Summit Trading and Tukwila Trading Stores to Close their Doors

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I was recently notified by Sounds Fun Mom that the Summit Trading store in Puyallup was closing. I couldn’t find any details posted on their Facebook page or website, but I did decide to give in a quick call.

Unfortunately, I’ve confirmed that this news is correct. The store will be closing very soon and Tukwila Trading has already closed its doors. The customer rep I spoke with over the phone sounded rather emotional and asked for prayers. My heart goes out to all the employees impacted by this decision. I loved shopping your store for meat and produce deals whenever I was in the area. You guys will be missed.

4 thoughts on “Summit Trading and Tukwila Trading Stores to Close their Doors”

  1. So sad! I live in the north sound so I am not affected but I feel badly when small businesses are driven to close their doors.

  2. I live in Tukwila and it’s frustrating that Tukwila Trading is closed because it was very affordable, and it’s upsetting to think that it might be replaced by a more expensive grocery store. Especially because that area in particular is low income with many refugees living there from other countries. It also carried a lot of ethnic food.

    And for now, pretty much the closest grocery store is relatively far and up a huge hill which could become dangerous in the winter. Just… sigh.

  3. I was very sad to see your post on Summit Trading store. I shop there to buy my meat. The people are very nice. This store and employees will be missed greatly!!!

  4. I’m very sad to hear of the closing of this store. This goes way back to my childhood years. I remember the original old Summit Trading Store. Then they expanded, and the new one was built big and better. I love shopping at this store i’m sad, that it has to close.IT isn’t like the big corporate stores. It’s like the old fashion country store you hear about, with friendly, smiling clerks that know there custmers, there needs and wants. This store closing will not just hurt the commuinity of summit and midland But it will sadden a comunity of people that bonded with the store, that opened up to a comunity in ways corporate stores do not. There was a bonding between the custmers and employees that only small community country store can give this will be a store, that will be missed by many for the friendness and service they gave up and beyond to there custmers It will be a store that will never leave the heart and love of a community that loved it, supported it, and will always remeber the friendly smiling loving people who served this community with love

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