10 Storage Solutions for Handling Kid Paperwork

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10 Storage Solutions for Kids' Paperwork #organization #storage

Kids Paperwork Organization Ideas

Just yesterday, I was chatting with a friend about how difficult it can be to stay up on kids’ papers! It’s one of those categories that can create real clutter really quickly if you don’t have systems in place to handle it. This week, I’ve been getting my house ready for fall and back to school and organizing those papers is very much on my mind. I thought I’d share a few items I found on Amazon that may help create control.

These items cover a number of situations you may encounter with kids’ paperwork – storing it, dealing with the day-to-day homework, and displaying the very best pieces.

#1 – ALEX Art Expanding Portfolio

My friend said she ended up buying these expanding portfolios for her kids. They have 9 pockets so you can store special projects from grades K – 8. There’s even a slot for the child’s photo on the front! I love how these portfolios hold over-sized artwork up to 12″ x 18″. I’m definitely thinking of picking up a couple of these to store my kids’ very best work. This item has received very solid ratings on Amazon from other customers!

#2 – 3-Compartment Folder Holder

How do you handle all the papers and homework that come in on a daily basis from school? This paper holder could fit on a kitchen counter or other space to hold paperwork and folders until it’s time to deal with them.


#3 – Classroom Keeper 6 Drawer Storage Shelf

There are so many possibilities for how you could use this organizer! Give each child his/her own drawer, store filler and computer paper, create incoming/outgoing slots, use it for sorting mail. I am envisioning cute labels on this one and I think it would tuck nicely in a pantry or counter space.


#4 – Classroom Keeper Magazine Holders, set of 6 in assorted colors

Here’s another option for dealing with paperwork: color coded holders! One could be for homework that needs to be done, another could be for items to be filed, another still for your own bills/action items.


#5 – Set of 10 Bankers Boxes

This is kind of a pretty basic option, but what about just storing your kids’ art in actual storage boxes? Every couple years or so, you can use a box like this, label it, and tuck away in the garage or attic for safekeeping and to bestow on your kid later in life. I like that you get 10 boxes for this price and they include lids, too.


#6 – Construction Paper Storage (15 slots)

Another option if you are digging the idea of organizing paperwork into slots. This could be good for keeping different colors of construction paper separated, or just other worksheets/homework/artwork in neat and tidy slots. This is constructed out of corrugated cardboard and is easy to assemble.


#7 – Simple Portfolio

Here’s another option for storing your child’s best artwork in a tote-able portfolio.


#8 – Art Portfolio Presentation/Display Case, 11″ x 14″

This might be a great option for an older child or child who has some very special artwork. This book has 24 pages (48 views) of PolyGlass pocket sheets and acid-free black mounting paper. Archival quality for real keepsake work!


#9 – Itoya Art Profolio 9″ x 12″

Like #8 listed above, this presentation book is a nice way to preserve your child’s very best art in a presentation format. Contains 24 sleeves (48 views), acid-free mounting paper, and archival quality. This item got particularly high marks. Several reviewers stated what a great price this item is for the quality.


#10 – Easy Change Art Frame

Here’s a way to display your child’s artwork without cluttering up your refrigerator door with papers and magnets! This frame makes it easy to swap in and out artwork your child brings home and it’s an attractive frame you can feel good about hanging in your home!

I’d love to hear what other thoughts you have for managing your kids’ paper and artwork. Please leave a comment below!

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