“HELP! My coupon binder was stolen!”

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Last night, reader Anita left this message on The Coupon Project Facebook wall:

The ULTIMATE tragedy has struck…. My coupon binder was stolen out of my vehicle on Friday. And Yes, i actually cried over it! What is this world coming to? I’ve couponed for 3 years and never leave my home without my 3″ overflowing binder. I had to pay full price on everything I purchased this weekend – that was painful. I’m so bummed and lost without it. Any suggestions on how to rebuild? Better yet, anyone have any inserts from the last couple of weeks?
The Coupon Project- What would you do if your binder was stolen?

Anita, let me offer my condolences! Putting a coupon binder together requires a lot of time, care, and love. I imagine part of your upset wasn’t that you just had the coupons stolen – but that the work you’ve done to carefully save your family money was taken away. Your tears are understandable.

I wanted to share this in a post today because unfortunately, I’ve heard of this happening before. I have a few ideas for rebuilding your binder, but I also wanted to give readers who have “been there, done that” a chance to offer their tips and advice, too. (And maybe a virtual hug!)

Rebuilding your Binder

Tip #1. Buy something cute. If I were to lose my binder, I’d definitely be upset. So in order to look for the silver lining, I’d look for a new binder in a bright color or fun pattern. Something that would lift my spirits, or give me a positive new outlook. This is an opportunity to start fresh, so give yourself something pleasant to look at. I’m afraid if I bought the same kind of Β binder, I’d be feeling even more the weight of having to start all over. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune – consider Target (which usually has sales & coupons) – or a store like Fred Meyer. If you’re a Rewards customer, you likely just got a 40% off any one stationery item in the mail!

Tip #2. Build a “wish list” of coupons. I would also begin to think – what are the coupons I frequently reach for in my binder? The ones that make a dent in my budget? Write them down! Instead of feeling like you have to come up with a binder full of coupons overnight, consider the ones you most need/want – right now. Then begin to tackle your list. Some ideas for getting the coupons you need, fast:

  • Phone or write the manufacturers. Explain that your insert coupons were stolen and that you love their products and are missing their coupons the most. Can they help you?
  • Visit the manufacturers’ websites and/or try to locate printable coupons via a coupon database, such as the one at HotCouponworld. Try to fill in the gaps of insert coupons with great printables.
  • Ask your couponing friends & family! Remember, you might have better luck if you can be specific in what coupons you are looking for.

Tip #3. Shop at stores that offer low prices. Until your coupon binder is back up and running, why not take it as an opportunity to put your super shopper skills to the test? Check out a new store or two! I’d wholeheartedly recommend Grocery Outlet, for starters. They offer fabulous prices, plus they don’t take coupons – so you won’t feel like you’re missing out! Another store worth checking out is WinCo Foods for their bulk foods section.

Readers who have been through this before – what advice or encouragement would you offer? And if you’d like to reach out to Anita, you can find her message at The Coupon Project Facebook wall.Β 

31 thoughts on ““HELP! My coupon binder was stolen!””

  1. My coupons were stolen out of my car about a month ago. It was more upsetting than I care to admit, so I totally feel for Anita. After I got over the initial sting, I decided to look on the bright side. It gave me an opportunity to revamp my system which was long overdue. I had gotten away from printing coupons so this was a good excuse to look for some good printable options to restart my collection. And now that I have 4 weeks of inserts, I have found that I can take advantage of most of the deals I want to this week. Hang in there, Anita!

    • Erin ~ Thank you for taking the time to post! I feel for you that you too, has had to start over. I do need to start printing more as well. I will rebuild! πŸ™‚

  2. Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common. I am now afraid to let my binder out of my sight while I am shopping and have started putting it in the trunk when I’m not using it. I have noticed that with the increase in couponers that more and more people are “playing dirty.” They have started stealing newspapers, stealing the inserts out of a bunch and only paying for one paper, stealing binders out of carts and cars, and all photo copying coupons. Just remember – what goes around comes around. Hold your head up high and it will get better. πŸ™‚

  3. Sorry this happened to you! Have you tried one of the coupon clipping sites? One that’s local with quick delivery is manufacturerscoupons (dot) net I like that they mark some of them down to 0.05 which has come in handy for me when a sale has come up that I hadn’t planned for.

    Hope you are able to get your system rebuilt & are shopping again soon.

  4. I am sorry to hear about this Anita. I would like to offer you some of my coupons since I have bee so busy with family, church, work. I have not given my time to clipping my coupons. You are more than welcome to have some of my stash. Please email me and i am more than happy to help.

  5. Someone was kind enough to bash the window out of my van and take my HUGE coupon binder. I was annoyed about the window of course because I’m not working and don’t have the funds to get it fixed but I am devastated over my coupons. I was thinking they might have been hoping the binder had collectors baseball cards or something in it. I only hope they used every coupon. SIGH!
    Good luck…

    • I keep thinking, did they really realize that it was a binder full of coupons? Maybe they thought it was full of CDs or baseball cards and then they’d be in for a surprise! HA! It’s just disappointing how inconsiderate people can be some times. Good Luck to you too!

