5 Ways to Save on a Vitamix

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5 Ways to Save on a Vitamix

I’ve enjoyed our Vitamix for over a couple months now and I can say we use it virtually every day. It’s been one of the best purchases we’ve made, and I wanted to share my thoughts on why we made this splurge along with ideas for saving on one.

Why We Chose Vitamix

First things first. You should know that a Vitamix is not an inexpensive piece of equipment (on Amazon: for $374 as of today)! It is not your average blender, either. I struggled using a $30 blender to make green smoothies and it was no mean feat. We also had purchased a juicer over on Craigslist but it didn’t get used simply because it was inconvenient to clean and expensive to buy enough produce to make even a single glass of juice.

Here’s ultimately why we decided on a Vitamix:

  • To incorporate more whole plant foods into our diet.
  • To blend produce that a normal blender can’t handle.
  • To make better use of the produce we buy and create less waste.
  • To make soups, sauces, salsas, and other food (occasionally).
  • Because it is very quick to use, and quick to clean.

If you just want to make a smoothie with some bananas and strawberries, you probably don’t need a Vitamix. But if you want to experiment particularly with greens (such as kale, spinach, collards, dandelion, etc.), a high-speed blender will more easily and thoroughly do the job.

While there are certainly other brands you could choose out there, we ultimately decided on Vitamix given their longstanding reputation and long warranty. My parents have had a Vitamix in their house since before I was born, so their positive experience also weighed into our decision.

5 Ways to Save on a Vitamix

Some of you may have sticker shock when you first consider a Vitamix. It is a serious investment! So today, I wanted to provide some ideas for how you might save on one:

#1 – Buy Online. I like to keep tabs on Vitamix deals online – in the past I’ve found them on Groupon Goods and Zulily.

*Current Deal* Through Saturday, January 14th you can get a certified reconditioned Vitamix through Groupon for $249.99 with FREE shipping! More details here.

#2 – Use Swagbucks. You can earn “swag bucks” that you redeem for prizes including Amazon gift cards. This would take quite some time to save up enough, but in a year’s time, you may have enough to make a decent dent on a purchase. (You can head to Amazon to see the many Vitamix models for sale.)

#3 – Check Costco. Costco occasionally offers the Vitamix from time to time at a reasonable price.

#4 – Buy used. If you don’t mind buying used, keep an eye on sites like Craigslist. I have had family members find used ones for around $100 this way, and that’s a killer deal on Vitamix. Garage sales may be another option, too.

#5 – Consider Demonstration Models. Now I’ve never tried this, but I was listening to my Dave Ramsey CDs recently and he suggests in his negotiating lesson to “hang out” at the demonstration areas particularly at the end of an event. Ask what they plan on doing with the demonstration unit(s) – who knows? You might find yourself a deal! We see the Vitamix folks at the Puyallup Fair every year.

If you’ve snagged a deal on a Vitamix or comparable brand before, I’d love to know your stories, too.

More Thoughts on the Vitamix…

I know that spending a few hundred dollars for a high-speed blender may sound frivolous. But consider how much money some will spend on diet programs, products, shakes, and supplements! Call me crazy, but I think what you really need for healthful living and weight loss is whole plant foods.

Case in point: I’ve lost 20 pounds since the start of this year. I didn’t do any 30 or 60 or 90 day challenge, sign up for fancy personal training, or buy overpriced shakes or prepackaged, processed diet food or sign onto any pyramid marketing scheme. All I’ve done is work to make better food choices! And for the past couple months most days I’ve enjoyed a tall smoothie full of nutritious goodness.

I question how sustainable some of the fad diets are – you put all this money in, but do you get the lasting results you want? After watching my parents use their Vitamix for decades (this last one they bought is on its 10th year!), I’m convinced that this is something you could do long-term. Stepping off my soapbox…

To end this post, I thought I’d leave you with a few imagines of creations I’ve made over the past couple months….

