Unadvertised Fred Meyer Deals: Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Little Debbie, Kids’ Games & More!

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Here are some unadvertised deals I spotted at the Twin Lakes Fred Meyer (Federal Way) yesterday. As always, remember that unadvertised prices may vary by location and are subject to change at any time. Also, selection and availability may vary by region.

DSCN4558 (800x707)

Little Debbie Snacks $1.49+
$1/1 coupon from 2/2 SmartSource (exp 3/31)
Bottom line: as low as $0.49

Goldfish Tub (large size) $7.25
$1/1 e-coupon
Bottom line: $6.25
DSCN4559 (800x600)

Mom’s Best Cereal $1 (through 3/16)

Zevia Soda, 6 pack $3.99
$1/1 coupon from 1/26 Red Plum
$1/1 printable coupon
Bottom line: $2.99

DSCN4560 (668x800)

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner $7.27
Here’s why this is a great deal: that bottle of cleaner? Gets diluted 1 part solution: 1 part water. I had a bottle last me an entire YEAR. This is about the best price I’ve seen it. I own the lavender and it smells great, but my mom owns the basil and I’ll be buying that kind next time! Look for this brand in the nutrition center.

DSCN4561 (800x664)

Silk 1/1 Gallon Non Dairy Milks $2.99
$0.55/1 blinkie found in front of product
Bottom line: $2.44
DSCN4562 (520x800)

Tillamook Greek Yogurt $1
Buy one, get one free coupon from 2/2 SmartSource
Bottom line: $0.50 each
(This deal is listed in the monthly coupon booklet as being good through 4/1)
DSCN4563 (800x665)

Müller Yogurt $1 (through 5/27)
$2/5 coupon from 3/2 Red Plum
Bottom line: $0.60 each
(These are so good!)

Heads up!! Available today only (3/7) – you can download an ecoupon good for one FREE Muller Yogurt!

DSCN4564 (594x800)

International Delight – Founders Favorite Brownie Sundae $1.69 (this flavor on sale only)
$0.55/1 printable coupon (requires email sign up)
Bottom line: $1.14

Jamba Juice Frozen Smoothie Mix $2.50
$1/1 ecoupon
Bottom line: $1.50

DSCN4565 (565x800)

GE Energy Smart Lightbulb $2.49 
$1/1 printable coupon
Bottom line: $1.49

DSCN4566 (600x800)

Stayfree $2 (through 3/8 only)
$1/1 coupon from 2/9 SmartSource (limit 1 per customer)
$1/1 coupon from 3/2 SmartSource (limit 1 per customer)
Bottom line: $1

DSCN4567 (800x600)

Skyn Condoms, 12 pack $7.49 – $8.99
Buy one, get one free
Bottom line: $3.75 – $4.49 each

DSCN4568 (800x600)

Dreyers Ice Cream $3
$1.50/2 e-coupon (you can use up to 5 times in one transaction)
Bottom line: $2.25 each

DSCN4569 (489x800)

Tree Top Fruitful Smoothies $2
$1/1 blinkie coupon
Bottom line: $1
(This deal is listed in the monthly coupon booklet as being good through 4/1)
DSCN4570 (800x600)

Folgers Coffee $4.99
$0.25/1 coupon from 2/2 Red Plum
Bottom line: $4.74

Black Forest Gummy Bears $1.19
$0.50/1 coupon e-coupon
Bottom line: $0.69

DSCN4574 (625x800)

Bic Razors $4.99
$1/1 in-store manufacturer’s coupon
Bottom line: $3.99DSCN4580 (800x600)

Snapware $2.99
$2/1 coupon from 1/5 SmartSource (exp 3/31)
Bottom line: $0.99
In the past, my store has carried even cheaper Snapware, making it free with coupon. I wonder if they’ve just changed their selection and/or it’s not on sale right now. Either way, $0.99 is a good price.ecofoil

Ecofoil $1
I love, love these and this is a great price! I use these for two purposes: 1) to bring friends/family meals and 2) freezer meals. I picked up the casserole size at $1 – that includes two pans and lids! eyeshadow

Covergirl Cosmetics – Single Eye Shadows $3.49 – $3.99
$3/2 coupon from 3/2 P&G
OR $3/2 e-coupon
Bottom line: $1.99 – $2.49 each

gamesAngry Birds or Fruit Ninja Games $5.99 (reg. $17.99)!
We own both of these games. Between the two, my kids play with the Angry Birds one more.

If you’re planning a trip, make sure to check out this week’s Fred Meyer deals along with the new monthly savings booklet I shared yesterday. A sneak peek of this Sunday’s deals will be published to the blog tonight at 8pm PST, so make sure to pop back then!

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  1. I went to Fred Meyer and purchased 6 of the Dreyer’s ice creams in a single transaction. I had loaded the $1.50/2 e-coupon which states “Use up to 5 times in a single transaction.” It only came off once. I went to customer service and explained the problem. She made a phone call and whoever was on the line (I assume a manager) said she couldn’t find the coupon I was talking about but would give me the $3 back. Since I had seen the same wording on several online coupons, I wanted to make sure Fred Meyer was aware of the problem with the e-coupons not ringing up correctly. I was starting to feel like they thought I was not telling the truth. When the customer service rep scanned my card during the refund…..she noticed $1.50 came off during the refund transaction. So, the coupon was not working 5 times in one transaction like it states, but may be working in separate transactions.

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