*UPDATE* – $25 Coupon Code! Zaycon Fresh: Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $1.58/lb (June)!

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Looking to buy in bulk and save? If so, Zaycon Fresh will be having another chicken delivery to the greater South Sound area in June, this time at just $1.89 per pound! In the past year, I wrote about another company I was super excited about, GoDirect Foods, but unfortunately they aren’t delivering in my area anymore (and likely won’t again anytime soon). Given that, I felt it important to get back to writing about Zaycon for the meantime.


Updated to add: today I received the following coupon code in my email! This weekend only, you can save $25 off any 2 cases with promo code 2FER25! This code is good through 11:59 PST on 5/16/2016 only. If you used this offer on the chicken, your price per pound would drop to just $1.58/lb!

New to Zaycon? Here’s how it works:

  • Set up a free account.
  • Designate your city to find the nearest pick-up locations to you.
  • Shop by product or location.
  • On the designated sale day, you’ll need to pick up your product.

Note that you are receiving substantial discounts on your meat because you are not purchasing from a store. This means when you go to pick up your meat, expect to find a delivery truck in a parking lot. (I know it sounds weird at first, but trust me, I’ve personally ordered many times from Zaycon Fresh and can tell you it’s 100% legit!)

Right now, I’m seeing 40 lb cases of boneless, skinless chicken breast for $1.89/lb. If that sounds like a lot to you, I get it – because you’ve not likely purchased that much chicken at a time from your grocery store! But when you process it, I think you’ll find it’s quite doable. Of course, you could always split an order with a friend, too.

Here’s how 40 lbs of chicken appeared in my freezer after I prepped it for meals during a batch freezer meal prep session last summer (minus the turkey!):


(You might want to read the full post on how I did this if you’re new to freezer meal prep!)

There are other upcoming events for the South Sound region over at Zaycon Fresh, too. And, it’s worth mentioning that they often do sell out, so don’t wait around!