10 Places to Buy Canvas Prints For Less

If you’re an art lover, you might really like the idea of having walls covered with beautiful canvas prints and other types of wall art.

I have a friend who has a beautiful canvas painting hanging in her guest room. Every time I walk into that room, I can’t help but be drawn in by that painting.  

It’s colorful, bright and cheery. And I want it. However, quality art paintings and prints are expensive!

Unless you’re living with a budget that allows for hundreds of dollars a month in discretionary income, you might not be able to justify spending tons of money on an art collection.

Luckily, there are ways you can buy canvas prints without spending a fortune.

Where to Buy Cheap Canvas Prints

As I mentioned above, one of the potential problems with canvas prints is that they can be super expensive.

It’s not unusual to find canvas prints that cost hundreds of dollars apiece.

Here’s a list of several websites that sell canvas prints for much cheaper than you might think. There are two types of canvas prints you can get for your home:

  • Pre-made canvas prints of various art scenes
  • Canvas prints of photos you upload from home (DIY canvas prints)

As I talk about each website that sells canvas prints, I’ll share whether they have pre-designed prints, DIY canvas prints, or both.

And I’ll try and share as much as I can about what each company charges for shipping, etc. as well.

Here are some of the best websites to buy cheap canvas prints.

1. Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints home page

Easy Canvas Prints makes it easy to create your personalized cheap canvas print. You start by uploading your photo. From there, you can select the size you want, the border you want and more.

Easy Canvas Prints offers sizes from 8×8 all the way up to 30×40. Or, you can ask for a custom size and get an immediate quote on the website.

After you upload the photo you want printed on canvas, they’ll show you what it will look like.

You give your approval when you’re happy with the results, and Easy Canvas Prints gets to work.

Pricing for 8×8 prints here start out as little as $11.15, and include your choice of wall mount or wall hanging system.

And if you look, you might be able to find coupon codes on the site or on deals on Groupon for even cheaper prints.

Another great feature: you can get your finished canvas print in as little as two days.

2. Canvas on the Cheap

Canvas on the Cheap home page

Canvas on the Cheap specializes in DIY canvas prints. You upload your favorite high-quality photo, they make it into a canvas print of varying sizes.

You can choose from small to large sizes, such as:

  • 8×8
  • 12×12
  • 11×14
  • 16×20
  • 18×24
  • 24×36
  • 30×40

As you can see, the size selection can fit any décor style. After you upload the photo, you can view it in any of the various canvas sizes.

You can also tilt the picture in various ways so you can see how the edges of the print will look. This is a nice feature of the site that I found really helpful.

The prices are super affordable too, starting as low as $9.07 for an 8×8 print. Bonus: you can also include extras such as framing, a wall mount or a wall hanging system.

You can request higher quality wrapping for extra protection as well. Shipping with the company will vary based on the size of the photo you choose to order.

When I designed an 11×14 photo, it cost $16.17 for the photo and $14.08 for standard shipping. You can also choose to expedite shipping as well, but it will cost you more money.

I’ve actually ordered from this company personally. I chose a nice photo of my four kids to have converted into a 16×20 canvas print.

The company did a great job, and the print came quickly: within 10 days.

Note: My print came in a sturdy box that helped ensure it was free from shipping damage. I’ve got the print hanging on a wall in my living room, and I get regular compliments on it. People are always shocked when I tell them how cheap the print was to get done.

3. Paint Your Life

Paint Your Life home page

Paint Your Life works on a fascinating premise: You choose the artist and the medium you want to have your canvas painting created on.

The artist you choose fulfills the order in as little as 13 days.

In addition, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. The process of getting your picture turned into a painted canvas portrait is easy.

You start choosing the medium you want the painting created in:

  • oil
  • acrylic
  • charcoal
  • watercolor
  • pastel
  • pencil

You can choose the artist for whom you want to create your portrait. The site has bios for each artist you can browse.

Next, you upload your photo and add any instructions for the artist.

You can have them remove items, combine photos, or make other changes. The artist uses your instructions to create a digitally enhanced photo.

Once you’ve approved the enhanced photo, they create it in the medium you selected.

You’ll get updates along the way, and you can request as many revisions as you like. Your artist will keep working until you’re happy with the finished product.

Note that you do have to put 20% down to start.

4. Redbubble

Redbubble home page

Have you ever heard of Redbubble? Redbubble is another site where artists are encouraged to upload their art.

Redbubble then does the work of turning the custom art into products for sale.

Many of the artists will turn their artwork into t-shirts, pillows, mugs – and yes, canvas prints.

The prices here are more expensive than you’d find at Canvas on the Cheap. However, they’re still pretty affordable.

I found 12×8 prints for sale starting in the $48 range. You’ll pay shipping and handling too of course, depending on the size and weight of what you order.

Bonus: hanging hardware is included with most canvas print orders.

This is a great place to shop for canvas prints if you’re craving originality and/or quirkiness in your home décor.

5. Canvas People

Canvas People home page

The team at Canvas People offers museum-quality photo canvas prints. So far, they’ve sold over 1.4 million prints worldwide.

