Tacoma Fresh: Tacoma’s Health Food Convenience Store

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Tacoma Fresh Store Review: Tacoma's First Health Food Convenience Store!

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about a new grocery store in Tacoma, called Tacoma Fresh. Maybe you’ve heard it too? Seeing how it was local and they sold food, I figured it was right up my alley! So I recently decided to contact the store owner, William Manzanares, to see if I could learn more about Tacoma Fresh. William, Owner of Tacoma Fresh

It was clear in the first few minutes of my interview that William is not only passionate about his new store, he’s passionate about making healthy food more accessible in general. His own journey began when he was overweight, and looking to make some changes. Through diet alone, he lost the weight and found a desire to help and educate others on their journey to good health too.

Health Food Convenience Store When I asked William to describe what Tacoma Fresh is, he told me it’s a health food convenience store. The heart and soul of the store are their ready-made salads, sandwiches and snacks. Health Food at Tacoma Fresh

All of these items are made in-house and fresh, every day!

Specialty Diet Foods at Tacoma Fresh

But here’s what makes Tacoma Fresh particularly unique – they cater to all kinds of specialty diets! For instance, William pointed out that in the fresh case today they had spaghetti and meatballs available in both vegan and gluten-free versions (the latter had meatballs made from grass-fed beef!).

Inside Tacoma Fresh

In fact, Tacoma Fresh accommodates a wide-range of dietary needs, preferences, and allergies (William himself has a nut allergy so he’s particularly attentive to making sure everything is labeled). Whether you follow the Paleo diet, have a nut allergy, avoid dairy, or are vegan? You’ll find something you love at Tacoma Fresh.

Paleo Snacks at Tacoma Fresh

I noticed many items on the shelves I’d not seen elsewhere! Tacoma Fresh also strives to carry locally-made products on its shelves.

Store Shelves at Tacoma Fresh

Have a suggestion for a product? Feel like your particular diet could be accommodated better? William is open to hearing from you. He tells me he also loves to hear people’s stories about how changing their diets have changed their lives. It’s clear he’s passionate about building relationships with his customers!

Kombucha Bar at Tacoma Fresh

Of course, the Kombucha caught my eye! Where else can you buy a Kombucha growler in town? I surely don’t know of a place.

Kombucha Sampling

They even have samples! The coconut lime was my very favorite. It had a nice, mild flavor too – particularly good if you’re new to kombucha.

Bison Bars at Tacoma Fresh

Who do I think Tacoma Fresh is good for? The family looking for a better alternative to fast food on a busy day. The athlete looking for a quality, high-protein snack after a gym session. The worker who wants to pack a healthy lunch. The kids who want a treat (but have parents wary of sugar and salt laden snacks. (I bet you could come up with even more ideas!) William tells me he aims to price his products lower than other natural food stores, too.

Eating at Tacoma Fresh

Right now, seating inside the store is limited, but William tells me they are working on expanding seating to the adjacent space and should have it open soon.

Grass Fed Meat at Tacoma Fresh

I also was excited to learn that Tacoma Fresh will soon be accepting EBT!

Overall, I was highly impressed with the concept, products, and passion behind Tacoma Fresh. I asked William if other locations were in the works and he told me he sure hopes the idea will catch on. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Fresh Soup at Tacoma Fresh

If you are local, I highly encourage you to give Tacoma Fresh a visit, and let them know I sent you! We need more options like this in our neighborhood.

Tacoma Fresh is located at 6210 29th St NE, Tacoma, WA 98422 (near Federal Way). To learn more and plan your visit, check out their website as well as their Facebook page.

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  1. Central Co-op on 6th Ave has five flavors of kombucha on tap daily! They have two varieties of Rainbow Cloud kombucha and three from Soma. The three from Soma rotate so there is always fun options (and sampling!). Also Marlene’s Market on 38th has two flavors of Rainbow Cloud kombucha on tap. Exciting that there is another place to fill growlers of kombucha. Thanks for the info.

    • Thank you for sharing that! I appreciate hearing about other local spots to find items like this.

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