Taking Care of Small Things: Cleaning your Front Room Windows

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For the month of October, I’m taking on all the small tasks that never make your to-do list in a series I’m calling Taking Care of Small Things. Things like making spares of your important keys, swapping out your furnace filter, updating your family’s first aid kit, and organizing your linen closet. I have to tell you, all these little things are having an unexpectedly big impact on me and my home! I’m finding myself finding additional tasks to catch up on and just feeling more organized.

For today’s task, we’re going to focus on cleaning the windows in our front room. By “front room,” I mean whatever room is closest to the front door… the windows you’d likely see from the front porch or walkway. But in your home or apartment, you might want to tackle other, prominent windows, such as your kitchen or family room area. Why just this one section? Because the goal of this series has been to find small tasks that you should complete in an hour or less. 

The reason I picked this task is because I really dread it. I needed the motivation and accountability to get it done! Here’s what I gathered for my window clean today: glass cleaner, paper towels, a couple cleaning rags, and a bowl of hot water with some cleaner dumped in (dish detergent would work fine!).

I started by tackling the windowsill on my front bay window. It has the usual dust, plus a couple dead flies. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that has dead bugs on her windowsill!

After wiping down the windowsills and windows, I tackled the blinds. This part is kind of tedious, so I honestly put on some Netflix in the background! I wet down a rag and then went slat by slat, section by section.

This is always a strangely satisfying feeling, isn’t it? Knowing that all that dirt and grime is no longer on your windows!

You might also find it helpful to change out your cleaning solution and rags as they get dirty!

Here are my two front windows, freshly cleaned! I also cleaned them from the outside, as well. Now, you might have time and be inspired to keep going. If so, great! Get it done! As for me, this is where I stopped. My plan: to clean a window or two each day until they are all done. This will be easier to wrap my brain around.
It looks like my dog loves the freshly cleaned windows, too!

Other tasks you might consider in lieu of or addition to today’s challenge include scheduling your windows to be professionally cleaned, taking down and washing or dry cleaning your curtains, or soaking mini blinds.

When’s the last time you cleaned your windows or blinds? Do you agree with me that this job can be the pits? How are you feeling, over 3 weeks into our Small Things challenge?