Lowe’s Canning Clearance

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According to last year’s notes, it was the start of October that I scored some killer canning clearance deals at Lowe’s. You might recall my haul from last year included a 12-case of pint canning jars for $4.49.

100_5479 (800x625)I decided to pop in today to see if they’d be running a similar clearance event. The good news: they were. The bad news: I’m afraid I might have checked a little too late!

I did find a few things but NO jars at my Federal Way store. The selection was a lot lighter than last year which leads me to believe I might be late to the party. Here is what I did find in a rollaway cart down the main aisle near kitchen:

DSCN1594 (800x572)Regular mouth lids with bands for $1.75.

DSCN1595 (800x528)Pickle Crisp Granules for $3.15 and Fiesta Salsa Mix for $3. I have made this salsa and it’s quite tasty. A bottle that size normally runs about $6 at the grocery store.

DSCN1597 (419x800)Ball Sure Tight Band Tool for $5 (was $9.99).

DSCN1598 (459x800)Dissolvable Labels for $2. These are normally $4 and I regularly use them for my own canning projects. I can’t recommend them enough – they are awesome!

I did notice that some of these exact same items are on sale at Lowe’s.com – so that might be another route to take if you don’t have a store handy. If you enjoy canning and you have a Lowe’s near you? It might be worth a pop by your store. It’s quite possible that stores will vary in terms of clearance availability and selection. Let us know what you find if you go!

Incidentally – my pal Erica emailed me the other day because she had great luck in finding used canning jars at her local thrift store:

ericajarsShe writes: “Check it out!! 20 jars for $2!! One of my thrift stores was having a half off kitchenware day!”

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