Orajel BOGO at Walgreens right now!

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My kids were OUT of their Orajel training toothpaste so I needed to buy some today. I seriously had squeezed that last teeny-tiny drop out of the tube. My solution? I decided to use some of the Walgreens Register Rewards I'd earned to minimize my out-of-pocket expenses.

To my delight and surprise, the Orajel was "buy one, get one" free! The first bottle was $3.79, so that worked out to $1.90 each – a very good price for this item if you need it. PLUS, the ones that were on sale were those fun "bonus 25% more." So instead of two regular 1.5 oz sizes, I got the bigger 2 oz sizes! And of course, there were just two bottles left on the shelf. So how did I work this need-based item into Register Reward deals?

I bought:

2 Orajel toothpastes @ $3.78
1 Chapstick @ $2.99
1 Dentek @ $2

I then used a $7 Register Reward from the Vaseline deal and a $1 Register Reward from the Halls Deal from earlier this week ($2.50 of this was profit from using coupons). My out-of-pocket expense was just $1.61 (and $0.83 of this was tax). AND, I got back a $3 Register Reward for the Chapstick and a $2 Register Reward for the Dentek, so I can continue my Walgreens adventures. 

I wanted to share how I did this deal with you to illustrate that Register Rewards can be used to purchase items you need that you don't have coupons for. Luckily for me, the item I wanted was also on sale. I have also used Register Rewards to buy diapers, wipes, and other household supplies when we've needed them. 

Oh! And for Orajel fans, there is a $1/1 printable coupon currently up on their website good for any teething product. Didn't help me in my shopping trip today, but I'm sure someone out there with a teething baby will appreciate this find. 

10 thoughts on “Orajel BOGO at Walgreens right now!”

  1. The Prudent, to answer your first question, you need to remember that the number of manufacturer’s items you use cannot exceed the number of items. So let’s say you were to use 2 coupons – a Register Reward and an Orajel coupon. This should work since you have two items and two Register Rewards. Now if you wanted to pay with 2 Register Rewards and the Orajel coupon, you’d need to throw one item (any item!) in your transaction to avoid the register from beeping and not letting you proceed with the transaction. Make sense?

    As for your second comment, thanks!I realized that there probably were other brands I could get cheaper, but my thinking was – I had store credit I could use – and some of this credit had been obtained at a profit by using coupons. If given the choice, I’d rather use store credit to make a purchase as opposed to paying out of pocket. Your thinking may differ on this, and that’s OK! There is certainly more than one way to look at putting together a good deal. 😉

  2. Sorry, I must not have understood your question correctly the first time! First off, the Orajel printable was for teething gel, NOT toothpaste, so you couldn’t use it on the toothpaste.

    But if you had 2 Orajel coupons and wished to use them on a BOGO sale, stores seem to vary on this policy. I have had success at Walgreens in the past using two coupons on a BOGO. However, the last time I went to do this, I got a no-go on the BOGO. Unfortunately, the individual stores do reserve the right to say what they will and will not accept.

    I would ask your store for their take. Or just attempt the transaction and see if they will accept both coupons or tell you otherwise.

    And if you didn’t have Register Rewards, it’s quite possible the other deals you’ve mentioned would make better sense!

    Last year – I believe it was around Oct-Nov, we saw Orajel coupons in the Sunday inserts. I am hoping for another round of Orajel coupons and will most certainly post any such deals I find!!

  3. I have a suggestion for you!! Call the good folks over at Oral B and ask!! I have done this a few times there was a product I loved but never found coupons for. I usually have success with this because companies like to reward their happy customers! I looked up Oral-B’s phone number and it is 1-800-566-7252. Additionally, you may wish to monitor this website for printable coupons: https://www.oralb.com/en-US/offers/default.aspx

    Good luck!!!

  4. Will Walgrens let me use two coupons for this? I have another one from inside the package (no expiration date).

  5. Also, I have been buying Oral B most of the time, since it is twice as big and less money than the Orajel brand at both Target and Walmart. Sometimes Target has a sale on Oral B as well. I’ve held onto my Orajel coupons, but Oral B usually wins out for price.

  6. I don’t have ANY register Rewards, so can I still use two coupons?
    I have an Orajel coupon that I have been holding on to (.55 off), because it has been cheaper to buy the Oral B. Can I combine that with the internet coupon?

    My Target and Walmart only carry the 2oz size of Orajel.
    They also both carry the 4.2oz size of Oral B, which is almost the same price as the 2 oz size of Orajel at both places.

    I have 5 children who use non-flouride toothpaste, so we go through it pretty quickly here!

  7. Thank you.

    I’d REALLY like Oral B coupons, since the price per ounce is even cheaper. I don’t get the paper, but I have a neighbor who does and shares what she won’t use with me. However, I NEVER see the Red Plum inserts in there, nor has she.

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