Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco (Sept ’17 Edition)

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It’s time again for another edition in my popular blog series, Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco. In this monthly series, I share the items that stand out to me during a trip to the store. These could be things that I think are deals, but more often than not, they are the shiny or delicious things that completely catch my eye.

Because I believe that the truth is that as much as we say we shop at Costco to save money, the real reason we like to go there is for all the stuff. The stuff we didn’t know we needed… until we see it there, beckoning us from a fancy end display.

Here are a few highlights from my trip today.

Colored Pencils at Costco

50-Piece Colored Pencil Set with Sharpener and Pouch for $8.79Kids Performance Gloves at Costco

Kids’ Touchscreen Gloves & Mittens for $9.99. I ended up buying a pair for each of my kids today as they are involved with fall sports and I see more chilly evenings in the future.Butter Cinnamon Sugar Loaves at Costco Bakery

Butter Cinnamon Sugar Loaves, 3 pack for $8.99. That works out to $2.99 each. I bet these would be good as is, but I could see drizzling them with some sort of sauce and fresh cream too. Have you tried these before? Perrier Water Bottles at Costco

Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water Bottles, 24-ct for $16.99. This works out to $0.71 per bottle and I actually do consider that a good deal!Girls Holiday Dresses at Costco

My Costco store has kids’ holiday outfits now. These girls’ dresses started at $17.99.Bowl Set at Costco

These pretty 8-piece bowl set for just $13.99. It had two different sizes of bowls (as you can see from the picture above).

Baking Set at Costco

Check out this super pretty baking set! It includes 5 pieces and was just $24.99. I think it would make a lovely gift! Kids Jackets at Costco

Kids’ fleece lined jackets for just $24.99.Pie Baking Kits at Costco

I remember seeing this cute pie baking kits last year at Costco, and now they’re back! They sell them in a 4-pack for $18.79 and pies include apple, pumpkin, and berry. If you’ve purchased these before, I’d love to know your thoughts.32 Degrees Kid Thermal Legging SetI’m happy to see that these 32 degree thermal clothes are back! The kids’ set includes a shirt and leggings for just $9.99. Baking Sheets at Costco

Nordic Ware, 3 piece baking set for $19.99.Christmas Decor at CostcoOh hey! The holidays are starting to creep on down the Costco aisles! Stroopwaffles at Costco

Stroopwaffle Cookies at Costco for $6.99.Umbrella at Costco

These great little umbrellas are just $7.99 after instant manufacturer’s rebate.Annie's Macaroni and Cheese at Costco

Annie’s Organic Mac ‘n Cheese, 12 pack for just $9.99 after instant manufacturer’s rebate. That works out to $0.83 per box.50 States Book at Costco

Here’s another item I very nearly picked up – a book about the 50 States for $8.99. Headlamps at Costco

Two pack of highlights for $19.99 after instant manufacturer’s rebate. This seems like a very good deal for headlamps! The kids in our cross country team use them when it starts to get darker earlier.Toys at Costco

My Costco store was starting to stock holiday toys, too.Lodge Skillet Set at Costci

2-Pack Lodge Skillet Set for $39.99.Bakeware Set at Costco

3-Piece Bakeware Set for $19.99.Pumpkin Caramel Cookies at Costco

These looked great! Pumpkin Caramel Cookies for $8.99. Have you tried them?Ceramic Canister Set at Costco

3-Piece Ceramic Canister Set with Scoops, $24.99.

Construction Set Toys, 2 pack for $19.99. Seems like a good deal to me!

Weather Set at Costco

Weather Set for $74.99. We bought one about a couple years ago and love it. This looks like a slightly different (perhaps improved?) version.Kid's Blanket at Costco

Kids’ snuggly blanket with a friend attached for $13.99.

All told, I spent $51 on my trip. I bought the gloves for my kids, some muffins, toothbrushes, and of course, a roast chicken (I couldn’t resist!). Anytime I can come out having spent $100 or less, I think I’ve had a good day at Costco, so I’d say I did quite well. I was definitely tempted by more than I purchased.

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Have you seen or purchased any of the items featured in my post today? Have you spotted other items that have caught your eye at Costco? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below. 

4 thoughts on “Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco (Sept ’17 Edition)”

  1. Those cinnamon cakes are AMAZING!! One of those things you buy thinking you will freeze 2 for later and then eat them all before they make it to the freezer.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these new items. I also got those same gloves for my kids! My latest favorite things at Costco are the organic True Story meat items. The ham and turkey are so delicious. The chicken sausages are good, too, but the spicy one is very spicy. I also like the AmyLu breakfast chicken sausages. I hope that Costco keeps them around!

  3. The Headlamps are great for Disaster Preparedness Kits in our Homes, Cars & @ Work as pointed out by the American Red Cross here in Portland last week

  4. We found those pumpkin caramel cookies at the Grocery Outlet a while back. They sat, opened , in my kitchen for weeks before I finally tossed them out. I’ve never had cookies so unpleasant that my sons wouldn’t eat them before!

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