Top 10 Costco Finds for 2016

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Last year, I took a look through all the posts I’d written about Costco and came up with a short list of my very favorite items among the hundreds I’d highlighted. I thought I’d do the same for 2016.

Each of the following items was highlighted at some point during this year on my popular Stuff I didn’t know I needed…until I went to Costco post. These were the items that tempted me the most, and tempted me so much, in fact, I ended up buying most of these items. And raving about them to friends and family. And in some cases, went back to buy more.

These are being shared in no particular order. I also want to mention that I can’t promise you’ll find all these items in stock right now, but I have seen Costco bring back items at different seasons, so you might have luck if you’re patient.

#1: All-Weather Boots ($29.97, on instant rebate).

I purchased these just last week during my December Costco shopping trip. I have worn them every day since. Imagine your favorite, cozy slipper stuffed inside a rainboot. That’s what wearing these feel like! I’d recommend them to any lady who is plagued with cold toes in the winter and often finds herself suffering at the sidelines of her kids’ soccer games.

#2: 24-Month Creative Planner ($24.99).

Here’s another item I purchased during my December Shopping trip. Confession: I purchased it initially as a gift, but couldn’t stand it. I ripped into this bad boy as soon as I got home. It is very cute and comes with stickers, washi tape, and colored pens. I love the way it’s laid out and I think the price is right. I since went back to the store to purchase two more for gifts. (See I’m not that bad!)

#3. 2 Photo Albums (currently $14.99, instant rebate).

This was easily my FAVORITE item of the year for Costco. I purchased several sets of these albums and have been hugely impressed with the quality. Each album holds up to 300 photos (so you’re looking at storage for up to 600 photos for each set). They come in brown and black. I used these to successfully achieve my 2016 resolution of organizing my family’s photos. I will be writing more about this goal in early January. If you have tons of photos to organize and are completely overwhelmed by the time and energy involved in making fancy-pants photobooks online, consider this route. It may well un-stick you.

#4: 32 Degree Everything ($6.99 – $8.99ish).

I wrote about these sets in 2015, but they are worth mentioning again for 2016. I think these are so versatile and a great price. My kids have worn these sets under their soccer and cross country uniforms, as well as for pajamas or just extra layers to stay warm outside. I’ve purchased some of the shirts and worn them running. They are absolutely worth stocking up on when you see them, and they are often on instant rebate.

#5: Body Pillows ($11.99).

I purchased these body pillows back for my kids in August. They are so soft, and a good value for the money! They keep them up on their beds (usually), or will sometimes pull them down onto the floor for reading. I believe I saw them in the store this past month (December), but they may have been moved down the blanket and pillow aisle at my store (Federal Way).

#6. University of Washington Blanket ($17.99).

Costco is definitely King of Soft Blankets, and this is no exception! I purchased this on a whim for my husband, but we all tend to fight over it because it’s so soft, warm, and huge! I’ve also seen this as a Washington State and Seahawks throw in the store. It would make a fantastic gift!

#7. High Sierra Backpacks ($15.99, after instant rebate).

We purchased each of our kids a backpack before heading to Yosemite this summer. These are truly great quality for the price and have held up so well! They have lots of compartments and a sturdy construction. Watch for them around back to school time. We purchased ours in July.

#8. Boogie Board ($17.99, after instant rebate).

At first, I thought this was rather gimmicky. But then I ended up buying one for each of my kids. It’s like a little board, they can write on with a stylus and erase. I like that it doesn’t involve dry erase markers or anything that could create a stain. They ended up being perfect for our road trip this summer. They’d also be great for kids working on math problems or handwriting – it’ll save paper!

#9. Curad Bandages ($9.99).

I am so glad I purchased this Curad Bandages over the summer. It includes every possible kind of bandage you could imagine of every shape and size. Just the other night, my daughter got a painful scratch on the bottom of her toe and boom, I just so happened to find a small round bandage in this box. I think this kit could really last a family like mine for years. Perfect.

#10. Fancy Toilet Bowl Cleaners ($19.99).

This is one of those things I didn’t want to spend the money for at the time, but was so glad I did after the fact. These look nice in my bathrooms and get the job done. Bonus that replacement heads were included in the pack. I purchased them in May, and can’t say that I’ve seen them in recent months, but it’s entirely possible they’ll cycle back in the store in the spring.

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed my Costco updates this year. I have a ton of fun putting this series together and can assure you, I will continue it in 2017 (and beyond)! For all past editions of this series, visit my Costco page. You might also want to read about my Top Costco Picks for 2015.

Now it’s your turn: what’s the best thing you found at Costco in 2016?