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10 National Chicken Wing Deals and Freebies

Did you know that the United States consumes almost 300 chicken wings per person per year? And that the chicken wing, as we know them and love them, did not come about until 1964? 

They were initially served as a late night snack in order to satiate several college students at a local bar& some things never change, huh? 

Oh, and can you take a wild guess as to where this culinary revolution began? Yep, you guessed it: Buffalo, New York.

This July 29th, we can all thank Mayor Stan Makowski, mayor of the city of Buffalo, New York who proclaimed it Chicken Wing Day in 1977. 

Perfect timing to kick off the upcoming sport seasons, with baseball approaching the postseason, football only a couple weeks away, and both basketball and hockey not far after that. 

So start whetting your appetite and make some room for chicken wings this year! Get some practice so you are fully prepared once the sports season rolls around. 

Top National Chicken Wing Deals

Thankfully, there are plenty of National Chicken Wing Deal and Freebies to look forward to! Listed below will be the most up to date information or a recap of their 2022 promotion. 

Be sure to check with each individual website for their official policies and promotions for 2023 as they might change. 

Also remember to confirm with your nearby establishment to ensure that they are a participating location.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

You just know that going to Buffalo Wild Wings on National Chicken Wing Day is like waking up in a toy store on Christmas morning!

When you dine in at participating Buffalo Wild Wings locations, you can get a free order of 6 chicken wings (boneless or traditional) when you make a purchase of at least ten dollars.

Also, they are giving their loyalty rewards members (Blazin’ Rewards) a chance to win free chicken wings for an entire year. 

Simply download the smartphone application prior to July 29th and then check-in while you are eating at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant to automatically be entered to win. 

This was their promotional offer for 2022, so keep your fingers crossed that they bring this back for 2023, because if they do, you know where you can find us on July 29th! 

2. Hooters

Another chicken wing classic! Their Nearly World Famous chicken wings, as Hooters dubs them, are an absolute must have. 

They offer so many signature sauces and rubs that you can practically go once a week for a year and enjoy a unique combination every single time. 

In other words, if there is a participating Hooters location near you on July 29th, you better mark your calendar and head in for an epic lunch. 

With the purchase of 10 chicken wings, you will get a free order of 10 boneless chicken wings. So grab a friend and head in! You won’t regret it!

3. Wingstop

If there is a Wingstop close by to you, then you definitely need to make it a priority to pop in for National Chicken Wing Day! 

According to their website, they are not in the wing business, but they are in the flavor business. Each visit to Wingstop is more than a meal. It is a flavor experience. 

Regardless of what their business is, they have a great deal for July 29th! And we all know that their promotion is going to be wing-ful and flavorful. 

Their freebie deal is available for either dine-in or carryout. Simply order via their app or online and use the code FREEWINGS and receive five free traditional or boneless chicken wings. 

If you prefer delivery, you can still use the promotional code, however there will be a minimum ten dollar order for the free wings to apply.  Free wings and free flavor. Doesn’t get much better than that.

4. Zaxby’s

For a real zinger of a deal, head over to Zaxby’s on July 29 for some BOGO goodness.

If there is a restaurant close to you, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

For National Chicken Wing Day in 2022, they offered the opportunity to purchase one boneless chicken wing meal through their website or smartphone application and get a second one for free! 

Don’t forget to add some of their Zax sauce, which is so incredibly delicious that not even their Executive Chef knows the complete recipe. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they bring back this deal for 2023.

5. 7-Eleven 

7-Eleven is going to have a monster deal for 7-29! 

And since 7-Eleven has more stores than any other retailer in the world, you know there is going to be a location close and convenient to you. 

The only caveat for this promotional offer on National Chicken Wing Day is that it is only available to their loyalty rewards program members. 

So download their application immediately and sign up for their 7Rewards club to participate in this deal. That’s all you have to do to qualify!

Last year, 7-Eleven celebrated National Chicken Wing Day on July 29th and on the 30th as well. They offered members ten classic chicken wings for only $10. At literally just one dollar per wing, that is some significant savings!

6. Duffy’s Sports Grill

If you are in the Florida area, then you definitely need to visit Duffy’s Sports Grill for a fantastic meal option on National Chicken Wing Day! 

On July 29th, you can get five of their tremendous Jumbo wings for just $8.99. Or if you prefer the boneless chicken wing options, you can substitute it out for no change in price. 

The offer is available for dine-in only and only between the hours of 11 AM and 4 PM, so you need to act fast! 

7. Miller’s Ale House

There are over one hundred Miller’s Ale House locations in ten states, so hopefully there is one close by to you! 

They pride themselves on being a sports-themed casual dining restaurant and boast over sixty televisions within their establishment. 

They have yet to announce anything official for National Chicken Wing Day 2023, but last year, their promotional offer was a doozy! 

Their classic breaded chicken wings, Zingers, are available for dine-in only at almost a fifty percent discount. Ordinarily priced at $13.99, you can buy them for the whole week at just $7.29 (in honor of July 29& get it?). 

Just be mindful that this deal is only available to members of their Raving Fans rewards club. So make sure that you sign up before heading over to celebrate!

8. Fazoli’s

We’re gonna be honest with you, we did not expect this name to be on the list, but we are excited about it!

Fazoli’s is a fast casual restaurant specializing in Italian-American cuisine. Not exactly your first thought when you think of chicken wings. But they do offer an order of 5 traditional and boneless chicken wings as an appetizer. 

In an effort to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, Fazoli’s is offering a weeklong promotion to get five free wings of your choice when you enter the code WINGDAY on their smartphone app. 

There is a limit of one free order of wings per person and it is only available via the application, so make sure to download it and plan accordingly!

9. It’s Just Wings

It’s Just Wings is a virtual concept restaurant that does not have a physical storefront location. 

Instead, this ghost kitchen is available for pick up or delivery only where all the mobile orders are fulfilled by Chili’s. Both of these companies share the same parent company, Brinker International. 

The purely digital presence of It’s Just Wings generated sales at a rate of approximately 150 millions dollars per year. And they are looking to bump those sales a bit by commemorating National Chicken Wing Day on July 29th. 

In 2022 they offered an order of eleven chicken wings and fries for free when you order via DoorDash or Uber Eats using promo code WINGDAY22 at checkout. 

Definitely check back to see if this deal is available for 2023, because it is an absolute steal!

10. Wings Over

With about forty locations based in the northeast, Wings Over is a terrific restaurant to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day if it is in your area.

Their promotion is a little bit different than the others, but it still gets the job done! Simply order any size wings online or via their app and receive 2 free chicken tenders with promo code WINGDAY22. 

Easy as pie! & or, well, easy as wings? This was their promotional deal for 2022, so hopefully they bring it back this year!


National Chicken Wing Day deals are usually insane so if you’re a chicken wing lover, you’re going to want to plan accordingly! 

And don’t forget to check to see if these participating restaurant us an app. Many places today offer free food with their app.

If you plan your day well enough, you may even be able to stop at multiple locations for lunch and dinner and enjoy a fun tour-like dinner for cheap! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate!

10 national chicken wing day deals & freebies

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