My Staples Shopping Trip {Go Back to School with Confidence}

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This summer, I’ve teamed up with Staples to help parents and kids go back to school with confidence! I wanted to kick off this collaboration by visiting my local Staples store. I was curious what kind of supplies I’d find, and as this is a frugal living blog, I was definitely curious about the price points.

The first thing I noticed was all the red “special limited time” tags throughout the store. I’d encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for these!  

I was certainly impressed with the variety of items Staples offers. Besides your standard yellow pencils, I found these bright, punchy colored ones (available in-store only). I bet my kids would love toting them to school.

Staples carries things beyond your basic school supplies, too, that are useful for the classroom. I found this pack of 4 facial tissues for $2.99! This is an item that usually pops up on my kids’ back-to-school lists.

My store has a huge selection of washi and duct tape! Perfect for the crafter. Believe it or not, the past two years my son has needed duct tape to make a special “brain book” in his class. This involves taping several composition notebooks together.  

Crayola 10-ct Markers were on sale for just $0.97 during my visit. What particularly impressed me is the very generous limit. You can buy up to 30 at this price. One of the advantages of shopping at Staples is the great stock you’ll find. Plus, you’ll find stock all season long, so you know you can shop there with confidence.  

I bought several packs of Crayola crayons during my visit. They are sure to be on my daughter’s list, plus, I love having extras on hand for stocking stuffers or charitable causes, such as Operation Shoebox. This is definitely at my 2017 stock-up price!

It’s hard for me to believe, but this fall, I’ll have a middle schooler on my hands! Seeing this locker accessories display reminded me of that fact!

Where were these cute things when I was a junior higher? (This particular locker light is available in-store only.)

Make sure to keep a lookout for any store promotions. You can find these wandering around the store (as I did), or you can take a look at their online ad as you plan your visit.  For instance, through July 22nd only, you can save 25% on select school supplies with a backpack purchase. 

Staples has the supplies your kids are going to want, at prices parents will love! 

One of the additional advantages of shopping at Staples is the variety they offer. Sure, you can find your index cards here – but you’ll also find different sizes of index cards, index card cases and organization systems and even index card binders. (Seriously, I’d never seen anything like this before!)

This is great to keep in mind, particularly if you have unusual or hard-to-find items on your kids’ back to school lists this year. At Staples, you can cross off every item on your child’s list in one visit.

I was honestly surprised to find that my Staples carried school lunch bags, lunch kits, thermoses and containers!

I found a great selection of backpacks at a range of pricepoints.I found a great selection of backpacks at a range of pricepoints.

When shopping at Staples, I encourage you to shop the entire store. For instance, I noticed this large Crayola display chock full of specials towards the front of the store. However, I found additional options down the aisle that contained crayons and markers.

Finally, I’d encourage you to sign up for Staples Rewards program, if you’ve not done so already. It’s free and easy to sign up, and it will earn you special savings and perks!

Over the next few months, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite Staples back to school deals and shopping tips. Stay tuned!

I’d love to hear your thoughts: do you shop Staples for your back to school needs? Which of the above deals are standing out to you? Please leave a comment below!

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