Walgreens Shopping 101

If you’ve never set foot in Walgreens, you’ve found the right page!

Walgreens was one of the stores I started my couponing journey at! There are a number of opportunities to save at Walgreens, so it’s important to take the time to learn how to best shop there.

Here are a few things you should know about when it comes to shopping Walgreens.

Coupon Acceptance Policy

You can download and print a copy of their Coupon Acceptance Policy to keep with you for your shopping trips. A few highlights include:

  • Walgreens accepts manufacturers coupons.
  • Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon towards the purchase of a single item. (See my Coupon Stacking post for more.)
  • Walgreens does not provide overage, but will mark down the value of a coupon in the event the coupon’s value exceeds the price of the item.
  • Walgreens allows you to use multiple “like” manufacturer coupons, but reserves the right to limit depending on stock at hand.
  • Walgreens allows you to use up to 2 coupons against a Buy one get one free sale so long as the net price doesn’t dip below zero.

Register Rewards

Walgreens offers Register Rewards as incentives for buying particular items. These are basically Catalina coupons, triggered when you purchase the participating items. Register Reward coupons can basically be used on ANY Walgreens purchase (with few exclusions such as the usual suspects like cigarettes, gift cards, and lotto tickets). There are some very specific guidelines you need to keep in mind when doing Register Reward deals:

  • You CAN use coupons towards the purchase of Register Reward items. For instance, if Schick Razors are $7, and the ad says you’ll get a $3 Register Reward at checkout, you could use a $1/1 insert coupon, like this: Schick Razors $7 – less your $1 coupon = pay $6. Then, you’d receive a $3 Register Reward at checkout.
  • The total number of manufacturer coupons (including Register Rewards!) may NOT exceed the total number of items in your purchase. This is key to understanding if you’re to “get” Walgreens shopping. No other store that I’m aware of imposes such a restriction. Suppose you want to buy 2 items and you have 2 coupons you’ve clipped from the paper, plus a Register Reward you earned the week prior. That’d be 3 coupons, and 2 items which would make the register beep. To remedy this, you would need to either save one of your coupons for later, or more commonly, purchase a small filler item.
  • You are limited to one like Register Reward offer per transaction. Suppose there is a Register Reward deal on Goody hair bands this week, and you want two of them. If you attempt this in one transaction, you’ll receive only one printed Register Reward. If your store allows you to do multiple transactions, you could break it up into two.
  • You cannot “roll” a Register Reward onto the same Register Reward deal. Going back to the Goody illustration I mentioned above, note that you could NOT take the Register Reward you earned from the first transaction apply it to the second, and expect a second Register Reward to print. That’s a no go. Also a no go? Using your Register Reward towards another Register Reward offer from the same manufacturer. (For instance, if there was a Neutrogena make up offer at the same time as a Neutrogena skincare offer.) You could, however, apply the Goody Register Reward say to a Theraflu Register Reward deal.
It will take some work and practice to fully navigate the way Register Rewards can work to your advantage. I highly recommend the post I wrote about Register Reward success along with Walgreens Coupon Acceptance Guidelines for more information.

Walgreens Coupons

Each month, Walgreens issues a monthly savings booklet. It’s hard to miss. You’ll find it where they keep their weekly circulars along with at the end of nearly every aisle in the store. You don’t have to clip these coupons, either – just present to the cashier to scan. If you wish to buy multiple quantities of a particular coupon item, rest assured the savings amount will come off the appropriate amount of times (e.g., if you buy 4 bags of cough drops and the coupon reads “save $0.50 on a bag” you’ll see a $2 savings at checkout when the coupon is scanned).

There are regularly coupons in the weekly ad that you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons as well.

Additional Walgreen Help

Here is some additional reading on Walgreens shopping.

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Learn best by watching me teach? Check out this recorded webcast!

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  1. Thank you for this! Today I did a transaction where I bought two clearanced items that were below the coupon amount, and both digital coupons did not come off. I made sure they didn’t exclude clearance, and included a filler item so my total would not be zero. Does the cashier manually have to apply the coupons on their end? Like CVS?


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