Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco (Jan ’18 Edition)

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I’m always interested by what I’ll find on the store shelves at Costco during various times of the year. It’s January, so I predicted I’d find healthy food items and exercise equipment (for people who have New Year’s Resolutions) and maybe even a few things related to gardening (even though it’s early, many around here start dreaming of spring the minute the Christmas lights come down)! I am proud to report that I was correct by all accounts!

As a reminder, each month, I make a trip to Costco and report back on the items that catch my eye. Some of these are solid prices, others are just items that struck my fancy. This post is a chance for you to virtually peruse the store aisles and discover a few things you didn’t know you needed. 

In no particular order, here are a few items from my trip yesterday morning.

Costco was still selling a few 32 degree thermal sets. The $4.97 seems lower than normal – so you might want to stock up! My guess is that they are trying to move these items out of the store. 

Under Armour backpack for $34.99. It has a bottom section too, which would be good for some athletic shoes. 

Wilton Ever-Glide 5-Piece Non-Stick Bakeware set is priced at just $19.99 with instant manufacturer’s rebate (through 2/8 only).

I was tempted by this bath collection! You get all 5 pieces for just $24.99 right now, which I think is a total deal. I may need to talk to my husband about this!

Foam tiles (9 pack) for $12.99. These interlock and would be good for a variety of places in your home (as depicted on the packaging!). I’m liking the idea of putting something like this in the laundry room. 

Costco has the best cookbooks at the best prices! This slow cooker recipe book came in a binder and had over 450 recipes. 

How pretty is this dinnerware? The box set contains 12 pieces and is priced at just $18.99 right now. I adore this pattern!

Here’s another item I was totally digging: it’s a self-guided fitness kit for just $34.99 on instant rebate. It looks like it contains a mat, a ball, and some cables. I think there’s a lot you could with those items from the comfort of your home. The rebate ends 2/8. 

It may seem strange, but this is actually the ideal time of year for planting bare root fruit trees. My Costco store was selling apple, pear, and cherry for $13.99 each.

In the main seasonal section of the store, Costco was selling furniture. And lots of it.

Here’s something I actually ended up buying: it’s a set of 2 small garbage cans for $15.99. I bought this because I have a couple small cans that badly need to be replaced in our bathrooms. I also thought the price was fabulous for a 2-pack! In fact, just after my trip to Costco I stopped by another store in the area and they were selling ones similar to this for $19.99 for just one!

The garden gloves are back! I really think this is the way to go for buying garden gloves. It’s cheap and they are plentiful. I do suspect we’ll see them go on an instant rebate in the next month or so, so you might want to hold off (unless you just can’t!).

2 pack grabber tool for $9.99. Could be useful for a number of situations. I could see my kids annoying the heck out of everyone with them, too.

AH!! Guys, check out this amazing greenhouse! It’s $999.99. I love the shape and layout of it. 

Leather crossbody purse for just $9.99! 

I think this might be the first time I’ve spotted Hello Panda at Costco! You get 32 bags for $7.89. That works out to just $0.25 per bag!

3 Piece Induction Cooking Set for $69.99 Excuse my ignorance, but what is this?  And, why would you use it over other cooking methods? Maybe someone can illuminate me a bit here. 

These caught my eye! They are called Kinder Joy and they contain a treat and toy in every package. Looks like they might be from a different country originally? Anyone know if these are any good? I almost bought them for my kids, but not sure if it would be worth it. This is the one tough thing about Costco: having to commit BIG TIME to something before you know what it is.

Yes. I bought one. 

This is a great price for outdoor 2-pack pillows! 

I thought this party basket was super cute and a good deal at $18.99. It’s a cooler, and it comes with food containers inside.

2-pack decorative pillows for $16.49. Another good deal! It’s funny how you never set out to the store with “decorative pillows” on your list, yet nonetheless, you suddenly find yourself needing them once you spot them. 

Pocky! I love these things. This box contained 12 pouches for $8.99. 

I totally dig these pretzel slider buns. They are AWESOME! They are also on sale right now for $4.99 (ignore the tags that read $5.99). 

I thought this copper rain chain was sooo pretty. I totally want one! It was about $30.

I had to pick up this huge $4.99 roast chicken! It’s the best! My favorite is to pair it with one of those Asian chopped salad mixes. I may or may not have treated my pup to a few slivers too. (Hey – I couldn’t help it! He was crying and looking at me with his puppy dog eyes! Don’t blame me!)

I’m not sure if this is just at my store (Federal Way), but they had spiral hams $5 off (no limit!). The starting price was $1.99 and I noticed most of the hams were about $20ish dollars. This means around 10ish pounds. In this case, the smaller ham you buy, the lower per-price you’ll pay. I have reported some clearance hams at $0.99 per pound following Christmas, so this isn’t quite as solid as that. However, many of those stores aren’t carrying them anymore, so this is definitely worth considering.

Anytime is Taco Time!

Yoga Mat with strap for $14.99.

I did pretty darn good on this trip! I spent a total of $57.05 on the following 5 items: the 2-pack garbage cans, the roast chicken, the O’Maras, a big box of fruit snacks and a big bag of my favorite dried ginger. Anytime I can come out spending less than $100 at Costco, I consider myself the victor!

Speaking of Costco, have you had a chance to check out my post of my 10 favorite items from Costco in 2017? Take a look if you missed it! If you enjoy this series, you can see what I’ve found on previous Costco trips at my Costco page.

What have you spotted at Costco recently? Have you purchased (or been tempted by!) any of the items on my list today? I’ve love to hear about it! Leave a comment below.

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  1. I’m an adult, and I love the Kinder Joy eggs! While the toy is not up my alley, the chocolate is delicious and a nice treat.

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