Zaycon Fresh to Close Operations Effective Immediately

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Update, 6/26 9am: I have actually heard from a previous contact from Zaycon. I told her I have hundreds of concerned readers. Here’s what she responded with:

We have a call this morning with legal counsel to discuss what we can share with customers. I will update you as soon as I can following. I’m so sorry for all of this.

To keep things easy, I will simply update this post with more information as I have it. In the meantime, you may wish to pursue getting your money back directly from your bank. To do this, determine the method you used to pay for your product. Then, contact that financial institution and ask to file a dispute. The FTC has more information about this at their website. If you made a payment via PayPal, you can also dispute the charges with them. Please see the information at PayPal for this process.

Update, 6/26 3pm: My contact responded a second time. This time, she told me that after meeting with legal, they’ve decided that they are not prepared to share any more information with customers just yet. I’m certainly disappointed to hear this, but I told her I appreciated her second response and it suggested that more information will be forthcoming. I also said that influencers such as myself are receiving hundreds and thousands of comments from concerned customers – largely in part because Zaycon has shut down social. I felt it was important to impart that bloggers such as myself have taken a fair amount of the initial reaction just because upset readers and customers have nowhere else to turn. I urged her to let the folks at Zaycon know they need to find a way to directly communicate with customers again. I made it clear many are concerned and are out money, and wondering what to do.

On another note, in following a Zaycon group I’m a part of, I’ve heard that some deliveries have still been made today, but it’s at the drivers discretion. If you have an order to pick up and you’ve not received a notice of change or cancellation, I’d certainly encourage you to go – you may still receive your items. I’ve seen other rumors floating around about some of the financial and legal issues, but I would prefer to confirm those before adding to the noise.


I’ve recently heard some rumblings about Zaycon Fresh, particularly about meat orders being delayed significantly… sometimes by months. I noticed that their social updates started slowing. I had this gnawing, gut feeling that the company was be in deep trouble so I’ve paused in sharing sales until I could see what would happen. I’ve just learned that effective today, Zaycon Fresh is closing its doors.

It’s always disappointing to me when something like this happens. I have been promoting Zaycon Fresh from the very beginning. Years ago, a number of bloggers and I received some samples of their meat to review and giveaway. Zaycon grew so fast and so big in part by influencers and word-of-mouth. I loved the model and the prices and it was easy to promote given the scope of this blog.

At this point, all I know is what is stated on the website:

It is with deep regret that we inform you that as of today, June 25th, we are suspending business operations. Zaycon Fresh has put forth monumental efforts to endure recent challenges but conditions are such that this suspension is necessary. Updates will be forthcoming as we are able to provide them. Thank You.

There is no longer a place to log on to see your account information, products – none of that. They have provided the email address [email protected] to direct questions to. From what I can tell, their Facebook page (where they had been fielding tons of questions) has been deleted. I can’t find it.

Again, I truly hate sharing news like this. It’s difficult when the company is one I had such close ties with over the years and referred hundreds of readers to. I sincerely hope that if you’re out money and orders from this company, that they will make it right for you. I will be following this story and will update this post if I learn anything more. Feel free to leave comments and questions on this post if you know more or have additional insight or comments.

Thank you, friends.

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    • Me too. I have either 2 or 3 and was supposed to pick one up this Thursday. Heck, I even received a text from them this morning as a reminder. This is a poor way to do business if you ask me.

    • They are closing due to accusations of securities fraud. The CEO of Citibank had invested in them and he is accusing them of fraudulently misrepresenting the company.

    • I just called my credit card to dispute charges and they took them off. Call the card company, it should be able to be taken care of. I had an order for pick up middle of june that got moved to end of July. I’m not taking any chances. The charge was placed on my card April 22 and was already paid. So they just took the amount of my current bill.

        • Make sure they know it is a pre order. Mine says as long as you can show it was a pre order and you never got your stuff it can still be disputed.

