Yes, We Put up our Christmas Decorations Yesterday!

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We Decorated our House for Christmas: a brief tour ;)

If you follow me on Instagram (and please do if you don’t already!), you may have caught that I popped by Hobby Lobby before heading to Costco yesterday. I didn’t realize what I’d end up finding on sale: Christmas Decor on Sale at Hobby Lobby

Christmas décor 50% off! Woah boy. 

Needless to say, I ended up getting a few things! Now of course, I was in full-on Christmas Spirit mode so I decided last night we should put up all the decoration. Yes, I know it’s before Thanksgiving, but we happen to have a very busy weekend planned, plus I’m going to be slammed with the blog all next week with Black Friday sales, so I figured we might as well get ‘er done.

For fun, I thought I’d share our decorations and evening with you.  Fireplace Mantle

I adore how our mantle turned out! I already had the candles and holders (from Fred Meyer). The trees were about $7 each, the signs $10 each and the angel I think maybe $15? All 50% off at Hobby Lobby!  Christmas Tree

My husband was so sweet to oblige and dragged out the Christmas tree from the attic. Smike (our Shih Tzu) was under there as soon as it went up! Dog under Christmas Tree

Anyone else have pets who love Christmas? Kids Decorating for Christmas

While I worked on stringing up the lights, my kids sorted through the ornaments.  Ornaments on the Tree

Lest you think we live a perfect life here, I’ll admit there was a bit of a fight during this part and one child may or may not have ended up in time out. Just keeping it real.Smike and the Christmas Tree

We’ve learned to not put any ornaments near the bottom of the tree!

I thought I’d share some additional decorations we have throughout the house. Mini Christmas Trees at Hobby Lobby

I bought each of the kids their own mini Christmas tree! The trees were $5 each at Hobby Lobby after the 50% off sale. All the ornaments and decorations were also 50% off. Fake Poinsettia in Vase

I normally put these fake poinsettias on the tree, but my son wanted to put them on a vase on a table. Not the choice I would’ve made, but I think it totally works. It occurred to me that even if the decorations aren’t exactly how I’d do them or the ornaments exactly how I’d place them, I’d still prefer my kids help me and make some of the decoration choices. Our home isn’t going to be featured in Pottery Barn, but it is the place our family lives and friends come visit. It should reflect that!

Christmas Stairwell

Here’s our stairwell. I bought the garland at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. I also like hanging the stockings on the railing instead of the fireplace as our mantle isn’t too big or sturdy. However, I can tell I didn’t space the stockings out evenly and it’s going to bug me. (Added to today’s to-do list: fix the stockings!)Garland and Elf

My daughter was excited when she found our Elf on the Shelf. I bought him on a whim a few years ago and learned pretty quickly I was terrible at remembering to hide him everyday. In the last couple years, we’ve retired him to Christmas décor and my kids are OK with that. Right now, he’s the Elf on the Window Sill.

I’d say it took us maybe 2-3 hours tops to get everything decorated. We celebrated by eating snickerdoodle cookies (thanks QFC mix & match sale) and watching The Grinch.

Now it’s your turn: when do you like to decorate for Christmas (or the holidays)? How long does it take you? Any decorating traditions your family looks forward to? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I don’t have my tree yet ( I did pop in to our local tree farm to see if they would let us get one early, nopes) but I did bring out all the rest of the boxes of holiday décor. I’m not totally finished, but like the song says, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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