*FINAL UPDATE* Best Back to School Prices: Comparison of Store Sales

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Find the best back to school supplies prices happening right now - side-by-side store comparison

Wondering what the best prices on school supplies are this week? Wonder no more! Once again, I’ve teamed with bloggers from across the country to provide you with a very handy price round-up tool. This means, at any given week during the next two months (through August 21st- this week!), you can come here and know where to shop to get the best deals on the supplies on your kids’ lists!

I am excited to be teaming up for this effort in 2016 as I did not in 2015 and sorely missed giving you deals in this format.

Updated: for the week of 8/21 – 8/27. Please note that this is the FINAL UPDATE for this post.

Here’s how it works:

      • You have a few options for accessing the comparison list: 1) Head to this Google Doc (8/21), 2) download this week’s 2016 Back-to-School Price Comparison Chart – 8_21 School Supply Deals (8/21), or 3) just use the embedded list down this post.
      • You’ll see an extensive list of school supplies running down the document (scissors, pens, backpacks, calculators, notebooks and much more). You’ll then see a side-by-side comparison of the advertised deals happening in the stores this week.
      • Stores we’re tallying deals for this year include: CVS, Dollar General, Office Depot/Office Max, Rite Aid, Staples, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. (Note: I also cover Fred Meyer on my weekly matchups, but as this is a regional store, it’s not included in the comparison list above.)
      • Green highlighting indicates this is the lowest price this week for that item. When dealing with multi-pack items, highlights are the lowest per unit price (even if it means spending more money).
      • You’ll also note that the Doc has a “Lowest price of the 2016 season so far” to give you an idea of the lowest price we’ll likely see all season for that item. If you’re trying to time an item for the absolute best price, this may be a helpful indicator.
      • Some of the items on the list may indicate there is a coupon or rebate involved to obtain that price. For the details, scroll down to the related blog post for that store that week to get the full scoop.

Need more guidance?

I’ve written about identifying good stock up prices as well as general tips and tricks for back to school shopping (I will be updating this post this week). You might also wish to check out my Back to School Central page.

Check out These Blogs!

Here are the bloggers participating in the 2016 compilation. Make sure to check out their sites:

Pocket Your Dollars – Walmart (plus, oversight of this project)

Couponing for 4 – CVS

Fabulessly Frugal – Walgreens

Mashup Mom – Staples

Frugal Minded Mom – Rite Aid

STL Mommy – Office Depot/Office Max

Grocery Shop for Free – Dollar General

3 thoughts on “*FINAL UPDATE* Best Back to School Prices: Comparison of Store Sales”

  1. I know there is a high form getting good deals on school supplies, and I know not every one has kids. How about a contest, people spend no more than $20, and collect the most amount of school supplies they can. The one with the most, or the most value verses money spent wins. People enter by taking a picture of items, and receipts. ALL ITEMS PURCHASED TO BE DONATED TO A SCHOOL OF YOUR CHOICE. The idea being all those entering contest are donating 20 dollars of supplies to a local school. The challenge, to get the best deal. I have not idea what the price would be. Or maybe the donation with the picture verifying would be an entry, and you could pick from those who enter. The goal being fun saving… supplies in the hands of the schools. Kristi

  2. thnks for the comparison list. Ive been looking for someone to do this. Its wonderful. thanks

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