12 Best Indoor Slides for Kids (and Toddlers)

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Kids are amazing, aren’t they? I’m amazed when I see a child running full speed to get from here to there. I can’t remember ever having that much energy.

It can be tricky to find ways for your kids to burn off all that energy, especially when you need to be indoors. Perhaps the weather doesn’t allow you to go outside, whether it’s too cold, too hot, raining, or snowing.

Maybe you just need a way to occupy the children while you work. Or perhaps your rambunctious toddler needs something to do inside during a baby brother or sister’s nap.

Having one of the best indoor slides for kids in your home is a great solution to these problems!

Top Indoor Slides for Kids

We’ve compiled a list of the best indoor slides for kids, no matter your budget or space constraints. There’s plenty of variety in this list of highly-rated options for your little ones.

It is also worth noting, while these are all great options for indoors, many of these can be used outside as well.

1. Little Tikes First Slide

When you think of a slide for kids, the Little Tikes First Slide is probably the first one that pops into your mind…and for good reason!

It’s a classic, simple design that has held up for many years and continues to be popular today.

It’s also extremely budget-friendly and is typically priced around $30-$35.

This plastic slide comes in bright colors. Your little one can climb the two small steps to pop up to the top, then use the handrails for balance before sliding down.

Assembly is very simple as it comes in just two parts that snap together. The handrails snap into place, as well.

Since it’s plastic, you can use it outdoors as well as indoors, but be sure to rinse it off and let it dry before bringing it back inside!

If you’re short on space, you’ll also like this slide as it disassembles easily – no tools needed! – so you can stash it in an out-of-the-way spot when not in use.

The age recommendation is 18 months – 6 years, but due to its short height (39”) and simplicity, this slide is more appealing to the younger end of that range. It has a weight limit of 60 lbs.

2. Costzon 4-in-1 Climber and Swing Set

With the Costzon 4-in-1 Climber and Swing Set, you’re bringing the playground inside your home!

While it’s more expensive (typically priced over $200) than some of the other options on this list, there’s a lot on it to keep your kids occupied.

First, there’s the slide itself with three steps to get to the top. Each step is built with grooves to help your child stay upright and not slip off.

The slide also features three zones so that your child won’t just zoom right off at the bottom.

Next, the set includes a bucket swing with a wide seat and T-shaped safety protection.

Also, kiddos can practice shooting hoops in the attached basketball hoop (which is removable) and develop hand-eye coordination with the cute elephant ring toss game.

With all the different activities available and the larger weight limit (66 – 110 lbs.), it’s a great option for families with multiple kiddos or for playdates.

The manufacturer recommended age is 24 months – 8 years, so it’s not for babies, but it will grow with your child. You can use it indoors or outdoors.

Reviewers state that it is very easy to assemble, but it’s obviously a little bigger so you’ll need to have a larger area in your home in which to keep it. It also doesn’t really pack up for simple storage.

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3. Jupiduu Kids Slide

Want a slide that will also blend in with your home décor? The Jupiduu Kids Slide is a simple white wooden slide that will fit in nicely.

Just be prepared to pay a bit more as the price hovers around $300. But hey, Prince George and the Kardashians use it, so you’re in good company!

The design is extremely simple and no-frills: just a white ladder with handrails leading up to a quick slide down. It’s intended for kiddos ages 18 months – 4 years and has a weight limit of 110 lbs.

It’s relatively short at just 17” tall with a slide length of 27”. Even the visible screw heads are painted for a pleasing aesthetic appearance. But since it’s made of all wood, you probably won’t want to take it outside.

4. Lazy Buddy Kids Slide

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The Lazy Buddy Kids Slide has a unique look and safety features that make it worth a second glance. It’s priced around $110-$115.

First off, it’s got a panda design – and who doesn’t love pandas?! The panda’s ears act as the handles for the slide. Besides the slide, there’s an attached basketball hoop (with a ball included) for additional play.

Your child could even use the area under the stairs as a little hideaway with windows.

The three steps have an anti-skid pattern, and the reinforced screws give extra stability and a nice look.

Keep in mind that this slide is a little larger – it’s 31” inches high at the very top and over 5 feet long, so you will need to have a dedicated space in your playroom for it.

However, the length is very beneficial as it offers a more gradual “buffer” zone at the end so your little one doesn’t just drop off onto the floor.

The slide has a weight capacity of 120 lbs. and an age recommendation of 12 months and up.

5. Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide

The Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide is so cute! It features a slide on the back as well as a bus that your little one can pretend to drive.

It’s priced around $120 but has some extra features that add value. It really does look like a little bus, with a steering wheel that moves, a little horn, and levers to push and pull.

And don’t worry – the wheels look real from the outside, but they don’t move.

Truth be told, the slide on this toy almost seems like an afterthought. You climb up the side of the bus with the one-step ladder, then slide down the back.

And you’ll probably want to have a mat at the bottom for extra padding.

The bus is even musical! The steering wheel plays “Wheels on the Bus” and makes sounds when you honk the horn.

However, note that there’s no “off” switch for the music, so you’ll need to remove the batteries if you don’t want the sound option anymore.

You can take this toy both inside and outside. The slide measures 18” high and looks like it would appeal to toddlers with a recommended age of 12 months – 4 years.

6. Eezy Peezy 3-in-1 Jungle Gym Playset

The Eezy Peezy 3-in-1 Jungle Gym Playset includes a slide, but also a ball pit and a ball toss target! This looks like so much fun for little ones. It’s priced around $145.

The manufacturer recommendation is for kiddos ages 1-3 years with a maximum weight load of 150 lbs. With the ball pit, stairs, and slide, multiple kids could play on it quite easily.

