My Payless trip from this morning: $75.46 saved!

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I don't know the last time I almost cried using a coupon. But when I saw my total went from $165 to $82 (this includes tax), I nearly did just that! I heartily thanked the cashier for "shoe-ing" my family today.

Each of my kids scored two new pairs of shoes, and I even snagged three pairs myself! It'd been a LONG time since I've gone shoe shopping, and at 50% off, I decided to take the opportunity. I also found some socks for my son and a pair of tights for my daughter.

Oh, and we had no problem whatsoever using the coupon. The cashier knew exactly what it was. The store wasn't too crowded, either. She said they got an onslaught of customers following the Oprah show yesterday though.

Remember, that 50% off printable coupon is good today only – and you can use it on items like socks! Don't need anything yourself? Maybe you can think of a single mom or dad trying to make ends meet – why not help her/his family out today? Or maybe you could donate a few pairs to your church or local homeless shelter? This would be a perfect opportunity to show some generosity today without breaking the bank.

7 thoughts on “My Payless trip from this morning: $75.46 saved!”

  1. I just started following your blog about two weeks ago. I’m a very timid newbie coupon user. But when I saw your earlier post with the Payless coupon – I printed it off, grabbed my two girls and headed off to the store. My girls got a pair of boots each, several pairs of socks, and I picked up a few gifts! So pleased! Nice sales people, and also not very busy store, but they did say they have had a steady stream of people all day. Thanks for the great informational blog. I’m learning, kind of testing the waters!

  2. Sharon, would you believe I was a timid coupon shopper when I first started? And I still have my heart flutter a little bit every time I approach checkout with coupons! LOL! But when you find a good deal like this one, it’s worth overcoming any nervousness you might feel.

    Also, you don’t have to go all-out crazy with coupons to make a significant dent in your budget. I’ve found the majority of my savings is by paying attention to store sales. Keep at it – little by little – and remember any bit you save here or there will add up.

  3. thank you thank you! I sent my husband out to get some boots for our girls. No one in the store had heard about the coupon so everyone was returning what they had just purchased and running home to print out a coupon!

  4. I went at 6pm tonight and it was really busy, but soo worth it. And the employees were so nice they told the customers who didnt have the coupon how to get it sent to their phone, so they didnt have to run home and print it.

  5. OMG! Thank you for this tip! I got my hubby a pair of NICE rugged outbacks for 13$ also 2 pairs of shoes for my oldest including a pair of spiderman light up shoes for 4$ originally 22.99 but on sale. I found many cute hats for me and even made a new pair of shoes for my infant affordable. I spent 65$ all together and am sooo thankful!

  6. Timid Couponer: I am not hesitant to use coupons, but I am hesitant that there may be a “catch” to the coupon I want to use-no matter how many times I read the fine print. My solution is to clerify the coupon with the staff before I make my purchase or know going in what items I will ask for them to take away if the coupon does not work. I just say “I don’t need these items if they are not part of the sale, I’ll come back later for them.”

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