Strawberry – Basil
Almond Butter – Banana – Raw Cocoa – Coconut Oil
Bok Choy – Lamb’s Lettuce (made from ingredients pictured above)
Dandelion & Collard Greens – Pear
Beet – Beet Greens – Strawberry
Arugula-Basil Pesto

I’d love to hear how you use your Vitamix or other thoughts you might have for saving on one, too!

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43 thoughts on “5 Ways to Save on a Vitamix”

  1. Great post Ang!

    We got our Vitamix from Costco and it was very near $400 with tax. And they say that’s the cheapest you can get it. So I would say Amazon is your best bet. That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen.

    We bought it on the spot one day at Costco. We tried at least 3 of the samples and they were amazing. It was such a no-brainer to buy something that made incredible food and was so good for us. Before that day my 3 year old had never eaten spinach!

    • It is amazing how stuff like spinach can get snuck in sooo easily! I’ve also managed to sneak in chia and flax seeds – great for healthy fats and you’ve never know they were in there! Mwahahahaha

  2. I have a BlendTec, but I use it daily. I grind whole wheat berries with it to make our own flour (cheaper than buying in the store here). I also make peanut butter, hummus, and of course our daily smoothies. It was not cheap, but its been worth every penny (i’ve also broken 3 cheaper blenders from over use).

    • I have heard BlendTec is very comparable – and it was one of the brands we definitely considered! I have been meaning to try our own nut butters – looks pretty easy.

      Do you use a different container for grinding the wheat berries?

  3. I’m so glad you posted this. I had been debating about weather or not to get a high speed blender and had settled on either a Blendtec or a Vitamix. I was actually about to buy a Blendtec when I found out my company was downsizing and I was going from full time to 10 hours a week and I could no longer justify this purchase. I still really wanted a better blender for all the reasons you mentioned above and somebody suggested I try the Ninja kitchen system. I was entirely skeptical because a large portion of the ‘as seen on TV’ items I’ve tried have been less than great. I finally decided to try it out and selected the Ninja blender that Walmart carries for $89 (just the 900watt blender, not the whole system) and so far I love it. I’ve been making lots of green smoothies and it purees perfectly. My only concern is I don’t know anyone who has had one long term so I’m not sure about the longevity of the device. I wouldn’t recommend it at this point (I’ve only had it for a month) but it may be a lower cost alternative for someone who can’t come up with the funds for the $400+ blenders.

    • I have heard of that, and it has mixed reviews on Amazon – is this the unit? https://www.amazon.com/Ninja-Kitchen-System-1100-Model/dp/B004UR1FFS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1337105304&sr=8-2

      Some reviewers are suggesting it just doesn’t have the power or longevity of a Vitamix. However, I can certainly understand wanting to have SOMETHING if a Vitamix is out of reach! Goodness knows I worked through several $30-40 blenders myself until I could afford a Vitamix. Any other Ninja users out there? Thoughts?

      • our ninka is different than the one in the photo. The motor is placed on top, interchangeable with the two pitcher sizes. I use the small one for grinding nuts and making sauces and such….the bigger one for smoothies, mashed cauliflower, etc. Love it! We got ours refurbished so it was super cheap. We’ve used the heck out of it almost daily for a year straight and have had NO issues.

          • I have the Ninja “Master Prep” version which sounds like the one Sarah has. I love it!! I make nut flours and butters, green smoothies, and have chopped up veggies in it. Have had it for almost a year, no problems. There’s a “master prep” version at Bed, Bath, Beyond that has 3 containers (black) and a version at Walmart that has 2 (blue). I have never needed the 3rd container myself but if you have a large family or will make large batches of smoothies or frozen drinks you might want that version. I got the BB&Beyond version as I had the 20% off coupon and a gift card.

    • I have had the ninja mega system for the past 8 months and thought it did a decent job, especially when comparing it to the cost of a Vitamix. I was able to talk my boss into letting me buy a blender for the office so I and others could make smoothies for lunch. Well I will tell you that even with my 1500 Watt Ninja, the Vitamix BLOWS it away in smootness of the drinks (no random seeds or other green pieces missed by the Ninja) and it is actually quieter than the Ninja, which is a huge when since we just had our third baby and don’t want to wake him up early in the morning when I am doing my shakes. If you can afford the extra cost get the Vitamix at Costco. Worth every penny. I am trying to sell my Ninja now so I can offset the cost of of the Vitamix.

