 6 month old thru the store, definately going to have to try it out since i line in Federal Way, love Fred Meyers.

  59. I think this will help me with preventing impusive purchases that I see on the end caps at the stores and the ones that I give in to my children.

  60. We have this service at our Orchards, Vancouver, wA location and I love it! We’ve used it multiple times and as a busy mom of 4 this is a lifesaver! Especially because it remembers your usual items and it goes so fast. Plus, I can shop at night when the kids are sleeping and just conveniently pick it up on my way to or from another appointment.

  61. This is awesome! My kids are teens now, but this would have been a lifesaver when they were little. I am trying this soon!

  62. The Federal Way Fred Meyer is on my way home after picking up the kids at daycare. I swear we stop there 4 days out of the week. I go in for a few items and always end up with so much more in my cart due to impulse buys. I think this service would be great to stop that and will also force me to start planning what I buy since you have to do it the day before. Another thing I am looking forward to, not having to drag the kids to the store. Every day I pick them up, the first thing out of their mouth is “So we have to go to the store?”. Follow that with a groan when I say yes!

  63. I can’t wait to give it a try! I’d love to know if we are able to pay at pick up? This would be a very valuable service for our disabled community members who pay with their SNAP food benefits cards. They don’t come with a logo so they are not eligible for purchases online but if someone can use the service and pay at pick up, this could make a huge difference in our community!

  64. This sounds like a great time saver. This is not available in my area yet, but I visit some places that do have it.

  65. My local store is not participating, but my husband travels often for work and shops at a participating King Soopers while there. This is great for us. I can use it to order the groceries he will need for the week that he is gone and he can just pick them up on the way to the hotel. I imagine this could be a great help on family vacations.

  66. I love the Federal Way Fred Meyer. I have been reading all about this service. There are times that I do not have time to shop and I wait then I go into Fred Meyer and buy things that were not on my original list.

    I do my best shopping when I make my list then shop. I am an impulse buyer so I see this as advantageous for me. I don’t have children at home but there are some weeks I have so many things scheduled that I do not do a good job of shopping. I love that they honor coupons too. Great Service and glad it is here in Federal Way

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