        • This is based upon delivery date not preorder date. Know your consummer rights. You prepaid, you will not receive the goods, the company shut down suddenly, bilking 1000s out of money. Still strongly promoting as of Fri, yet the next business day, they shut down? Sorry-someone knew this was to happen and just kept the monies flowing. Drivers were told that if they delivered, they would not get paid. (per the driver who delivered to my friend) Trucks with food stuffs were told to donate to charity. I’ve read several accounts of drivers selling cases for $25-$40 each. Not ethical in my book. DO RUN to your bank/Paypal/CC and file a dispute immediately and underscore the time line and the future date of pick up.

      • That is absolutely the route I would’ve taken, if I had an outstanding order at this point. I’m glad to hear you got your money back!

    • I picked up my bacon order a week ago. I have a pending order for next month. How disappointing. Praying they make it right.

    • Get a hold of your bank immediately and let them know of any money u have out for orders not received. I just contacted Chase and disputed the charges, I have 3 pending orders over 350.00.
      Don’t wait for the company to pay you, most likely they won’t. Go to ur bank or credit card company. CHASE bank has already had many calls and are taking great care of their customers.

  1. I was just coming here to see if you knew anything about this as I read it on another blog. What the heck?!?! I just picked up an order of their chicken over the weekend, and have 3 (!) other orders already paid $355 for that I was supposed to pick up in the coming months! I am beyond ticked, and while I feel bad for any of their employees, I sure hope they make this right and refund my money.

    • Currently, they can’t do ANYTHING. They aren’t allowed to conduct any business. Get with your bank and dispute the charges.

  2. I sure hope they make it right. We had a lot of paid pending orders from this summer and into the fall) and were about to pick up chicken today. We have four boys to feed and it’s a lot of money to be out if they don’t make it right. We’ve been Zaycon customers for years now.

    • Did you attempt to pick your order up today? Just curious. I’ve heard reports that some deliveries have been made, at the truck drivers’ discretion.

  3. I have 3 pending orders for a total of $291 with Zaycon. I’ve been on the phone with my credit card company starting the dispute process and I’ve e-mailed Zaycon. I’m hoping they’ll make this right.

  4. I also am very upset, I placed my very first order with them in the month of $282.48. I live paycheck to paycheck and losing that money will hurt me terribly. I budget to the penny and paying for this upfront was hard and we had to do without a lot now to it later. I wonder what they are going to do

    • Call your credit card company immediately and dispute the charges, you didn’t receive your order.

      • Exactly. If you paid by credit card, then call or email (if you want the paper trail) then ASAP to report that you never received the promised goods and your credit card company should make it right for you if Zaycon won’t after the credit card company contacts them

    • I just contacted my credit card company. They are refunding my money and going after Zaycon. All I needed was my order number, date ordered, what I ordered, and when it was to be delivered.

      • I’m happy to hear this Karen! Sounds like it wasn’t too difficult to dispute in your scenario.

    • Dispute it. They are prohibited from conducting any business, and this will likely take quite some time. SEC cases aren’t fast.

      • I appreciate you taking the time to comment and emphasize this to other readers & customers, Patrick. I know there’s a lot of folks here willing to wait and wanting the best for Zaycon, but I don’t want to see folks ultimately out of money!

  5. How sad, I was of the winners from that big gove way back in 2010. Crazy!!! Also, we love their products. We were to get a shipment this Friday. I sure hope they are able to rectify this. So many people just out all that money. Yikes. I have faith it will work out one way or another.

  6. I also have pending orders. I can’t help but feel for the employees that worked there also especially when both work there.

  7. I have $170 tied up in an order. I save and budget for things like this to help my family. This is going to be a huge hit to my food budget. I hope they are not dishonest and refuse to refund the money to those who have purchased form them. I’ll be calling my bank in the morning.

    • I understand that most of the customers impacted are very budget-conscience… which makes this so hard. I wish I knew more – I noticed a bit ago that now their website is entirely down. I unfortunately don’t have much faith in this moment that they care to do the right thing. Do call your bank.

