Delivery Service: $20 off + FREE Delivery First Order (+ Nina’s Tutorial on how it works!)

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Over the past couple of months I have seen more and more about Safeway Delivery Service. It has popped up in numerous advertisements while I am online, and my store is currently handing out flyers about the service, so they definitely want to get the word out. I have been hesitant to try it mainly because its “NEW” or at least, new to me.  However, being they are offering $20 OFF and free delivery your first delivery until 8/19/17, I figured I would give it a try.

Before we begin, please note this may not be available in all areas at this time. You can put in your location and see if they deliver in your area.)

How to Place a Delivery Order

This is actually a pretty simple process: you order online and have your groceries delivered to your door.  I think this service is great for pretty much anyone, especially if you have young children and don’t wish to have a long store trip, have a new baby you don’t want to take out, or just can’t get out of the house. I personally tried this service out and want to share my experience with you as well as a step by step of how to place your order.

I started by going to and clicking on the “grocery delivery” tab.  From there, I was taken to the grocery delivery main page and click “start here. You’ll then be prompted to login or create an account (your login will be what you already use for your Safeway Just4u if you have one).  A couple of important things I wanted to point out: 1) you need to have a $49 minimum order (however, the best part is that is before COUPONS are added!) and 2) someone needs to be home during time of delivery.

Finding Deals on’s Delivery Site

Once on the main page, you’ll find a few different options. For starters, you can click on “shop by history” to pull your recent purchases. Also on this screen you will find “edit an existing order” if you need to edit before your cut off time.  Here is also where you will find “promo code deals” you can click on this for a complete list of current offers they have online.

I found a number of different amount of deals pop up from “save x amount” to “free item.” I would say I found at least 20 different available deals on the day I placed my order and you could add as many as you’d like to your cart.

When you click “save now” on a deal, a screen will pop up and provide you with a promo code that you’ll need to enter at checkout. I found the simplest way to handle these was to jot them down on a piece of paper while I put my order together.

You’ll also be able to get the same Club Card deals that they have in the store.  For instance, the Hot Pockets I purchase online were $2, the same price as I’d get in stores. However, online there was an additional deal I was able to access: buy (3) boxes, save $3 off with promo code POCKETS, making them just $1 per box. In this regard, the online deal was better than what I’d have gotten in store.

Finalizing your Delivery

After you have added all of your items you will get to this step here is where it gives you a list of current offers to save on delivery (taken from’s site):

  • Regular Delivery fee is $9.95 on orders $150 or more and $12.95 on orders under $150
  • FREE Delivery on your first online order (enter Promo Code: EASY7).
  • FREE Delivery every day with our free delivery offers (see Safeway’s Promo Code Deals for more).
  • FREE Delivery by selecting delivery windows noted with “FREE”
  • SAVE $3.00 on delivery fee by selecting delivery windows noted with “Save $3”.
  • SAVE $12.95 on delivery fee by selecting delivery windows noted with “Save $13”.
  • GREEN delivery windows are more environmentally friendly. They allow us to route your order more efficiently, reducing carbon emissions

I selected the 2 hour window to save an extra $3 off. No code is needed for that option either it does it automatically at the end. When I place my next order, I would do the “GREEN” option so I could get free delivery. As this was my first order, my delivery was free already, so basically I just got an extra $3 off!

The next step is where you will enter all of those promo codes. It doesn’t matter what order they are typed in, just input each one separately and it will say promo code accepted.

The following screen will take you to your order it will show the quantities and prices before promo codes. At this point, you can check if you allow substitutions if they are out of the specific item you want (e.g., substituting different brands in case the one you ordered is currently unavailable).  I selected no substitutions on mine as I had a specific list I wanted.

This last screen will show you your total amount, your discounts and the price after discounts, here you will enter your card information and click submit and you are done!

Nina’s Order

Here is my order that arrived! I was very pleased with the service and I will be using it again.  Please note, I did ask the driver if I was able to tip him and he told me they are not allowed to except tips, he was a great delivery guy even let me snap some pictures of the process. Can you tell I did my order when I was hungry for snack food?

After my $20 off for my first order, FREE delivery, and the other promo codes I was able to stack my total was $17.26!! That’s a steal in my book and they sold me on their service!  Your first time does take a little bit longer learning the process and deciding what you want with the promo codes they offer, but now that I have it down, I could do it in a breeze.

If you’re curious to get started, make sure to head to for free delivery on your first order!

Have you tried Safeway Delivery? What was your experience?  If you do decide to try it please let us know how it was.