Turn a jar of pasta sauce into comforting soup

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Tomato Soup My aunt recently told me about a great article she found in the Feb/March issue of Food Network Magazine entitled "50 Things to Make with a Jar of Pasta Sauce."  If you stocked up on pasta sauce from last week's Safeway deal, you might want to snag an issue!  

I love the idea of taking stockpile items and using them in different and exciting ways.  Just because you have a lot of pasta sauce does not mean you have to eat spaghetti for the next 18 months.  Be creative!  

I wanted to share with you just one of the recipes suggested in the article to get you started.

Cream of Tomato Soup

Fresh herbs (I think basil would lend itself well to this recipe)
1 jar pasta sauce
2 cups water
1/2 cup heavy cream
Pinch nutmeg

Saute the chopped, fresh herbs in butter.  Then add the remaining ingredients.  Simmer for 5 minutes. 

I can't help but crave a big grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.  What could be more comforting on these last days of winter?

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4 thoughts on “Turn a jar of pasta sauce into comforting soup”

  1. -25 ounce jar tomato basil pasta sauce
    -Heavy cream or evaporated milk *
    -water (if needed) to desired consistency
    -Garlic powder to taste
    -Salt-and-pepper to taste

    Empty sauce into saucepan. Add cream or evaporated milk. Then garlic powder salt and pepper.
    Evaluate the consistency.
    (I like mine a little thick but not too thick.) If needed add some water.
    Heat up slowly, stirring occasionally.

    * Cream will make the soup richer and thicker.

    Serve garnished with chopped basil (optional) and or sprinkled cheese.

    A good side:
    crusty bread with olive oil/ dipping spices.

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