I like that the stairs to climb up to the top are large and wide, good for older babies and toddlers who are learning to climb up steps. The whole playset is very colorful with plastic pipes.

But the big draw is probably the ball pit. What kid doesn’t love a ball pit?! The playset comes with 50 balls and a net for storing, but you will need to purchase additional balls if you really want to fill the ball pit.

The playset measures a little over 5’ long and is larger than it looks in the pictures. Reviewers said setup can take a while, but once it’s up, it’s worth it!

7. ECR4Kids SoftZone Little Me Climb and Slide

The ECR4Kids SoftZone Little Me Climb and Slide may not look like much of a slide at first glance. But it’s the perfect toy for the littlest climbers and sliders with a recommended age of 6 months – 2 years.

Priced around $75, this climber and slide is great for infants and toddlers. It features two wide steps and a gentle slide that will keep your tots occupied and active.

The pieces are made of a dense foam structure but are also lightweight and easy to tuck away. The non-slip bottom helps keep the pieces in place, and a hook-and-loop attach keeps the stairs piece connected to the slide piece.

Another reason it’s great for little ones is that it’s very easy to clean – just wipe down with mild soap and water. It also doesn’t take up a ton of room – it measures 40” L x 20” W x 10” H.

As your child grows, you can choose to add other ECR4Kids foam blocks to make the experience even more challenging and interesting.

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8. Little Tikes Jr. Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

I live in Minnesota, which means that there’s snow on the ground at least three months out of the year (and it’s cold another three months beyond that).

This means that parents often come up with a drastic measure to keep their kids occupied: an inflatable bouncer.

The Little Tikes Jr. Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer is priced around $200 and features a bouncer with three mesh sides and an extra-wide slide on the fourth, open side.

This means that kiddos can climb up, bounce around, and slide down at will.

The total inflated size is approximately 10’ x 7’ x 5’, so it’s great for an open basement space or for taking outside, weather permitting.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need an additional six feet beyond the inflated size for the pump and air hose (included).

Reviewers state that the bouncer inflates in less than 30 seconds so your kiddos will be up bouncing and sliding in no time. The air pump obviously runs continuously while operating and is kind of loud.

The manufacturer’s recommendation is for ages 2 – 8 years with a maximum weight of 160 lbs. Once your kids get older, Little Tikes has larger versions of this bouncer available.

9. Costzon 2-in-1 Natural Climbing Triangle Ladder

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I know the Costzon 2-in-1 Natural Climbing Triangle Ladder looks a little different from the other slides in this list, but it’s actually a very common toy in the Montessori and Waldorf world known as a Pikler Triangle.

The Pikler Triangle was developed by a Hungarian pediatrician, Emmi Pikler, who believed that kids should be able to climb and explore on their own terms.

It may look a little scary at first, but your children will figure out their own limitations as they play on it.

This climbing triangle is priced around $220 (very common for climbing triangles) and is suitable for kids ages 6 months to 6 years.

It features an adjustable height ladder with a side that flips from a slide to a climbing ramp.

I know the design looks very simple, but it truly will occupy your kids for hours as they learn their boundaries on their own time.

Choose from natural wood colors or a colorful rainbow option (also made of wood). It features a foldable design so you can pack it away as needed.

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10. WowWee Pop2Play Indoor Slide

This option has got to be the most space-saving solution on this list: the WowWee Pop2Play Indoor Slide is priced around $30 and is made of cardboard!

Yes, it’s made of cardboard, but this cardboard is much stronger than traditional cardboard with patented technology that allows for unique folding methods to reinforce the structure.

As a result, this slide can support up to 50 lbs. and is perfect for kiddos ages 2 – 5.

It folds up from flat to 24” and can assemble in under 5 minutes. Once your child is done, just pack it away and store it behind or under a couch, in a closet, or wherever you can tuck it out of the way.

You won’t want to take it outside, and it probably won’t last as long as some of the other options on this list, but for those who don’t have a lot of space, time, or money, this nifty little slide can work nicely.

11. Simplay3 Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Activity Climber

The Simplay3 Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Activity Climber is a great option for play both inside and outside. It’s priced around $150 and works well for toddlers.

If the weather’s nice, bring it outside and let the kids climb and slide to their heart’s content. Once they’re done, you can fold up the sides and bring it inside as it fits through standard doorways.

The climber features climbing steps, a two-rung ladder, a slide, and a steering wheel. There’s also crawl space underneath so your little one can play peek-a-boo to their heart’s content.

Keep in mind that the space at the top of the steps (before going down the slide) isn’t terribly big, so it’s probably best for toddlers.

If you like this climber and slide and want to add to the collection, you can connect it to other Young Explorers playsets for more fun.

12. Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

OK, so this isn’t a slide that you can go down on your own, but it is still one of the best slides for kids. The Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster is priced around $120.

This slide operates like a roller coaster with over 9 feet of up and down riding track. Your child will climb up the wide, non-slip stairs, then hop on the coaster car on top of the platform.

Once your child feels ready, they can just push off and go! The coaster car sits in recessed wells for stability and includes molded-in footrests, and a handrail, and a high back for a secure ride.

This coaster neatly packs up for convenient and compact storage. Assembly is just connecting the four pieces of the track like puzzle pieces.

Take this roller coaster outside or inside, depending on the weather and your situation. It’s great for kiddos ages 24 months – 5 years.


Having an indoor slide for your children or grandchildren is a great way to help them use their little bodies and burn off some energy inside when they can’t go outside.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, no-frills option or one that looks more like a little indoor playground, we hope this list of the best indoor slides for kids was helpful to you as you figure out which one to get for your space.

12 best indoor slides for kids