  6. Oh Anita, I am so sorry to hear about your binder. I would be devastated too because of all the hard work and love put into making a coupon binder what it is. If you have specific coupons you need I would love to help you out. I hope you are able to get your coupon system back together quickly.

    • Beth ~ Thanks for your support! It really does take hard work, time and love into creating your own binder but I will rebuild! I’ve started working on a new one with suggestions from The Coupon Project and other fellow post-ers to the blog. It’s slow going but I will rebuild! If you email me at [email protected], I’ll sent you my address and my wish list of coupons. Thanks again!

  7. Anita, this stinks! Especially since you’ve been couponing for so long and have had to endure all the changes since couponing has become so huge, I’m sure this has put even more salt into the wounds of having your binder stolen!
    I agree with Angela, make a wish list. What are you looking for? I might have some i can send to you too. I have some coupons that don’t come from inserts and don’t come from printing. If any are something you need (and I have to check to see if they’re not expired) I can send some to you too.

    I’ve been couponing for over 2 years and know that the greed has definitely bittered me, but if I had my coupon box (I switched to a box a few months ago) stolen i would be SO UPSET! The greed factor has really been a hardship for so many people, and theft is just the worst of the worst in our couponing life. I hope your car wasn’t damaged when they broke in and stole your binder. Take a deep breath, start fresh with a new one, and know you have a lot of us sending our sincerest sympathies. It’s not cheap to build a collection of coupons and a binder that’s for sure. Again, get that list together and I’ll bet youll be amazed at the giving people out there who will be happy to help you rebuild your binder – hopefully knowing there are some really kind and giving people out there will help to heal the sting of knowing there are some mean people out there.

    And yeah, get a cute binder that you will grow to love πŸ™‚

    • Tiff ~ Yes, I have been blessed with an amazing response from so many lovely people because of The Coupon Project’s blog! It really has been great to have so many people sympathize with my situation and help lift my spirits! I’ve started working on my new binder and I really like that I’ve been able to make a couple of changes to my process that I had before. So, maybe, this was a blessing in disguse? Well, lets go with that cause I’m trying to stay positive! Anyways, I do have a wish list of coupons for products that I need to purchase very soon; laundry soap (ALL, Wisk or Tide), coffee grounds, covergirl, liquid dish soap and anything extra is just bonus! If you send me an email at [email protected] I will give you my mailing address. Thanks so much for caring and taking the time to post!

  8. i’m so pissed off for you. What a %^&&*( $#@%^&! who took your coupons. If you email me i’ll send you some. Really sorry about that. If that happened to me. I would feel like i lost a family member. Anyhow please send my your info so we can some coupons back in your new binder.


    • D ~ I laughed so hard when I read your post! Sorry it took me so long to respond! I do feel like I’m walking around naked without my coupon bag at my side everytime I go into a store. Thanks for the suport! I can’t see your email so if you send me an email at [email protected] I can forward you my address! Thanks bunches!

  9. Good grief, what is the world coming to?! My heart goes out to those of you who have been robbed. Are thieves actually going after the binder, or are they just stealing whatever is in the car? One time my hubby and I went on vacation and our car was broken into – the thieves took everything that was in the car, including my empty eyeglasses case and the Altoids!

  10. What a bummer! I hide my coupon box under the seat of my truck if I’m not taking it in somewhere. This last weekend one of my sons asked, “What? Do you think someone is going to break in and steal it?” and now I know that yes, it does happen.

    I have quite a few extras of pet, health & beauty that I never use if they are something you are interested in I’d be happy to forward them along.

    • YES, it DOES happen! Hide your binders people; some people in the world are just plain mean! I’d love your extra pet and HBA coupons! I can’t see your email so send me one at [email protected] and I’ll forward you my mailing address. Thanks so much D’Anna!

  11. Anita I bought extra papers over the weekend for Albertson’s doublers and still have two complete SmartSource inserts sitting here right next to me that I haven’t got round to cutting up yet. Would you like them or do you already have some of those since they were so recent?

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to send me that email Teresa! The readers of The Coupon Project are awesome! Thank you all so much for your help in rebulding my coupon stash! I can’t wait to post pics of my new binder that will be built with everyone’s help!

  12. I turned around quickly once at Target and saw a lady hovering over my binder. I thought I was just being paranoid thinking that she might have been just about to grab it. Maybe not! I will look around and see what I can dig up to send you.

  13. That really sucks! I don’t have a travel size thing to put my coupons in that I am taking to the store so I just use ziplock bags. I take the coupons out of my binder and put them into the baggies as I write my list.

    I had a list all ready to go and then I went to grab my baggy of coupons and it was gone. We (family of 4) spent about 2 hours searching the house for it. We were in the process of moving so i thought they might have been thrown away but we finally found them right on time (the day before all the big sales ended) behind my bed!!

    The next day we went and I saved 49% (my biggest in a large transaction so far) with the coupon round up event at albertsons! πŸ™‚

    • 49% is Nice! Good Job! It’s stressful when you’ve put all the time into making a list and setting the coupons aside for the purchases and then they are gone! Keep up the good work and thanks for taking the time to post!

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