  4. What a great post!
    I really want one of these BADLY!!! I just can’t seem to afford it right now. I guess I better start saving my Swagbucks!

  5. Nope, that was one of the reasons I chose BlendTec (my has a VitaMix). One container does it all-although it does have to be very dry (for nut butters as well).

  6. We use our vitamix every day. For my picky eater kids it’s the easiest way to incorporate vegetables. I was very fortunate. My mom bought us ours as an anniversary present though I was saving for one anyways I have tried other blenders and nothing compares to its power and ease of use and cleaning. Totally worth the purchase. It’s great for making soups and mixing pancake mixes as well. Just pour right on to the griddle. Also a great margarita mixer. 😉

  7. I have never tried a Vitamix, but I have a Magic Bullet that I have used almost daily for the past two years and it still works like new! the power that this little thing has amazes me. And I love having the multiple containers so I can make different flavors for myself and my kids. And they are only $50. I also love that everything(but the base of course) can go in the dishwasher 🙂

  8. I bought a used Vitamix years ago off of Craigslist for $50. I have never tried making a veggie smoothie, I think I will do it this afternoon. I had the Vitamix stored away until just recently, it’s a vintage one from the 80’s. The only thing I’m puzzled about is that it doesn’t crush ice very well, and I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s used…I’ll try making a veggie smoothie tonight, if it blends the veggies well I’m not going to stress out over the ice I guess.

  9. One of my favorite things is iced coffee drinks. They turn out just like the ones you buy at the spendy coffee shops.

  10. We have a Ninja and a Bosch Universal with a blender attachment. After trying the samples of the Vitamix at Costco one day, we did a head to head comparison of our Ninja and Bosch. The Bosch did a much better job than the Ninja, but it still was well below the Vitamix. But since we already have two blenders it’s hard to justify a third even though it’s better. I’ll be scouring craigslist: )

  11. Thanks, Angela! I’m not interested in a Vitamix, but this post is still very helpful. Good tips here on ways to save on just about anything that isn’t a typical sale item.

    • Thanks, Danyelle – I’m glad you got some value out of it! Basically it’s assessing 1) where you can get the money (can I sell something? earn it? trade?) and finding a deal 2) online? in-store? barter? buy used? When you can combine the two smartly, you end up happy (and often, so does your wallet!).

  12. I have a Magic Bullet that we use to make green drinks with and it works for what I need it for. I also used it to make all of my son’s baby food. It doesn’t do that great for crushing ice, but if I take a few minutes to preslice the fruits and veggies, they blend pretty well.

    I would LOVE to eventually get a Vitamix, but it isn’t in the budget right now. I will, however, be checking out the ING post.

  13. My kids get a huge kick out of making ‘snow’ out of ice then we add pure fruit juices or carrot juice to make them slushies that don’t have a ton of extra sugar. My son (4) also loves the ‘monster guts’ (his name, not mine!) smoothies we make which is any kind of fruit/carrot blend with a handful of spinach. We’ve been eating so much more fruit and veggies since we’ve had ours. The health benefits and the amount of produce you will no longer waste is worth the cost if you can swing the initial investment. Also, if you’ve ever bought a real fruit/veggie smoothie somewhere it’s about $6 a pop! It doesn’t take many of those to justify the cost considering I’m making about $12 in smoothies a day.

    • Yes – and you’re not referring to the drinks many places call “smoothies” which are mostly milk or a little fruit flavoring. 😉 Real fruit & veggie smoothies can be expensive to buy – thanks for pointing out the cost savings there, too.

      Also I find that we do use our Vitamix to use up veggies and fruits about to go bad! In fact I have some chard that was starting to get a little wilty – no problem, throw it in! My parents often throw leftover salad greens into their smoothies the following morning, too.

