Top 10 Costco Finds for 2018

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For the past three years, I’ve taken the time to go back through my monthly “Stuff I didn’t know I needed… until I went to Costco”  posts from the previous year to come up with a list of 10 – just 10 of my absolute favorite items.

You might wish to go back to read my reports from 2017, 2016, and 2015.

In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite Costco items from 2018. Please do note that I cannot guarantee you’ll find these items at your store right now – or ever. We see items come and go, stick around, never come back. It can be hard to tell with this store!

#1: Snowshoes, $69.95 

This is one of those items that I don’t believe I actually featured on the blog this year (but should have!). My husband and I decided to buy snowshoes for the family this past Christmas. We’ve always seen the sets at Costco and decided to bite the bullet. They are $69.95 and include the poles and carrying bag. They come in three sizes. We took them out for the first time about a week ago and they were a ton of fun! We’re planning our next excursion very soon. (And yes, that’s me wearing the snowshoes after Christmas!)

#2: Insulated Thermoses, $9.99 

I am so glad my store managed to keep these in stock for most of the year, because I definitely hemmed and hawed at first. In the end, I bought them when they went on sale for $9.99 and am so glad that I did! At just $4.99 a pop, they are the perfect size for lunches and kids and keep your liquids perfectly cold!

#3: Wine Tumblers, $19.99

I love these wine tumblers so much! They just feel so colorful and campy. I tend to be a klutz with fancier glasses, so pouring wine in a stainless steel tumbler is a smarter choice for me!

#4: Planner, $16.99 

I’m going to be honest. I’m absolutely kicking myself that I did not buy this planner when I saw it at the store in November! I bought one a couple years ago similar to this that I loved, but Costco had it in stock for a few months. I only saw this planner once – in November – then not again. I’m so sad! Maybe you got one?

#5: Disposaware, $3.97 

Nina tipped me off to these food storage containers that were on clearance at our Costco in October! Despite the name, they are reusable and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They’d be great for food prep, and they were also good to send guests home with holiday food leftovers. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if you’ll have any luck finding them at this point because I think they were being discontinued.

#6: Chicken Pot Pie Dog Treats, $16.99 

My dog encouraged me to include this next item. He loved these chicken pot pie bites – they are all gone!

#7: Cotton Candy Grapes, $8.99 

I was super excited to find that my Costco store was selling Cotton Candy grapes in June! These are my favorite variety and I felt like this was a really good price. (I’ve seen them for considerably more at the grocery stores.) I’m hoping to see them stocked in 2019!

#8: Fancy Hand Soaps, $9.97 

I loved these fancy hand soaps Costco was selling back in June. They came in glass jars and I felt $9.97 was a great price for the quality. I have not seen these since, but I have seen other nice soaps offered from time to time at Costco. Word to the wise: buy ’em when you see ’em!

#9: Set of 2 Adidas Water Thermoses, $19.97 

I bought these for my son back in March for his soccer practices. They are best for the hot summer practices when you want to really pack them with ice! This is a very good price for the size and quality – I’ve paid this amount for one like this before. My store carried them for months, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make an appearance on store shelves for 2019.

#10: Laser X Game, $18.99 

My son had asked for laser guns for his birthday, but they seemed pretty spendy everywhere I looked. Enter Costco! This little set was under $20 and works great. In fact, he and sister used them just over winter break. My store had these in stock back in March.

I’d love to know what items you picked up this year, or struck your fancy. Leave a comment below! And, to see previous posts in this series, see my Costco page.