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In addition to clipping your Sunday newspaper inserts, you need to know that there are many places online you can go to print coupons.  While some stores may not accept them, those stores seem to be few and far between these days as Internet printables are gaining more popularity by shoppers.

Online coupons reset generally on the first of the month, but it appears new coupons are apt to get added at any point, so it pays to check back frequently.  Some coupons have limited print quantities, too, so if you see one you like, don't sit on your laurels, PRINT IT.  The other thing I like about using Internet coupons is they are often of a higher value than what you'd find in your paper.  

I thought I'd kick us off into the new month by sharing with you a few places to go on your coupon hunt this month.

Coupon Bug



Red Plum

P&G (while they don't offer online coupons, they occasionally offer free samples and by-mail coupons, so it's worth keeping on your radar)

Coupon Loop (lists coupons in alphabetical order by manufacturer)

I also think it's worth mentioning that if you see a deal on a product you like and use, it's often worth paying a quick trip to that manufacturer's website to see if they have a downloadable coupon or offer.  If they don't, you might call their 800- number to see if they'll send you anything.  Give 'em a rave, and they might happily oblige!

Have a great online coupon site I'm missing?  Please leave it in a comment!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that most sites will allow you to print each coupon up to a maximum of 2 times.  However, if a manufacturer's or coupon's site clearly reads "Limit one per household," I ask you to please honor that.  Often these coupons WILL still give you 2 prints, because they want to make sure you get your coupon and are allowing for one error in printing.  Thank you!

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  1. I’m visiting you from Ring Around the Blogs. Thanks for this post. I am just getting started with couponing and can really use the online sites. We live in a rural area with only a few stores and I’m not yet convinced that coupons will help me much. I am giving it a chance and maybe with more online sites to check I’ll be able to find more coupons that I can use. Thanks again for the info.

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