15 Best Places to Sell Your Broken TV for Cash

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We’ve all been there—our trusted TV has finally bit the dust, or maybe it’s been knocked over and suffered some cosmetic damage. Whatever the reason, you know that it’s time to say goodbye.

But televisions are a big investment, so it only makes sense that you want to get some of the cash you spent on it back. Good news! There are lots of options for getting cash for your broken television.

Not only will you be able to free up some space, but you’ll get to fill up your wallet a little bit, too. Read on to find out more about each method, and discover which one may be right for you.

How to Sell a Broken TV for Cash Online

Sell your broken TV for cash with these online options. All you need is an internet-enabled device and maybe a few pictures of the broken TV.

1. eBay

No doubt one of the most popular online auction sites out there, eBay gives anyone anywhere the opportunity to sell almost anything. This includes electronics of all kinds, and in any condition.

If you’ve got a broken TV, then there’s likely someone on eBay who’s willing to buy it.

To sell your broken TV on eBay, you’ll need to make an account and make a listing. You can set a beginning price for your TV, or start it at zero dollars.

You can also set a “Buy It Now” price. This allows users to bypass the auction price to purchase the TV directly. It couldn’t be easier!

Don’t forget to calculate the cost of shipping as you list your television. You may want to pass this shipping cost on to the buyer. Otherwise, you can raise the minimum bid you’re willing to accept.

Please note that eBay has selling fees, so they will take a cut of the final price once your television is sold.

2. Craigslist

If you’re looking to list your broken TV online and you’re not interested in shipping it anywhere, then consider a local classifieds site like Craigslist.

Craigslist is free, making it quick and convenient to sell your TV to someone in your area. And the best part is that since you’re listing your broken TV locally, you can ask the buyer to pick the TV up themselves.

To make a successful Craigslist listing, you’ll need to provide a clear and detailed description of the TV. Be sure to specify that the TV is broken and does not work. Don’t forget to provide pictures of the TV screen, as well.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Much like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace focuses on allowing you to buy and sell from other users in your area.

You have the option with Facebook Marketplace of setting many of your own terms. Don’t want to deliver the TV? Then you can mention that in your listing. Want to adjust the price up or down to attract buyers? Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to do that.

Prospective buyers will have the opportunity to directly message you for further details, and perhaps to haggle a bit.

4. eBid

If you’re not having much luck on eBay but you still think you can make a bit of cash off your broken TV from an online auction site, then check out eBid.

The process for selling your old electronics on eBid is very similar to what you’ll find on eBay. Make a listing, attach clear and attractive photos of the television, create a thorough description of the item, and list out any damage the TV may have.

Then list a price and start selling!

5. 5miles

Not only is 5miles a great way to get rid of a large object like a television, but it’s also a way to connect with your neighbors and community. 5miles uses your phone’s location to list your item to thousands of users within a 5-mile radius of you.

The process is simple: snap a few pictures of your TV, create a listing, and let 5miles do the rest. 5miles offers an identity verification process through Facebook to keep you safe when meeting up with local buyers in your area.

6. GreenBuyback

If ease and convenience are features that are important to you, then you likely want to sell your TV to a site that will make the process super simple.

GreenBuyback functions much in the same way as other electronics buyback companies. The process is simple: create an account, and then fill out a form detailing the specs and condition of your broken TV. 

Then, you’ll get a quote for the proposed price they’re willing to buy your TV for, and a prepaid shipping label.

Simply send them the TV. Once they’ve received it and can verify its condition, they’ll send you the payment at the agreed-upon price.

Please note: While there isn’t a specific television category listed at GreenBuyback, you can fill out the quote form here to see if they will buy your broken TV.

7. Backflip

While Backflip is marketed more towards professional resellers, it’s still a great platform if you’re looking to get rid of your old TV and you want a more hands-off approach.

There is a waitlist to get an account. Once you have an account, Backflip will handle the selling and shipping for you. You send the TV to Backflip’s US-based shipping address, and then sit back and relax.

Backflip will create listings that are optimized for a whole range of reselling sites and marketplaces. You can manage your listings from your Backflip dashboard. When the item sells, it’s automatically shipped off without you having to do a thing.

8. VarageSale

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to list your broken TV online, then this is it. VarageSale functions like an online garage sale, where you can list your items for sale (for free!) and connect with people in your local area.

