Stuff I didn’t know I needed… until I went to Costco (May ’19 Edition)

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It’s time for another monthly installment of one of my most popular blog series, Stuff I didn’t know I needed… until I went to Costco! The concept behind this series is really simple: I just feature items that strike my fancy while wandering the aisles of Costco. Some of these are definitely good deals, but many are just things that catch my eye.

Without any further delay, here are the items I noticed during my trip today:

Sun Protection Hats, $13.99. They had both men and women’s styles.

Super cool camping chair for $29.99. This would be perfect for sitting ’round the fire!

And here’s the portable campfire you can use! Through June 7th only, it’s $73.99 after instant manufacturer rebate.

This is what really brought me into Costco today. It’s the American Chocolate Cake and it’s a complete steal at $16.99. The thing is huge I swear, it could feed 40-50 guests. It’s also the most delicious chocolate cake in the world. So naturally, my daughter wanted it for her birthday! 

Two Contigo insulated water bottles for $12.99.

This Titan cooler holds up to 18 cans and is just $18.99 after instant rebate through 5/26 (two days only!).

Get this 8 piece combo pack dog toy set for just $6.99 after instant rebate. This deal is also only good through Sunday, 5/26.

Oh hey! It’s a Double Drifter Twin Pack! Too bad I don’t have a pool or anywhere else fun to take it. (Boo hoo!) Maybe a lake would do?

Cool gas fire column for $159.99 after instant rebate.

Costco is selling fruit trees (assorted varieties) for $39.99 each. As a money-saving tip, the best time of year to buy and save on fruit trees is late winter (think Jan – Feb). At that part of the year, you can buy and bareroot trees. These are also less money. However, if you’re pining for a fruit tree now (all puns intended), this is not at all a bad price.

Barbecue grill mats, 4 pack for $9.99.

Ridiculously big paddleboard for $999.

Igloo iced cooler for $39.99.

Assorted sheet mask set, 8 pack for $14.99. Curious what these do. Experiences? Thoughts?

This Nerf set is actually for your dog! It includes 3 pieces and is selling for $13.99 after instant rebate through Sunday (5/26).

These cranberry orange bisconies, 6 count, looked so good. I’m guessing that’s like a biscuit plus a scone? Hmmmm. I believe these were selling for $7.99.

Organic bug repellent set for $10.49 after instant rebate through 6/16. This repellent does not contain DEET and it appears to contain 4 pieces.

Kayak with a paddle for $249.99 after instant rebate. This deal is good through June 2.

These sandals, priced at $16.99, tempted me more than any other item today. I think they are SO cute, they are totally my style, and they looked comfy. I held back, but posting about them already has made me regret not picking up a pair!

Patriotic plates! HUGE stack of them (sorry I didn’t get the quantity!) for $14.79.

Pool Petz for $22.99.

This seems like a legit deal on Spindrift to me. My husband bought some of this stuff recently and I have to say, it’s much more flavorful than your Average Joe sparkling water. It’s priced at $11.59 after instant rebate for 30 cans (3 different flavors). That works out to $0.39 per can.

Stadium seat for $21.99. This one looks like a really nice quality. Trust me, if someone invites you to watch their kid at a track meet, you’re going to want to bring a stadium seat. Those things can go for a long time and sitting on hard bleachers for more than an hour is not for the faint of heart (or tush).

I’m not calling out any particular deal here, but want to alert you that Costco has a variety of suncare/sunscreen options available in multipack and with instant rebate right now.

Not exactly sure why these tweezers are $29.99. I mean, I get there are two of them, and yes, there’s a case… but $29.99? Folks, what am I missing?

Stemless wine tumbler set for $19.99. Last year, I picked up a similar set of wine tumblers at Costco (I think the only difference was they were different colors). These are great quality and I use them all the time! They are great for klutzes like me who have been known to break wine glasses (doh).

I used to buy these huge workbooks for my kids at the start of summer in hopes that they would “stay sharp” on their skills. I remember one summer even offering $20 per kid if they could finish a book. They never did. Even so, at $7.99, this is a great way to keep your kid busy and learning. Let me know if your kid has actually completed one of these suckers!

Believe it or not, I only spent $27 today at Costco! I bought the cake, some water bottles, and a bag of popcorn for my daughter’s party. That’s a massive win in my book! For more posts in this series as well as other Costco news, see my Costco page.

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  1. Re: the workbooks… my kids actually love the Summer. BrainQuest ones that Costco sells. It has a map to follow, and reward stickers for each page completed. We try to do 1-2 pages most days in the summer, which really only takes 15 mins max, but it feels like it’s at least something to keep up the skills.

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