    • They aren’t going to refund anything soon, if ever. Contact your bank and dispute the charges.

  8. Gulp. I to have an order pending – not as much as some that have posted. I was growing leary as my order had been changed twice for new dates. Oh my goodness.

  9. They better either deliver meat or money!!! I have three orders pending with them and that is a lot of money!!! I would pray that, with their work along the side of churches and nonprofit organizations, they would be a honest company and even up with their costumers during this time! I am not going to lie- I am pretty ill right now with this news! We have loved Zaycon Fresh for two years now!

  10. I have 5 orders paid and pending, I’m a bit embarrassed to post what all 5 add up to. I wasn’t worried the first time they had changed the last order, my experience with them is the pick up day gets changed a lot. But this last order was changed a second time, but not for just a couple weeks or a few days like the past but for a month and a half. I had tired not to worry about it, I was a little annoyed that they didn’t give us more of a reason for the delay. I hope this works out. I know lots of people who used them. A lot of people are out a lot of money if they don’t refund it to us.

    • I have a double order of chicken that was due for pickup next week. Also turkey and ribs and shrimp and bacon again in the fall. I will be out hundreds of dollars.

    • You would not be the only one with huge money on the line here. I sincerely hope everyone gets their money back. I’m going to do my best to get answers for my readers.

      • Can’t people call their bank and get the money that way? I think it’s called a chargeback – the bank should reverse the charges since the company didn’t deliver on providing the product.
        I’ve read that if you have a pickup and don’t get a text/ message saying it’s canceled you should still show up – they might be there and if they aren’t that’s just more “evidence” to provide to your bank for the chargeback.

        • All wise advice, Martha.

          Yes, at this point, I think the smartest thing to do would be to dispute the charges with your bank or cc – try to get the money back NOW. Don’t sit and wait because we don’t ultimately know what kind of legal mess caused this and how long it may take to sort out.

          I have heard that some deliveries were made yesterday and even today – so absolutely worth showing up.

          • I went to my bank today. They said there’s nothing they can do. They said it’s not fraud because I authorized the transactions & I can’t dispute it because it will be past the 60 days once it’s time for my order pickup…

            • You can dispute the charges, because the 60 days is after the date of delivery. Since Zaycon orders are prepaid and you will not be receiving the merchandise, just provide them with your order number, items ordered, scheduled delivery dates and amount. It’s covered under the credit laws.

  11. I hope someone informs us on how to get our money back . I have 4 orders paid up front and really am sick about this.

    • I will certainly do my best to get a hold of someone. Unfortunately, with the website and phone being down, I’m not sure how receptive they are going to be to communicating with anyone. I will update as I hear more.

  12. Cheap meat, cheap customer service. I’m not surprised, and stopped ordering from them years ago. Now that I switched to quality pastured, nitrate free meat I feel so much healthier and spend wayyyy less on supplements and doctor bills! Love knowing my farmer face to face, if I have any issues my friends make it right ten fold. Cheap costs in the long run, folks. Be it frustration, health, or indebting the environment for the next generations.

  13. I picked up a pork chop order today (3 sets). I also received an email that said I’d be getting a credit. I have a pending order for 3 things of the chicken breasts. I really want that order! But at the least, I’m sure they’ll make it right

  14. I am beyond freaking out. I have $450 in prepaid orders. I bought them with my income tax to help make putting food on the table a little easier. Living paycheck to paycheck things get tight.

  15. Oh my goodness…I have 6 orders paid for now through October. Turkey, breasts, thighs. bacon, ground beef, and shrimp. I can’t imagine the they wouldn’t give me my money back….that would be a disaster…..

    • I had chicken breasts to pick up tomorrow and they sent me a text saying it was canceled and all business was suspended for now. Funny thing is, I just called their office earlier today about the cod delivery next month and the gal never said a word to me about them closing shop.Hoping we will all be reimbursed.

    • Thank you for sharing that information, Bob – can you tell me how you know that to be the case?