If you’re located in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, or the UK, then there’s a VarageSale community for you.

After an admin reviews your profile and approves it, you’re ready to start selling. Check it out and see if you can find that old TV a new home.

9. Nextdoor

Nextdoor isn’t specifically designed for selling items, but it may be exactly what you need if you’re looking to sell your broken TV for cash.

This app and website are designed to help residents of a neighborhood keep in touch and communicate about events. But it can also be used to find a prospective buyer for your TV.

Simply create an account and then post that you’re looking to sell your old TV. Leave an honest description of the TV’s condition and a few clear photos, and watch the comments roll in!

The best part about selling on NextDoor is that you have the chance to get rid of your TV and walk away with cash quickly without having to deliver it since the buyer lives nearby.

10. ClassifiedAds.com

Remember the old Classifieds page in the daily newspaper? Then you know everything you need to about ClassifiedAds.com.

Similar to Craigslist, it’s a free online Classifieds website that allows you to post a listing for your broken TV in your local area. You can decide on the price and whether you’re willing to deliver.

Just make an account and post your listing in the Items for Sale > Computers and Electronics section. Sit back and wait to hear from potential buyers. It’s that easy!

Where to Sell Your Broken TV In Person

If you don’t want to mess with selling your broken TV online, here are some options for getting some cash for it in person.

11. Mega Replay

If you’re based in the United States, then you may be familiar with the chain store Mega Replay, or its siblings Disc Replay and Disc Traders.

Mega Replay is a one-stop shop for vintage video games and consoles, movies, and electronics. They’re also happy to take your old TV off your hands.

Simply take your TV into the store (or call ahead first), and have an associate appraise whether the TV is worth selling. Then they’ll offer you a quote, which you can accept or reject.

Keep in mind, Mega Replay only pays cash for HD and Ultra HD TVs. Whether they make an offer on your TV may depend on the location, their current inventory, and the condition of your TV.

12. Hold a Yard Sale

It’s the old classic, and it rarely fails. If you’re looking to get rid of your old stuff, have a yard sale. People will buy anything at yard sales, even old or broken television sets!

Sure, you likely aren’t going to get top dollar on your TV if it’s not working properly or has some external damage. But there’s always someone who will be willing to overlook some flaws for the sake of a bargain.

Just be willing to haggle a little bit in good faith. Understand that you may need to lower your price beyond what you initially want or what the TV used to be worth.

13. Sell the TV to a Scrap Yard

Not every TV is worth something, depending on the damage that it’s sustained. If the TV is broken beyond repair, severely cracked, or damaged to the point where you’re unable to sell it, then consider contacting a scrap yard in your area.

Scrap yards may be able to pull the TV apart for materials and parts. This means that they may be more open to purchasing a completely dead TV than someone on eBay. But be sure to call first to determine whether televisions are something they’ll accept.

14. Give Your Old TV to a Rage Room

If you live in a larger city, then you may be aware of a new trend that’s sweeping the nation—the rage room! At rage rooms, people can get their stress out by smashing breakable items for a period of time.

These businesses are always looking for breakable items that can be destroyed with items such as baseball bats, axes, and sledgehammers.

But some rage rooms will only accept certain kinds of TVs. For example, LCD televisions are more often accepted, and tube or DLP TVs may not be.

If you have a rage room in your area, give them a call. They may be willing to take that broken TV off your hands and use it as a breakable object in their room.

They might pay for it, or they may only take donations. Call ahead to a nearby rage room to find out!

15. Take It to a TV Repair Shop

If there’s one place that’s always looking for old or broken TVs, it’s a store that actively repairs and sells them.

TV repair shops are generally found in any medium-to-large city. They may be happy to take that old TV off your hands, especially if there’s a chance it can be repaired and resold.

It’s always best practice to call ahead and ask if they’d be willing to take a look at your TV and make you an offer. If they’re willing, you could walk away with cash the same day.

And who knows—if the TV isn’t all that damaged to begin with, you may even think about keeping it instead!


There’s not just one way to sell your broken TV. Depending on the kind of payment you want and the extent of the damage, some methods may be better than others.

Just be sure to do thorough research on each buyback program or marketplace so you’re familiar with how they work and what to expect. You may even want to quote your TV on multiple sites to find the best deal and make the most cash.

We hope this guide has been helpful and given you some ideas on how you can sell your broken TV for a little extra cash. Spend it wisely!

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