Through today only: great Charmin & Bounty deal at Safeway!

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Bargain Blessings notified me this morning that through today only, there's a rather *hot* deal on Charmin and Bounty at Safeway! 

Here's what you need to do. 

Buy (1) Bounty 15 double roll pack $12.99
Buy (1) Charmin 24 double roll pack $12.99
Save $6 instantly for buying both products (store promotion)
$3 Bounty eSaver coupon 
$3 Charmin eSaver coupon*
Receive a $10 off-your-next-order coupon!
Bottom line: $3.98 for both products!

Thanks, Bargain Blessings! 

*Note: you will need to follow the instructions on this site to preload this coupon to your Safeway Club Card. As I mentioned in this post, at the time being my scenarios will not stack a manufacturer's paper coupon on top of an ecoupon. I have reached out to the Coupon Information Corporation to learn more about if this is OK to do or not and am awaiting a response. I was told that ecoupons are in their infancy, and that guidelines are currently being developed. When I learn more, I will keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “Through today only: great Charmin & Bounty deal at Safeway!”

  1. What zipcode do you use for the ecoupons to show up. Everytime I go to P&G Ecoupon website, it says no coupons are available at this time. 🙁

  2. My store has them for $13.99 each, but still not a bad deal. I did this last night. It ended up costing about $5.38.

  3. Because it took off the additional $6 it would not print a Catalina for me. The manager was stumped as he saw that it was ringing up at $15.99, then skipped the shelf sale price of $12.99 and went straight to $9.

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