  16. I’ve ordered from Zaycon for years. I also have
    an order place for chicken breast. Hopefully they
    will refund us all it’s very sad. Is there a way to
    contact them?

  17. I’m supposed to pick up a double chicken tomorrow. I got my reminder. Then my cancellation. I have 4 more orders paid for. Just want the money back

    • Contact your bank and dispute the charges, I just did with Chase for over 350.00 in orders. They are being sued for Fraud. I doubt they are going to voluntarily return anyone’s money.

  18. I have also paid for 4 orders. I’m extreamly worried about not getting a refund especially for the large amount. I have also tried emailing Zaycon and no resonse. I have contacted the BBB, but many complaints on BBB with issues that Zaycon has made it right in every instance. This is such a sad day but hopefully they make it right I have also got a credit on my account as well since I got overcharged. Prayers are being said for the entire unfortunate news.

  19. I’m curious how many more too good to be true .com’s fold before people realize that the internet has its risks. I’ve gotten multiple counterfeit electronic items from
    Amazon marketed as new by various retailers. All these young people want stuff for cheap cheap and you usually get what you pay for. There’s a reason reputable companies, better service, etc costs more. The first dealing I had with this company I didn’t have a good gut feeling. Should interesting what your bank’s say as nobody ever knew anything about them, where the product was actually sourced, and who even really has your money.

    • They have been around for 9 years, they aren’t new or fly by night. I never had any problems in the 5 years I’ve been dealing with them. I’m very sad, we ate so much better in my house with their products in the freezer, ready to cook. I feel horrible for their employees. I just had a pick up Thursday, I wish I could have said goodbye to our driver, Jim.

      • This is the 1st comment I’ve read that shows selfless consideration of others. I wanted to reply to you before I even finished reading and found that your driver in my dad. Thanks for your kindness and looking past your own loss and and showing concern for those who have lost their jobs. True character is shown in difficult times. You’ve brought me to tears this morning with the reassurance that some will understand.

        • Emily!! I’m so sorry for your dad – and everyone else who found out abruptly they were out of work. This is NONE of their fault. NONE. I’m so sorry this is happening. I truly & sincerely hope the customers showing up to pick up any remaining orders will be kind and compassionate.

        • Emily, please let your father know that many of the customers, including me, feel badly for the Zaycon employees. I loved the products, and all of the people I dealt with from the company were wonderful. Our family will miss doing business with Zaycon, and wish all of the employees the best!

    • Really unhelpful. There are people who are in serious situations, and this was not a fly by night company.. I’ve been ordering from them for almost a decade. Your post is so dismissive and hurtful.

    • I am certainly very cautious when choosing which companies to promote. This is one of the reasons I do take time to do my best to vet businesses. Please understand as others have said that this company had been around for the better part of a decade and nation-wide. They absolutely seemed stable to me.

  20. I’m out 10 orders and over $1000. I’m suppose to pick up 3 of those orders today, 6/26/18. I havent gotten a text or anything. The bad thing is that the bank only goes back 60 days and my orders were made from Feb 11 to April 21. So my bank doesn’t guarantee any of the 10 orders. It’s terrible that as of yesterday, they were still taking orders and doing sales.

  21. I am suppose to pick up an order today. I guess some got cancellation notices, I did not. In fact I got a reminder on Sunday. I’m going to risk the hour drive to see if the truck is there for my order. I’m really hoping they rectify the situation as I see many spent a lot of money. First time buyer with Zaycon and truly very disappointed.

    • Please let me know if you are able to receive your order – I’m pulling for you! 🙂

      • Hi Angela – Our order pickup was late afternoon on June 25th, and we picked it up with no problem.

        I’ve read around the internet that the drivers who had already picked up products were given the option of making the deliveries (without the drivers themselves being paid for making the delivery) or donating the products to charity.

        Our wonderful driver delivered the products he had, and was likely not paid for his time and possibly even used gas he paid for to do it. It’s people like Terry that make situations like [maybe] losing the money I paid for 4 orders that will now not be delivered feel a bit less harsh.

