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My name is Angela, a stay-at-home mom of two and a freelance writer. I created this blog to show you how to start saving money on your groceries. That being said, I have an important confession to make. I am not an expert on couponing! In fact, just a few months ago I thought people who used a lot of coupons were weird, hard on their luck, or took pleasure holding up the grocery line.

That all changed when a friend clued me in to how she was saving a lot of money by using coupons. My jaw hit the floor as she showed me her receipts! As she began to share with me how to pair up coupons with sales and the world of drugstore rebate programs, I wondered if I could really do this too. After my first shopping trip, I was convinced – and hooked.

What took me by surprise is how much I enjoy using coupons to save money. Those who know me can attest I can hardly shut up about the topic. I’m forever calling and emailing friends and family telling them about the great deal I just found on diapers or makeup. In fact, couponing began taking up enough of my time and energy that my wonderful mom and loving husband prodded me to get a blog up and going so I could share my adventures with others.

So while I’m new to couponing and new to blogging, I decided it would be worth it if I could make a tangible difference in the lives of others. I don’t need to tell you times are hard. But I want to tell you that you CAN start saving money – a lot of money – by using coupons and sales. And you most certainly do NOT have to be an expert. I’m not. I invite you to join me in my coupon project to save money!

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