How to Make Make-Ahead Freezer Smoothies

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My son loves those Jamba Juice and Yoplait frozen smoothie mixes you can buy in the frozen section. However, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a screaming deal for those, so I decided, “hey – why not make my own?”

I once saw a great tip for prepping freezer smoothies in a magazine using ice cube trays to freeze yogurt! I decided to put my own spin on this idea.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Yogurt (I used a 32 tub to save on cost)
  • Frozen or Fresh Fruit
  • Bananas
  • Freezer Bags
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Orange Juice, Milk, or Non-Dairy Milk

Here’s a tip for saving on smoothie bananas: look for baker’s bananas! They are usually substantially cheaper than their under-ripe counterparts and make for sweeter tasting smoothies anyhow. I found a table of marked-down bananas towards the back of my store. If you can’t find them, just ask someone in produce if they have any!

Pour your yogurt into ice cube trays (such as these, Amazon) to freeze. I chose Vanilla Mountain High Yogurt since it just so happened to be on sale – and had a peelie coupon!

Want to make this non-dairy? There are so many wonderful non-dairy yogurts you can choose from! A few of my favorites include So Delicious and Silk. Here too – look to see if you can’t find some on markdown since it’s going straight into the freezer.

Into each freezer bag, you are going to place 1/2 cup fruit (fresh or frozen) and 1/2 banana:

I made two varieties: strawberry banana and tropical fruit banana (basically mangos and pineapples). I opted for frozen fruit, but you could really be creative depending on what you find on sale! Some other ideas I thought of:

  • Raspberry & blackberry
  • Peaches
  • Cherry
  • Kiwi & strawberry
  • Pineapple & shredded coconut (one pineapple should yield quite a few servings)

After your yogurt cubes are frozen, you’ll add about 5 to each baggie.

And that is it folks!

When you are ready to make your smoothie, you will empty the contents of one bag into your blender along with 1 cup of the juice/milk/nut milk beverage of your choice.

I should also add that you could add in a mix-in at this point or two if you wish. I personally love adding chia and flax seeds into my smoothies, and I’ve found a handful of spinach is easily disguised in a smoothie (you can also disguise its color by mixing it with vibrantly-colored berries). You could also experiment with a scoop of nut butter, raw cocoa powder, or a little coconut oil in a tropical-based smoothie, depending on how adventurous your family’s tastes are!

One bag made one good-sized serving – perhaps 12 ounces or so. I gave it to my son, who proceeded to guzzle it down. “Mama, this is so good I can’t stop drinking it,” he said.

I know some of you are likely curious about the cost breakdown, so I thought I’d provide that for you.

  • Yogurt = $1.99
  • Frozen Fruit = $5
  • Bananas = $0.60
  • Orange Juice = $1.25 (enough for 8 servings)
  • Total Cost = $8.84
    8 Bags Made (8 servings) = $1.11 per serving!

While I consider this a deal for smoothie making, the cost could be reduced further depending on the cost of fruit. For instance, I could’ve opted to use up all my frozen blackberries (which were FREE), in which case the serving cost would end up being $0.48 each. (I’m opting to save them for our green smoothies instead.)

Of course, I don’t have to tell you that another advantage to making a recipe like this is that you get to control the ingredients. You can opt for garden-grown produce, organic fruits, or no-sugar added juices. Besides that, there’s something so satisfying in providing your family with food you’ve prepped yourself like this, isn’t there?

Drink up!

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    • Target has a small Ninja for $19 … It has a super sharp dual blade chopper & it holds up to 20oz. They come in several colors – mine is lime green ;). I use this appliance for EVERYTHING!!! Smoothies, Salsa, veggie prep, home made hummus, I put whole grain oats in it w flax seed and make flour for baking and pizza crusts , I could go on and on – but this is the one item in my home that gets used every day – multiple times. It is even convenient enough that I carry it w me to work some days .. it is awesome!!

  1. w00t w00t, had no idea yogurt was freezable. Just did this today, after buying the only Plain Yogurt the market had, and of course it was the Large size. The yogurt was for chicken salad, leftovers for smoothies!! Thanks Angela. You rock.

  2. I add cooked carrot (or canned, but it’s got added salt) into any smoothie with orange juice- I can’t tell it’s there, and neither can my toddler! Cooked and cooled oatmeal is good in any milk smoothie (again, toddler-proof). 🙂

  3. I love, love, love this idea! Being a stay at home mom and culinary student, this is a genius, sneaky way to get veggies in your kids, get-them-out-of-the-door breakfast that’s nutritious, delicious, and healthy! I am so doing this next week! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I do this all the time for my son! I found it cheaper then baby food in the jars(My son is only not quite 9 months)….and I’ll admit, I always add extra for me…haha…cause it’s SO good! I just make it a tad thicker for him then a smoothie texture though.
    Altho I don’t freeze the yogurt…I blend as I need,with yogurt outta the fridge, one of those tubs that I pay $2-3 for(sometimes cheaper if on sale), never lasts long enough in my house to go bad…not when my son gets fruit every day at lunch.
    Never thought of disquising the spinach in it tho!! My son is one I have to convince to eat the veggie mixes I make…so ya, gonna try that…see if I can get the green vitamins and such into him, without him bawking it by hiding it in his fruit, that he gobbles down.

  5. I like your helpful posts, especially the DIY dried fruit (no more buying banana chips!) I am a sucker for smoothies which I make at home but I never thought to prep them like this. Thanks for sharing!

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