Walgreens 4-day sale in progress

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Last night I went to Walgreens to pick up a few things. Lo and behold – a $5 Register Reward printed out! What a delightful surprise!
I hopped onto iheartwags for the ad scan and sure enough through tomorrow, when you spend $25 AFTER BEFORE coupons (see comments) and BEFORE tax, you'll receive a $5 Register Reward!

really sweetened up the diaper deal that they have running. Buy 1 package at $8.99, get the next 50% off. These are the Walgreens brand diapers, and let me tell you, they are just about the best generic diapers I've used. Comparable to Pampers or Huggies in my opinion. 

Here's a deal idea using only the Walgreens diapers:

Buy 4 packages for $26.97 and receive your $5 Register Reward. Bottom line: $21.97 for 4 packs, or $5.49 each! While these have certainly been less in the past, this would be a great deal if you need a month's worth of diapers now and don't want to break the bank. 

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6 thoughts on “Walgreens 4-day sale in progress”

  1. The cool thing is that it’s actually BEFORE coupons! I have paid as little as $9 out of pocket (Theraflu, Triaminic, etc.) and still gotten all the product RR’s PLUS the $5 RR! Awesome!

    Do check the expiration date, though. They all expire December 19 no matter when you get them and you can only use one per transaction when you are spending them.

  2. Very True….I spent 16.00 OOP and got a $5.00 RR back. I used RR’s, Coupons, and a gift card and Still got it. Here in AZ

  3. Try this one:

    Renu Multiplus: $9.99 (use $2/1 coupon)
    Just For men: $6.99 (use $2/1 coupon)
    Neutrogena face product: $4.99
    Stim-u-dent: $2
    Stayfree: $1.99 (use $1/1 coupon)

    Total: $25.96

    RR’s: $10, $7, $5, $2, $2, $5 = $29 back

  4. Or:

    Triaminic: 1 thin strips, 1 anything: $10 (use $3/1 & $2/1 from last weekend plus $4 off with Healthy Savings Booklet)
    Theraflu: 2 of any (use two $2/1 from theraflu.com plus $4 off with Healthy Savings Booklet)
    Just For Men: $6.99 (use $2/1 coupon)

    Total: $8.99 (after coupons)

    RR’s: $5, $3, $7, $5 = $20 back

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