  22. do you know anything about the delivery of pork today in Wrightstown NJ. I got a reminder on Sunday for the delivery today… they have soooo much of my money right now

  23. I tried to log in this morning as we had a pickup for ground beef coming up and I couldn’t remember the day. This is so sad. We’ve loved all the products we’ve purchased from them and our local driver and his wife are just the nicest people. Praying this gets resolved soon with good results for all involved.

  24. I also have 4 chicken cases and 2 cases of ground turkey that I have already paid for and want my money back

  25. Companies often choose their wording carefully. I did not see anything in the release about closing.
    When I read “close operations”, it sounds like you are saying they are shutting everything down and they are gone foerever.

    They are suspending (pausing) business operations. That may lead to closing at some future point, but right now there is hope they will be able to get their act together and resume.

  26. Scheduled event today 6/26/18 at 12:00-12:30 EST locally for 2 order PU. I received event reminder text on Sunday. Nothing since. I will go to site and attempt pickup. I will post back her afterwards.

    • In response to event, The zaycon driver was there today with product for all customer that had an order. He said he found out last night that he was no longer employed and working for free, but he wanted his customers to receive what they paid for. Special driver. He also stated that he was not aware of how anything would work going forward or if any other drivers would in fact make their deliveries as he has. SAD SAD SITUATION.

      • WOW – that driver is a total hero in this situation. I’m so grateful for drivers like him that are going above and beyond in this situation. You’re right – it’s so sad! I am also glad you got your order!

  27. Their message says “suspended”, not “closed” as you said in your post. There’s a difference between the 2 words.

    Luckily I only have 1 outstanding order, but I’m pretty disappointed in the lack of information on their website. Of course people are going to have questions – everyone wants to know how to either get their money back or get the food they’ve already paid for. Since they are suspended, not closed, I hope they will resume soon and provide us with information.

    • Since their close was due to a legal matter, they may not be able to tell us anything. Legal injunctions often come with bag orders as well. Or their legal counsel may be advising them to play their cards close to their chest for strategic reasons. More info will most likely be directly impacted by the legal actions.

    • That’s a fair point, and something I’ve learned over the course of the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, there have been some nagging concerns that have prevented me from promoting them from the past few months. Even if they reorganize, I don’t see myself promoting them further.

    • Contact your bank and dispute the charges, I just did with Chase for over 350.00 in orders. They are being sued for Fraud. I doubt they are going to voluntarily return anyone’s money. Their initial investor who put up 5 million is suing them.

  28. This is what I got from my driver today…

    This is an urgent message from your Zaycon Ambassador, Farley, (XXX XXX XXXX) in case you havent already heard, Zaycon has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. LIKE ME many of our customers have made advance purchases and are concerned about the refunds. I am just as much in the dark as you are about how that works. On that level I share your frustration! It was expressed to me when I hired on 5 years ago, that I am the face of Zaycon, therefore when you are looking for someone to vent to,, please consider this fact,,, you are worried about refunds, while I am out of a job, a carrier! In fact right now Im working for you for free. I could have just gotten on a plane yesterday and gone home, but decided to deliver the food that I have as a “thanks to you” for all the last 5 years. Looking forward to seeing you at the event today,,, but saddened that this will be the last time. Zaycon customers are the greatest people and I will miss you all. Sincerely, Farley.

    • OH this is so very sad. 🙁

      Thank you for sharing.

      PS – for safety and privacy, I’m redacting his phone number from your comment.