Canvas prints here are more expensive than some of the other places we’ve mentioned.

However, the company says the museum quality of the prints makes them worth the price.

In addition to quality canvas prints, Canvas People offers photo enhancement options too.

You can get your prints done in a Sepia enhancement, black and white, or another option.

Bonus: When I checked the website for this article, they were offering a 25% discount and free shipping!

Canvas People promises speedy delivery too – a great benefit when ordering a last-minute gift.

6. Art.com

Art.com home page

Art.com sells various artwork, and they’ll do DIY canvas prints as well. You can choose from framed canvas, unframed canvas, or canvas sets.

Canvas sets are sets of two or more prints that make up one large picture or a group of similar/coordinating pictures.

You can choose from a variety of pre-designed prints. They had lots of Impressionism and watercolor prints, prints made from photos, and other art styles as well.

The prices here were quite a bit higher than Canvas on the Cheap.

For instance, a 10×8 DIY canvas print started at a sale price of around $28. Most pre-designed prints started at around $50.

Shipping and handling charges vary depending on the print type you are ordering and how quickly you want to receive it.

7. DeviantArt

Deviant Art home page

DeviantArt is a site where budding artists can showcase and sell their artwork.

If you’re an artist, you can upload and showcase your artwork just for fun or for the exposure. Or, you can choose to sell your art to discerning customers.

What does this mean for the art aficionado who wants a collection of thought-provoking art? Simply that this is a great site for finding super original canvas prints.

You can purchase prints in photo form, as a print or as a canvas print. Prices will vary, but I found most artists’ prices to be very reasonable.

I found several 12×18 canvas prints selling in the $35-$50 range. DeviantArt doesn’t sell the DIY prints where you can upload your own photo and convert it into a canvas print.

However, they do have an expansive, unique selection of art that you won’t find on other art websites. If you purchase one of these prints for your home or office, there’s little chance you’ll see it hanging elsewhere.

Because you’re shopping from individual, largely unknown artists you get a large selection of hidden canvas printed gems.

Bonus: you get to support up-and-coming artists working to turn their craft into an income.

8. Minted

Minted home page

Minted is a site that sells a fun combination of stationery, wedding invitations and home décor, including canvas prints.

They do have a large selection of ideas for turning your personalized photos into framed or other creations.

Minted doesn’t appear to sell DIY canvas prints, but they do have pre-designed canvas prints. The selection of canvas prints they offer is enticing, and the prices are affordable as well.

You can get many 5×7 pre-designed canvas prints starting at around $25. For an additional cost, you can choose to have your print framed as well.

When I checked the website’s shipping page, it said that all unframed art ships for starting at $3.95.

However, you might find higher shipping charges based on the item you buy and on the delivery options you choose.

9. Etsy

Etsy home page

Etsy, the famous DIY artists’ website, sells canvas prints as well. I found many options for pre-designed canvas prints on the site.

From movie scenes to landscape scenes, they had an expansive collection of canvas prints.

You can also find Etsy artists to turn your photograph into a custom canvas print.

I did find other fun options too, such as an artist who would take your favorite photo and paint it on canvas.

I also found a few artists that will take your favorite saying and print it on canvas.

All of these options were available in varying sizes. The prices varied too, depending on the artist.

Obviously, the hand-painted photo canvases were a bit on the pricey side, as would be expected for a custom painting.

The pre-designed canvas prints and the custom saying canvases were mostly very reasonably priced.

There’s a lot to choose from on Etsy and a lot of original canvases you won’t find at your local big box store.

As far as shipping and handling goes, you’ll pay whatever the artist determines on their site. Most artists try to be fair when charging shipping and handling prices.

Etsy might be a good place to look if you’ve ever considered investing in art. You never know when a little-known Etsy artist will make it big.

10. Society 6

Society home page

Society 6 works kind of like Redbubble in that they help budding artists sell their works. You can buy artist designs on various products such as tapestries, comforters, phone cases, and, yes, canvas prints.

The designs I found on Society 6 were fun. This site offered photos as well as prints made from paintings.

This site’s prices were a bit higher: most canvas prints started in the $85 range. However, this is not a bad price when discussing unique and original art.

Many of the artists they feature on this site have a flair for the unusual. For example, one artist sold canvas prints of famous actors’ heads on the bodies of famous historical characters.

Think Bill Murray’s head on the body of a famous revolutionary figure. As with other similar sites, if you’re looking for unique canvas prints, this could be a great site to check out.

Shipping and handling prices vary depending on your order.


So, there you have it. Eight different sites where you can get cheap canvas prints.

Being that many sites charge $200, $300, $500, or more for canvas prints, I think we found a pretty good selection of sites that sell canvas prints at a much more affordable price.

Luckily, we’re not just talking about the run-of-the-mill big box prints either. Many of the options here feature fun and unique pictures that would fit just about any decorating style.

And you can’t go wrong with the DIY canvas prints. Who doesn’t want a custom canvas print of your favorite kids’ photo or vacation scene?

Decorating your house with canvas prints is a way to bring some depth to your home décor style. And if you can do that without breaking the bank, well, that’s a double bonus.

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