Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco (March ’16 Edition)

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Stuff I didn't know I needed...until I went to Costco

It’s time once again, for another installment of Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco, the post series where I simply share the things that caught my eye during a visit to Costco. Some of these things are deals, yes. Others are just things that give me pause and tempt me!

I made yesterday’s trip immediately after a rather tough 7-mile track workout, so of course, I was hoping for SAMPLES. Thankfully, it was a Good Sample Day.

Costco Samples

These weren’t even all of them, but I had cheesesteak, ham, scalloped potatoes, Cascade Ice, and some candy. Perfect post workout food!

DSCN8571 (Medium)

Costco always has these larger than life inflatable party islands. This puppy is selling for $149.99. If it’s hard to imagine what you’d do on this thing…

Inflatable Island at Costco

You can get some tips from looking at the box. Looks like you just need a handful of beautiful friends, plus one token dude who looks like Fabio. Insert some cans of orange soda and a lake, and you’re good to go.

Wine Barrel Planters at Costco

These wine barrel resin planters are just $9.79 right now after instant rebate, with no limit! I love the way these look. I may well have to make a trip back.

American Flags at Costco

Just in time for Memorial Day/Flag Day/4th of July, you can get this American Flag Kit for $29.99.

Wooden Cubby at Costco

These bamboo storage cubbys are $29.99. I think they’d work well in a kids’ room or maybe an entry/mud room.

Frost Pillows at Costco

Woah, check out that flashy wrapping! These frost pillows are about $30. Here’s what the description on the package reads: “unique temperature regulating science keeps you comfortably cool all night long.”

Baby Sets at Costco

Here’s a quick and easy idea for a baby shower: this 3-piece gift set is just $11.99.

Shiatsu Massage at Costco

There was a big display for these InstaShiatsu back massager thingys. They were $99.99. I didn’t try one (I was still sweaty from the track, so I didn’t think it polite!)

Kids Chairs at Costco

I love these kids’ chairs! They are $13.99. They were also selling a matching table for $19.99.

Giant Bear at Costco

I was SUPER surprised to find this guy at the end of an aisle! Aren’t you supposed to come out around Christmastime, buddy? He was just there by himself. Maybe he was a return.

Tarps at Costco

Two heavy-duty blue/brown reversible tarps for $22.99. Seems like a good deal to me.

Table at Costco

Folding table for $49.99. These always seem to come in handy for potlucks, BBQs, crafts, and the like.

Playset at Costco

Giant playset for $999.99!

Playset at Costco

Cute playhouse for $299.99!

Tricycle at Costco

This little tricycle is $69.97. It’s the kind that your kid can ride by themselves, or you can push. It has an umbrella on it, too.

Fire Pit at Costco

Here’s a propane-powered fire pit for $99.99. I’d really like something like this at some point. Especially in the summer when I’m craving s’mores!

Deck Heater at Costco

I love the look of this deck heater! It’s $229.99 and covered in kind of a wicker material. Geesh, Costco’s making me think about all things SUMMER.

POp up Tent Costco

I actually really want a quick shelter like this for summer soccer practices. The fields my kid practices on in the summer have ZERO shade. It’s hard to think about being really hot these days when it’s drizzly and cold out, but those hot days are coming! This shelter was $39.99.

Easter Dresses at Costco

Still need an Easter dress for your little girl? Costco has plenty. $19.99.

