New Tacoma Grocery Store: City Grocer IGA

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The last few times I’ve driven through downtown Tacoma, a new grocery store has caught my eye…

And of course I had to come visit and check it out! In case you’re unaware, this grocery store popped up 10 months ago on the corner of 12th & Pacific, Downtown Tacoma.

Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious the store was! I supposed it would be more of a convenience type store, but instead I found this:

And this…

In fact, there was a full-service deli and even espresso stand inside the store! Not what you’d expect for a metro grocer.

Here’s another thing I noticed and loved about this store…

There were LOTS of coupons throughout the store! I spotted at least 6 different tearpad coupons, and there were lots of all of them! Some coupons were directly on products, too. Sweet.

As far as prices go, I found the prices pretty decent – particularly compared with what you’d pay at a corner-type convenience store. There were also a few strong deals here and there…

Cheap rulers!

If you’re interested to stay in the loop on this store’s deals, watch their Facebook page and website. Last week, they posted a rather hot deal for canned tomato sauce. On their website, you can find the weekly ad. This ad is good for all the 60 IGA stores that are in the Pacific Northwest region. Given that, some items you see on the ad may occasionally not be in this specific store. In speaking with the manager, I learned that they will happily make a substitution if that’s the case. Just ask.

I’m not sure how busy this store normally is, but I found it pretty quiet and ready for shoppers yesterday afternoon!

Now, a few logistical things about shopping at the store.

First, coupons. Yes, they do accept coupons. They do not double them. There are no limits to how many coupons you can use (unless imposed on the fine print of the coupons themselves). The store will provide you a 10% discount when you buy an item by the case (unless it’s an item they are selling at cost). You can also save 10% when you buy 6 bottles of wine. You also want to keep an eye on the Tacoma Weekly or their Facebook page for additional hot offers.

The store is open from 7am – 10pm daily. Also, they accept EBT. They also have self-scan registers at checkout. The store has a Redbox and ATM. But best of all? FREE parking. They have a parking garage that you can access from the back of the store, and the helpful store employees informed us that there are MANY spaces. When we visited, we were unaware of this and paid for street parking. So, now you can be in the know and save yourself a few quarters!

Overall? City Grocer IGA has everything you’d expect from a full-service grocery store right in the middle of the city. The employees were friendly and helpful, and the store was clean and well laid out. If I was living in the city, I’d definitely opt to shop here over a small corner store.

If this store isn’t particularly close to you, you can find another IGA near you.

Those of you that have visited this store, or other IGA stores, thoughts? Comments? Shopping tips?

5 thoughts on “New Tacoma Grocery Store: City Grocer IGA”

  1. I work a few blocks from this store. I haven’t done to much grocery shopping there just stopped by to get lunch a few times. But I agree, the prices are decent, friendly staff, and in a good location.

  2. This is a beautiful grocery store, but I found their prices to be quite high. That said, they have a great deli and are super convenient for folks who work downtown.

  3. I work across the street from this store. I find their prices to be quite high on most of their items but occasionally I do find some good deals when stopping in for lunch. It is cheaper than eating out downtown for lunch!

  4. I’ve driven and walked by this store a number of times, but I’ve been hesitant to cross the picket line to enter.

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