Target: 90% Summer Clearance + 70% Toy Update

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(Image: AllThingsTarget)

It’s possible your local Target could have select summer items at 90% clearance today! Remember that each store may vary by how much the clearance has moved to. I’d love to hear if you find 90% off summer items at your store.

Also, we should be getting closer to hitting 70% off clearance in the toy department, perhaps this week or next (I’ll do my best to keep you updated). Make sure to take a look at my post on the Target toy clearance – and there again, I’d love to hear what you’re finding at your local Target store!

Thanks for the heads up, AllThingsTarget!

6 thoughts on “Target: 90% Summer Clearance + 70% Toy Update”

  1. Even though my Target still has a 70% off sign, many items rang up at 90% off (but not everything…strange). Anyway, here’s what I scored at 90% off:

    (4) water guns @ $0.99 ea
    (4) Betty Crocker cake mixes, Key Lime and Pink Lemonade @ $0.16 ea
    (6) Strawberry Mashmallows @ $0.14 ea

    Pretty slim pickins in Nor Cal, but I was happy with my loot!

  2. My store, Lynnwood, didn’t have a lot of summer selection left and the toy prices were still only about 10%-30% off. Kind of lame.

    Has Fred Meyer started their clearance yet? I should go check them out tomorrow. I’m hoping for Legos and Duplos the most.

  3. The store here in Scottsdale was pretty picked over. Did get some deals though!
    (2) pkgs of 4 sprinkles each for cupcakes @ .39/ea
    (1) pkg superhero stickers @ .10
    (2) cute little metal buckets @ .39/ea
    (1) set of toys for the sand (most excited about this) @ .79
    (1) big mesh tote bag (orig $10) @ $1

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