Microsoft: FREE Summer Camps for Kids (STEM, Coding, and More)!

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Microsoft is offering free summer camps for kids ages 8 and over. While these events are free, you will need to register your children online. Some classes are geared for a particular age group, and not all classes will be offered at all locations.

Here are the details about some of the various free summer camps and workshops they are offering for 2019.

Schedules and offerings will vary from store to store. Locate your store’s schedule for times, dates, and to register.

Harry Potter Creative Coding Workshops

Ages: 6 and up and 8 and up (be sure to select the class that’s appropriate for your child’s age)

Description: This is a foundational workshop on computer science and coding. Children will use the Harry Potter Cano Coding Kit. According to the course description, “Participants will follow simple steps with drag-and-drop code blocks and create Harry Potter spells with their wands.”

Duration: Two hours

Additional Notes: My store is offering this workshop as “autism friendly” on one of the dates.

Gaming Summer Camp

Ages: 8 and up

Description: According to the course description, participants will develop “positive life skills like teamwork, communication, and resilience via group discussions and unplugged activities. Each session features a fun competitive gaming team tournament with Rocket League that helps reinforce the camp’s learning objectives and puts gaming skills to the test.”

Duration: Four day camp with 2 hour sessions each

MakeCode Arcade Camp

Ages: 8 and up

Description: Iorking on the game from home.

Duration: Four day camp with 2 hour sessions each

Ohbot the Talking Robot

Ages: 8 and up

Description: This is a camp where your child will get an introduction to coding and robotics. Code Ohbot to sing a song, tell a joke, or a story. Your child will get to work in a pair or group on this project. No prior experience with coding is needed.

Duration: Two day camp with 2 hour sessions each

Make Hustle Happen

Ages: 13 and up

Description: In this workshop, kids will learn from NFL players how to follow your passion, start a small business or champion a community cause. Kids will be encouraged to brainstorm their own ideas for a “side hustle” and come up with a plan to execute. Students will learn how to research a cause, come up with a plan, and create tools for their school and home using Windows 10.

Duration: 2 hours session

Make sure to head to Microsoft to locate your store’s individual schedule.