Late May in the Garden: Berries, Kiwi Blossoms, Flowers!

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I’ve been enjoying some of the developments in my garden these days, and I thought I’d share some photos I took this morning! The photo above is the current view of my garden, which is in a series of raised beds.

My kiwi vines are absolutely loaded with blossoms this year! Last year, I had a bunch of blossoms, but they were pretty much at the very top of the vines. This year, the blossoms pretty well extend the entire length of the vine. I can’t wait until they all pop open!

My raspberries are coming right along, too. They used to be in another container, but I moved them so we could build our red garden shed. I was successful in transplanting them… however, I also managed to spread them, so I have raspberries growing in pretty much every container now!

I noticed that my plants actually do have berries maturing on them! Sweet! These are some of my favorite garden treats.

I have a blueberry plant in a container that’s also full of blossoms right now!

Here are my strawberries happily growing in my grow bag. (These things are great – make sure to see my post for more!)

My beautiful clematis plant has bloomed! It’s such a striking showpiece in the garden.

This bee is also a fan of the blooms!

I have quite a few volunteer plants this year, including this flower. I don’t quite know what it is, but I suppose that’s part of the fun, right?

I planted lettuce, kale, and carrots in this planter, along with a couple herbs. I’ve also have nasturtium and parsley pop up. It’s kind of a garden salad!

That’s another view of my garden, from the back looking forwards. My favorite part is definitely the kiwi vines covering the arbor my husband built! It’s super charming in the evening with the Costco lights.

I have a few more things to plant – squash and cosmos, and perhaps beans or corn. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to in your garden, too! Leave a comment below. I’m also happy to answer any questions about my own garden.

2 thoughts on “Late May in the Garden: Berries, Kiwi Blossoms, Flowers!”

  1. I’ve been busy expanding this spring, making more space for a mix of ornamentals and edibles. My new edibles include Arctic beauty kiwis, pineapple guavas, 3 colors of currants, and 2 varieties of gooseberries. I have fruit coming on both gooseberries and 2 currants, and looking forward to the first tastes! I’m also hoping for a first taste off my fig tree this spring, and maybe from our apple trees(if they don’t drop their little fruits in June). I’m enjoying my new landscaping!! Other than that, my veggies are all planted, although they got a late start since I’ve been so busy. The radishes, peas, green beans, potatoes and cucumbers are up, the tomatoes and leeks and peppers are in the ground and hopefully growing…(I plant a large variety, but small quantities of everything). And if you like leeks, I highly recommend planting a pack of starts. I planted them last year for the first time, and for the price of one clump from the produce section at Fred Meyer, I had enough leeks for several quiches, etc! I overwintered another set, although they didn’t get very large. Hoping for good success again this summer! I enjoy your garden posts, Angela. Always fun to see and hear what succeeds in the PNW.

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