Stuff I didn’t know I needed… until I went to Costco (March ’19 Edition)

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It’s time again for another monthly installment of Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco. I recently was chatting with a new friend about Costco and she remarked, “what is it about Costco that makes it feel so FUN to shop at?”

I have to agree. Unlike other stores you may shop at, there’s always a sense of excitement when you walk into a Costco store. Even if you have your list at hand, you do wonder about the new treasures you might find. There’s a sense of anticipation, and yes – FUN.

Here are some of the items I spotted at the Federal Way store yesterday with my son. These items are being shared in no particular order.

Adidas backpack for $23.99 through April 7th.

Arlo Baby Monitor with Table Wall Stand for $139.99 after instant manufacturer’s rebate through April 7th. Isn’t it so sweet how it looks like a rabbit?!

Woah. Check out this fancy Bidet Luxury Seat for $299.99! It even comes with a remote control. Hmmmm.

My store had a number of Easter-related items, such as this Bunny Hutch House for $9.99! It looks like a gingerbread house, only Easter Bunny themed.

I was hoping that my store would be carrying a big jar candle like this. I purchased the Summer Berry scent, but there was also a Honeysuckle scent. Both varieties smell great, and are huge! Just $12.99. I was definitely ready for a spring/summer scent after months of pumpkin and pine scented candles!

I adore this! It’s two large-ish chocolate bunnies in a “cage” for $9.89.

These colanders are adorable… well, as adorable as colanders can be! You get a set of 3 for $19.99.

I found these Crochet Dog and Crochet Cat sets for $10.79 each in the book section of the store.

Costco was selling these large Easter Baskets with cute backpacks for $24.99.

Got a soccer player in the house? This large rebounder-style goal was selling for $99.99.

Covered hammock for $79.99. I WANT THIS SO MUCH.

Hydration Pack for $29.99! This would be good if you’re looking for something for all that hiking you’re sure to do this summer.

I think these Cuisinart knives are so cheerful looking! They’re just $12.99 for the set, through April 7th.

I love this lamp! It reminds me of something you’d find from Restoration Hardware, but this one was only selling for $49.99. My son said it reminded him of a steampunk style lamp!

Mini Desserts! I believe there are 24 in this package and you’ll find them in the refrigerated section. I apologize for not getting a price – off the top of my head, I want to say they were $12.99 or $13.99.

3-pack of Natural Deodorant for just $10.99 after instant manufacturer’s rebate. That works out to $3.66 each.

OXO Pressure Cooker silicone set for $19.99. It looks like the set includes a steamer basket, cooking rack and egg rack and would work in your pressure cooker. This is the first time I’ve seen this set at Costco before.

Huge Sharpie set for $0.99. It includes all kinds of highlighters.

Ginormous shoe rack for $49.99! This is a beefier version than those little shoe racks you often see selling at stores.

Imagine all the foods and meats you could smoke in this! It was selling for $449.99. Maybe good for the avid hunter or fisher?

I was really tempted by this and truthfully, may head back to buy some! These assorted spring bulbs and perennials were selling for just $16.99 after instant rebate. This is good through March 24th, and there is NO limit.

Soft-sided tackle bag for $59.99. I don’t believe I’ve seen this item at Costco before, either.

My son and I were really tempted by these Sukki’s Naanwich sandwiches, but they were frozen, and we knew we had other errands to run and wouldn’t be headed home in time. These are filled with Chicken Tikka Masala in a Naan bread sandwich. There were 6 in a box for $13.99.

This is awesome! It’s a utility stool on rollers and plenty of room for tools. It’s $64.99. Maybe a cool Father’s Day gift? Or hey – Mother’s Day if you’ve got a handy mom?

Wash Brush Kit for your car for $22.99.

This acoustic outdoor flame speaker caught my eye as soon as we walked into the store! It puts out a warm glowing “flame” and is a portable, wireless speaker you can tote outside. It’s currently $79.99 after instant rebate.

Set of 3 pretty writing journals for $15.99.

All told, we only spent about $40 on this trip. We picked up a few bottles of juice, a bag of Hi-Chew candies (these are the best!), the pretty candle, and a loaf of Franz blueberry bread (WOW – this is amazing!). Afterwards, my son and I grabbed a slice of pizza (only $1.99!). I want to mention that my store now has a self checkout kiosk for the deli. It was extremely quick and easy to use. Even better, there is a special pickup area and we did NOT have to wait in line! I highly recommend using the self checkout if your store has this available.

Well, there you have it! I’d love to know if you’ve seen or purchased any of these items at your Costco. What else has tempted you at Costco lately? For more installments along with current Costco deals, make sure to see my Costco page.