LIt up Tree at Costco

This lit up tree was $129.99. I am wondering where the best place to use it would be, particularly how it’s not anywhere near Christmas. Maybe in the yard, tucked in the middle of your other trees? As a springtime tree decorated with Easter Eggs in your house? On the front porch? As wedding décor? Other thoughts?  Les Miserables at Costco

Here’s a beautiful hardcover edition of one of my all time favorite novels, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Maybe having a volume this pretty will encourage you to actually read it? Caramel Cake at Costco

I bought this Caramel Tres Leches Cake once last year for a dinner party and my husband insisted it was the BEST cake he’s ever had. It’s a total steal at $10.99 right now after instant rebate. I’m seriously considering picking one up for our Easter party. I recommend you do the same!Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Put these beautiful chocolate-covered strawberries out on a platter and don’t say a word. Everyone will be so amazed by your culinary prowess. (Just make sure to discard the container so no one discovers you paid $12.99 for them at Costco!) Coconut Cookie Thins at Costco

These toasted coconut Cookie Thins looked good. The bag of them was $6.99. Giant Chocolate Bunny at Costco

Ginormous chocolate bunny for $8.99 (this picture really doesn’t go it justice). This would probably send the receiver into a sugar coma. Sedum tile carpet at Costco

I thought this sedum tile carpet was really pretty! Another shopper was putting one into her cart so I asked her about it. She said it was super easy care and it does spread a little bit, making it a good groundcover. In case you can’t read the sign, it says partial to full sun, easy care, occasional watering and blooms in summer. Color me intrigued.  Blueberries at Costco

Huge, healthy looking blueberry bushes (assorted varieties) for $19.99. This seems like a GREAT deal to me!  Clematis at Costco

Beautiful clematis vines for $28.99. I adore these plants. ADORE! They will climb a fence, arbor, or trellis and put out these huge, beautiful flowers. I purchased one a couple years ago. It seems to die back every fall, and then pop out in the spring. I have mine at the entrance to my garden.  Rain Barrel at Costco

Rain barrel for $74.99. Wooden Garden Hand Tools at Costco

I LOVE the look of these hand tools – and they seem like a great deal! The set of 4 is $11.79. OK, Costco, you’ve gotten me really thinking about my garden right about now, which I *NEED* to get moving on stat! Comfy Camping Chair at Costco

This comfy camping chair is $28.99 and you’ll be the envy of all your camping friends when you whip it out. Check out that padding! So much better than the regular old canvas chairs that leave you sore and stiff!

Ready to see how I did today on my shopping trip?

A BIG FAT ZERO. Maybe you’d even consider I came out ahead, if you count all the free samples I ate.

That’s right, I bought nothing. I don’t remember the last time I left Costco empty handed (maybe when my husband and I made some visits around the holidays to put together our Costco Carol post?). I have to say, it’s kind of disorienting, trying to figure out how to exit Costco without going through the checkout lanes. I actually had to ask for help. Um, where do I return my empty cart? I don’t have a receipt – can I just go out the entrance? I think the employee was startled too!

Now, I’m not trying to get high and mighty here. I just was sweaty, tired, and not in the mood to spend money. In assembling this post, I can see there are at least a couple things I’d like to go back and pick-up this week – such as the garden tools and caramel cake. The good news is, I can really think about those purchases before walking back into Costco to make sure I really want them – and want to spend the money on them.

For more Costco love, see my Costco page (I’ve got many past installments in this series!).

Question: have you ever visited Costco and left without spending anything? I’d like to hear about it.

7 thoughts on “Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco (March ’16 Edition)”

  1. We bought those kids chairs & matching folding table in August. Best purchase ever. The kids love them, they’re durable and easy to clean.

  2. I have one of those pop up shelters and it does work well in the rain but I too use if more for shade, especially at the ball park between games on tournament weekends. That comfy chair caught my eye but it folds up too big to cart around with my pop up, bleacher seat, cooler, bat bag, tournament bag, etc….

    The day after the holiday, those strawberries go to half off! Then I can eat the whole package all by myself and not feel like I have to share with the kids 😉

  3. I love those floating islands. My friends and I would sun and swim and sun and swim on them all summer at the lake and try and solve the world’s problems.

    And I wanted to check out one of those pillows recently but they had none unwrapped or on display.

  4. I bought the very same beautiful dress for my six year old daughter, she debated long and hard before choosing that one.

  5. Do u know what the camping chair is called? I went to Costco and it is not there anymore so I would like to order it online.

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