  29. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a way to REORGANIZE a business. It is a legal way to get help to start over or at worst to go away but pay as many of the debts as is possible. When a company seeks Chapter 11 “bankruptcy” it is their ONLY choice. They are the same honest and caring people as before but are caught in a really bad situation. When people are in business they have to make really hard decisions sometimes. Sometimes not everyone gets paid but a Judge or a judge appoints another qualified and fair person to oversee the process of getting every bill paid as well as is possible. Sometimes there are people in the company or formerly part of the company that were or are like a computer virus that is well written code that is destroying the host computers. “Bankruptcy” is a way to purge the virus and reboot the computer with a clean start. “Phoenixes” come from the ashes. I have been a customer of Zaycon for about six years. I have been an employee of Zaycon for about four years and have NEVER met anyone that was not honest and true. I have NEVER met anyone that did not love the customers that we served. Zaycon will still have that love as they work things out with the help of the system that this nation has in place for such times. I know that this is not easy for anyone that has been associated with Zaycon, but it will be as fair as the professionals can make it. I still am happy to have worked with ALL of them and you customers. I just have to find some other form of income now.

    • Our driver stayed on to make deliveries (I don’t think he is still getting paid). Some drivers were furious and took their loads to food banks instead of their stops. I don’t really blame them but I’m grateful our driver didn’t.

    • I feel for you and all of the other employees that are now wondering how to support your families. I have loved and used Zaycon years and everyone has been wonderful and supportive. I know what it’s like to be told at the last min with no warning,OK everybody the company is now out of businesses and you all have to leave the building. It’s terrifying and confounding. I hope you are able to recover quickly and thank you for working so hard for all of your customers.

  30. If you have a pickup and received an email, try to pick up. I picked up today and the driver is who informed me of the closing. Some drivers immediately stopped delivering but some were trying to keep customers from losing their money.

  31. Doing research into the names of the co founders, Mike Conrad, Jc Conrad, Adam Kremin, this is not the first trouble they have found themselves in.

    I have used them for years, and I hate this has happened. At the last pickup it wasn’t a Zaycon Truck that delivered, so that raised a flag also…. too bad.. I have disputed with my CC company, and received a credit.

  32. Just today picked up cod from Zacon. Driver stated he only found out yesterday also. Looks as if orders to babe picked up this week ,will be….not sure about further dates though. Sad.

  33. Contact your bank and dispute the charges, I just did with Chase for over 350.00 in orders. They are being sued for Fraud. I doubt they are going to voluntarily return anyone’s money. Their initial investor who put up 5 million is suing them.

  34. Not all banks are refunding, my bank says they will contact them and If they can get the money back from Zaycon they will refund, but if not they will not refund anything. Not happy that the bank can’t even attempt to reverse the charges. I had four orders in for $488 not sure how a company trying to sell stuff on Saturday still shuts down on Tuesday. The fact that they knew they were going out of business but felt it was ok to take money average people needed for food tells it all.

  35. An interesting side note…I filed a dispute with Citibank Visa (Costco), they refunded my money, but noticed that it said “Conditional Dispute Credit”. I contacted them and they said that “a conditional credit is applied for the disputed amount while we work with the merchant to obtain funds originally paid to them. It becomes permanent if we are able to resolve the dispute in your favor. If the dispute is resolved in the merchant’s favor, the conditional credit is reversed.” So, I asked if Citibank can’t get their money back from the company, it will be reversed and I have to repay the money I was refunded? They said that was correct. So, I guess I will be watching the bill closely to see how this is resolved. Luckily, my order was under $40.

  36. My wife called Discover yesterday to dispute 2 chicken orders totaling $140.

    As soon as she said “I need to dispute some charges,” the Discover rep immediately asked “Is this about that Zaycon thing?”

    So, yeah, credit cards are (rightfully so) getting lots of calls, and this illustrates that calling NOW while everything is fresh in everyone’s minds only makes it easier to get a resolution, as we were saved having to give a lengthy explanation of why we were disputing charges.

    In all honesty, I was always uncomfortable with the concept of 100% paying for goods not to be received for months. I completely understand not wanting people to just “sign up” at no cost to receive items, because many would blow off the delivery time and they’ll be stuck with unsold merchandise. Pre-orders that involve making some sort of down payment/deposit, with the remainder to be paid at the point in time when the goods are delivered make a lot more sense, as it gives an incentive to BOTH parties to make sure the transaction completes successfully.

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