Trader Joe’s: What’s Caught my Eye in the November Fearless Flyer

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Trader Joe’s has released the November Fearless Flyer, and as I suspected, it’s chock full of holiday yumminess! Instead of listing out every.single.item from the Flyer, this month I thought I’d simply highlight what’s standing out to me as particularly delicious-sounding.

Without further ado, here we go!

Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Pixie Pie Mix: $2.99

This is described as “somewhere between a brownie and pie in texture” and contains everything you need for the crust, filling & marshmallow spread.

Sweet Pull Apart Aloha Rolls: $2.99 

I’m really excited to see Trader Joe’s is selling something that looks similar to King’s Hawaiian Rolls! I adore Trader Joe’s Pork Carnitas and love serving them as sliders atop King’s Hawaiian rolls and Trader Joe’s Corn Chile Salsa. Now that Trader Joe’s is offering these? I won’t have to stop at two different stores when I’m craving the pork sliders! Yeehaw!

Turkey & Stuffing En Croute, 40 oz (frozen): $12.99 

The description reads that it’s “like Beef Wellington, but not.” It’s turkey tenderloin, encased in cornbread stuffing and wrapped in a flaky pastry crust. It even comes with the gravy and cranberry sauce! This would be a perfect way to enjoy some pre-Thanksgiving favorites without all the hassle.

Gingerbread Turkey Kit: $7.99

Perfect for those who just like celebrating all the holidays all at once! In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure this Gingerbread Turkey Kit is the cutest thing ever.

Turkey & Cranberry Dog Treats: Pricing Varies 

Last month, I picked up the pumpkin dog treats for my dog, Smike. He loved them initially, but I can sense his enthusiasm has waned. I may just have to pick him a box of these!

You can see the entire ad over at If you’ve tried and/or can recommend any of these items, I’d love to know! Leave a comment below.

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  1. That sweet potato & marshmallow pixie pie mix has caught my eye the last two times I was at TJ’s. I haven’t taken the plunge and bought it though because I’m pretty sure I would want to eat the whole thing by myself! The gingerbread turkey was super cute. I did not see the turkey encroute, but I will be picking that up and giving it a try for sure. I did buy the gingerbread ground coffee and while it tastes great, I have trouble getting it to brew properly in my drip maker and my aeropress, however it works fine in my French press.

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