The Best ClickList Coupon Offers

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An important update, before we get started: Kroger’s ClickList service is now called Pickup. It works essentially the same where you can place your order online and enjoy curbside pickup. The only big change is that there is now a delivery option! I’ve yet to try this, but it’s only $9.95, as opposed to $4.95 for pickup.

I have been a huge fan of Kroger’s ClickList (now Pickup) service for many reasons. It saves time because you don’t have to go into the store to shop for your groceries and check out. It’s convenient because you can shop from home, as you build your menu list for the week and see what you need from your pantry. I’ve found it also saves money because it absolutely eliminates impulse purchases (this also encourages more healthful, mindful shopping and spending).

A year ago, I decided to launch this post which captures all the best Pickup (formerly ClickList) offers, deals, and highlights in one place. In general, I update it once or twice a month to keep with current offers.

Getting Started with Pickup (formerly ClickList)

If you are completely new to ClickList, wait! You should read my post on how to get started with ClickList first, just so you understand the nuts and bolts. After that, you might want to read my post of FAQs I get about ClickList (can I use coupons? but do they give you good produce?).

When you’re ready to give it a try (and I do hope you will!), just head on over to Pickup to see if there’s a participating Kroger store near you. In my neck of the woods, there is a Fred Meyer store. But you might have it at your Kroger, QFC, King Soopers, or other Kroger-chain store.

You might also find it helpful to read a post I wrote called How to Place a ClickList Order (from start to finish). If you like step-by-step help, make sure to check out that post!

Current Pickup Offers & News

**Update June 2020: We’re no longer keeping track of the best ClickList coupon offers, but you can still read on to see how to add these offers to your order. I encourage you to check for a list of current promotions.

As stated above, the biggest change to be aware of is that ClickList is now called Pickup. The best way to find Pickup-related coupons is by opening your Kroger app from your mobile device and doing a search for “Pickup.” Alternately, from your desktop open the coupons section and filter by “Pickup.”

To take advantage of these offers, click “load to card” while signed into your account and add the related items to your cart. Please note that you’ll see the discount at pickup – not when you checkout online. I also want to point out that there are now Delivery-exclusive coupons available, too.

I hope you find this feature useful! Please let me know what I can do to make it more helpful to you. 

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  2. Since you use Kroger for grocery shopping, I’m assuming you wouldn’t have one of these lists for WalMart’s online grocery orders, would you? Thank you!

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