  14. I bought mine at Costco a few years ago and I have loved it since the first day I brought it home. It was a great tax return investment. My son is allergic to just about everything so we make him fruit sorbet with agave nectar. It’s also great for sneaking in extra veggies in my spaghetti and other sauces. My family swears they hate squash. Little do they know, they eat it all the time 😉

  15. Vitamix sells the demos “reconditioned” on their website, and I have read about people calling them & negotiating for free shipping and extras.

  16. Is there a good website that you like for smoothie recipes? We are waiting for our Vitamix to be returned it needed some repairs and I plan on using it more often.

  17. I don’t see it posted anymore, but I shared on your fb a couple weeks ago about Vitmix selling reconditioned machines for $329 with free shipping code floating around on the internet. They come with a 5 year warranty. https://secure.vitamix.com/Vitamix-Special-Deals.aspx

    Blendteks are $329 (I believe) at Costco right now. They come with an 8 year warranty (some boxes say 7, but that is incorrect).

    • we had been talking about getting the reconditioned Vitamix for $329 with free shipping from the vitamix website, but then my husband happened to be flipping channels and ran across QVC and they had a Vitamix presentation and special… The were running a special for $399 (free shipping) that also included the dry mix container! The dry container by itself runs about $150… we are waiting for it to arrive, but we can’t wait to get mixing and cooking with our new cinnamon color Vitamix!!! Not sure if they still have it for that price on QVC, but it might be worth the look on their website!

  18. I didn’t know what a gem I had in my cupboard (my husband had it when we got married)… until I had a baby! My Vitamix has been used to make baby food, jam, soups, smoothies, sauces, sorbet, and more I’m sure. I love it. I’m sure I would have killed another blender by now. My Vitamix did stop working once when I tried to puree a full (small-sized) roasted sugar pumpkin. I called the company, and they told me it has something that makes it stop if it’s getting too hot. I waited an hour, and it worked just like new. 🙂 If it ever does die, I’ll buy another one.

  19. I found your post while googling vitamix . I’m on the fence about buying, it’s a lot of money. Your post has been so helpful. Thanks for your honest opinion. I will probably purchase when I can find it on sale or some kind of promotion going on.

    Thanks again!

  20. This is terrific information – thank you! I’m switching to a diet with more raw recipes (for health reasons) and cannot wait to find a way to get one. This gives me hope. 😉

    PS: If you’re interested in really simple delicious recipes, including desserts (my fave!), check out http://www.TheRawtarian.com. I thought eating raw would be scary or hard. But I’ve been wowed by her presentation, simplicity, and creativity so much that I’ve joined The Rawtarian Kitchen service she provides. Plenty of free recipes and tips and videos though. And she uses a Vitamix!

  21. I didn’t realize 2 small containers of Gerber 1st foods can be $1.49. I found some for free at Rite Aid after the ups last week.

    I’m so GLAD I use the Vitamix to make my daughter’s organic baby food. For $3.00 of organic carrots, I can make over 2 ice cube trays full of pureed carrots. After the cubes freeze, I plop them into a freezer bag to freeze. Each meal she gets 2 warmed up cubes.

  22. JL Hufford online has free shipping, no tax and if you enter blender10 you get 10% off …

    They are also running a dry container for $50 with purchase of blender 🙂

    I scoured the Internet for the best price and looked into the whole foods and Costco Road show deals and got the Pro 750 and the dry container both 10% with no tax .. Which is their newest most powerful for cheaper than the 5200 🙂

    Hope this helps someone !!

  23. Vitamix is very good… very strong and very durable, like a industrial robotic system that can blend anything.

  24. I just got a Vitamix from my hubby for Christams (shock!) and came back to this post to make sure he got a good deal from Costco. Thanks for writing memborable posts and making them easy to find.

  25. We use a Vitamix, but it stopped working after I put the motor in the dishwasher to clean it.
    Now all it’s good for is tying to the bumper of a newlywed’s car to make noise.

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