Proud to be a “featured partner” of WinCo Foods!

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I am proud to share that if you visit WinCo Foods, you’ll now find me on the home page as a “featured partner!”

Other featured partners include A Thrifty Mom and Fabulessly Frugal, both out of Idaho. Savingsforsmartshoppers is a featured by WinCo and includes printable coupons as well as tips and tricks for saving in their stores. I am pleased to align myself and this site with such a great store!

Why I heart WinCo and post their deals

I consider WinCo Foods my “go to” store when there are items I need, and I am unaware of a sale. I know I will always save, just by shopping at WinCo! They also offer great advice on how to save – right on their website. I love that they offer bulk bin items. This is a great way to save on your pantry basics.

WinCo works hard to pass their savings onto the customer. In all the interactions I’ve had with WinCo, this comes through loud and clear. This is why you won’t see them ever put out a paper ad. They’d rather have you save money then spend it on paper advertising. Wherever possible, WinCo keeps their costs low so you can realize the biggest savings possible.

The lack of ads does pose an obstacle for me to get you weekly matchups though, as it requires a trip to the store. That being said, I am happy to do this at least once a month, and WinCo has graciously given me permission to be in their stores, gather prices and share the matchups with you here so long as I disclose that prices may vary from store to store and change at any time. Plus, I am happy to ensure that my matchups adhere to their coupon acceptance guidelines and respect WinCo’s wishes. And speaking of coupon guidelines…

WinCo’s New Coupon Acceptance Policy

WinCo informed me recently that they made some modifications to their coupon acceptance guidelines. You can find and print them off the WinCo Foods website.

A few, quick notables:

We do not double or triple coupons; WinCo has a one(1) coupon per item limit. If a coupon has been used with an item, no other coupon may be used with that item and no other item may benefit from that coupon

This means that you can’t stack coupons, even a store and manufacturer coupon. As WinCo so rarely puts out store coupons, this should not meaningfully impact the way you save at WinCo. 

No cash back for coupons with a higher value than the item’s purchase price

There is no overage permitted at WinCo.

No mass-cut coupons

Now here’s one I wish more stores would incorporate into their coupon policy. What is a “mass-cut coupon?” Mass cut (AKA “gang cut”) coupons occur when multiples of the same coupon (say 12 or more)  are stacked and cut together. This is one of the ways that manufacturers can identify when their coupons are being sold or auctioned on a site such as eBay, which is prohibited by the terms on the coupon.

Do you shop at WinCo?

If you shop at WinCo, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you like to find there.

Also, I hope to make a trip out sometime this week. Watch for a WinCo matchup post to come very soon!

Images obtained by and used permission from WinCo Foods

19 thoughts on “Proud to be a “featured partner” of WinCo Foods!”

  1. I love Winco too! I live in Vancouver, WA, and have Winco, Safeway, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer all within 5 minutes from my house. I only go to Safeway, Albersons or FM when they have super great coupon matchups. I actually get annoyed when walking the aisles of these stores and see how much higher their prices are than Winco.

  2. I LOVE Winco! I usually try to go without my kids so I can wander around the store with my coupon binder. I love the bulk bins. I buy my spices in the bulk bins, oatmeal, bulgur wheat (cooks up like rice), dried fruit, and pasta (like lasagna noodles that don’t go on sale often) . They have really good honey in the bulk bin area. I also buy the small bags of potato chips from the bulk bins. They also have good produce prices on produce and organic produce. They have the best price on milk too. The only thing I don’t usually buy is toiletries there because they don’t usually have the best prices. I have also bought pizza dough from Lianardi’s. I also really like bagging my own groceries because I can bag them so I can put them away quickly when I get home. All my the groceries for the kitchen are together and all the stockpile groceries for the laundry room are together. The best part of shopping at Winco is everyone who shops there is there for a deal. I’ve never had anyone roll their eyes when I hand over a stack of coupons. I can’t wait for the match ups!

  3. Great! Thanks for sharing about Winco now1 I do have a question though. I don’t ever buy those mass cut coupons, but what if I have 4 or 5 inserts that I stack to cut? Will that affect me?

  4. I shop Winco weekly. Because they don’t have ads I set my coupon binder up to the way their store is layed out and my shopping pattern. It makes it easy for me to locate my coupons as I work my way through their store. Congratulations on your “match-up” with Winco. BTW… I found a great deal there today (Marysville location): Kettle Brand Potato Chips for $1.48 and I used the -1.00 off coupon from the 6/19 RP. At .48 a bag, this was a GREAT deal!

  5. I love WinCo, too! I was thrilled yesterday when I asked my husband to stop on his way home from work and pick up a bottle of dried parsley for a soup I was in the middle of making…and when he got home he handed me a little baggie of bulk parsley! He said that the price seemed kinda high on the shelf, so he headed over to the bulk spices…he’s been paying good attention 🙂

    p.s our spice cabinet got a complete makeover thanks to your earlier article regarding WinCo’s bulk spices and organization! What a time saver!! Thank you for all you do!!

  6. I live in Sumner WA and spend 75% of shopping at Winco and 25% at Fred Meyer. I was so excited when Winco opened in Sumner!

  7. This is very exciting, Ang! When Josh & I lived in Federal Way I did all of our grocery shopping at Winco. I’ve missed it in California — the store “near” us is 30 minutes away. I’m looking forward to following your advice on shopping there once I’m back in Washington (in 2 weeks — agh!).

  8. I live Modesto Ca. I do love winco for their prices but I do not like the way the store is laid out. You can’t just start from 1 end of the store and go through it. I am excited that you will be doing some match ups. I have 2 small children and find it difficult to do the match ups on my own. I am glad a found you (found you on Krazy Coupon Lady blog)!

  9. I bought 2 Mc Cormick Recipe Inspirations at Winco yesterday.
    I used my $1.75 off of two Mc Cormick/Schilling spices coupon

    I think they were .89 cents each

    GREAT deal!!

  10. So when it is said there are no mass cut coupons does this all mean if you are printing free coupons off the internet that you can only use one of those coupons? For example if I had 4 printed coupons for one box of cereal , can I use each coupon for one box each or no? I dont know if this makes sense what I am trying to ask or if you know the answer but if so please let me know 🙂

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