21 Best Places to Get Keys Made Near Me

Do you ever wonder where to go if you need to get a copy of a key? You might need an extra set of keys for one of your vehicles or a spare set for your house or garage.

Luckily, key making services are likely pretty readily available in various places near you. I was surprised a few weeks ago when I walked into our local big box store to get a key made.

Right near the entrance, there was a do-it-yourself key-making machine. I was in and out with three copies of the key within 5 minutes.

Here is a list of some of the places you may be able to get keys made close to your home.

Where to Get Keys Near Me

There are three main places you can get keys made these days. The three most common places are grocery and retail stores, hardware stores, and home improvement stores.

However, not all of those types of stores have key cutting services. I’ll be sharing a little bit about which stores make keys and which don’t. That way you’ll find your next trip to get keys made a little easier.

Grocery/Retail Stores

There are quite a few grocery and retail stores that will cut keys for you. It’s important to note that some of these stores have key cutting machines attended by employees. However, others only have do-it-yourself key making machines.

Luckily, the do-it-yourself machines are pretty simple to use. When I got my keys made at the big box store recently, they had the DIY machine there.

I was nervous at first about not having an actual person there to cut keys, but my fears were unfounded. It worked out great and the keys functioned just fine.

Here are some of the bigger retail chains that generally have key cutting services available. Note that some locations may not have key cutting services.

1. Walmart

There’s a Walmart in almost every large town or city. I got my keys made at the local Walmart here. They used to have a live person cutting keys but they use a machine now.

Your location might still use the live person who manually cuts the keys, or they may have the machine. Walmart will generally cut most types of door, car and other keys.

Check the Walmart website to find out which locations near you have key copying services available. Be sure to check copy service hours if they have a live person who makes key copies.

Know that you may have to call the store directly for that information.

2. Rite Aid

Rite Aid drug stores also have key copying services at many locations.

There are over 2400 Rite Aid locations in the United States in 42 states.

Rite Aid will make copies of most types of door, garage, auto and other keys.

3. Bed Bath and Beyond

It seemed weird that a home décor store would have key copying services. However, many Bed, Bath and Beyond locations have key-making services in-store. They generally use DIY kiosks, but they are fairly simple to operate.

Bed, Bath and Beyond has over 1,000 locations throughout all 50 U.S. states. Check your local store for more information on key copying services.

4. Kroger

Kroger is a large-scale grocery chain with stores all over the United States. Most store locations are in the Midwestern and Southern parts of the country.

Many Kroger locations will make copies of door keys, auto keys, and other types of keys as well. Check your nearest store for hours and specific services.

5. Kmart

Kmart stores are owned by Sears and have over 400 locations throughout the U.S. Many locations will make copies of standard door and other keys, auto keys and custom design keys as well.

6. BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club has over 200 locations in 16 U.S. states, primarily on the East Coast. They offer key copying services for many standard keys and custom design keys as well.

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7. Meijer’s

Meijer’s is a big box store with locations in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa and Wisconsin. Many locations offer key copying services; just check with your local store for details.

8. Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer grocery stores are owned by Kroger. They have locations in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. Most store locations offer key-cutting services, making door keys, custom design keys, and more.

9. Safeway

Safeway grocery stores are located throughout the U.S. Their key copying services provide brass door and other keys, auto keys and more.

Some locations have kiosks available that will save your key copy for quick access if you need more keys.

10. WinCo

WinCo grocery stores are in Washington State, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and more. They offer key copying services for brass and standard keys, custom keys and more.

Check locations near you for specific services and hours.

Home Improvement Stores

Since home improvement stores specialize in helping people with home improvement-related tasks, you may find key-cutting services there. Here is a list of some of the more popular home improvement stores that will make copies of keys.

11. Lowe’s

Most Lowe’s store locations have key copying services available. With stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, you may have one near you. Call or stop in to a Lowe’s near you to get more information on key cutting services.

12. Home Depot

Home Depot home improvement stores also offer key cutting at some locations. They cut most types of standard keys and automotive keys. Call your nearest store location for hours and specific services.

13. Menard’s

Menard’s is a home improvement store with locations in the Midwest. Many Menard’s locations have self-service key copying kiosks located in their stores. Check individual locations for more details.

14. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware locations also have key copying services. They specialize in brass door and other keys, auto keys and more. Hours and services vary by location, so call or check their website before making the trip.

15. True Value Hardware

True Value Hardware has over 4,000 store locations in existence. Most locations make copies of door keys, car keys and other types of keys as well.  Contact a location near you for more information.

Other Places to Get Keys Made

Here are a few other places you should be able to get key copies made. Availability depends on what area of the country you live in. Smaller towns may not have as many options for copying as bigger cities will.

16. Your Local Locksmith

Local locksmith shops do still exist. If you want to get keys made, you can simply do an Internet search for “locksmith near me”. It should populate a list of locksmiths in your area.

Note that getting key copies through a locksmith may cost more than through bigger stores. However, quality could be better as well since you’ve got professionals cutting your keys.

17. Your Car Dealership

If you need keys made for your vehicle, you can always stop at your car maker’s local dealership. Car dealerships can be a great resource for getting keys made for your car.

However, beware that you might pay a pretty high price for keys if you use the dealership. It might be a good idea to do some comparison shopping before you use the dealership to get keys made. You’ll probably be able to save more money if you shop around.

18. Auto Parts Stores

Some auto parts stores will offer key copying services. While many auto parts stores only make copies of car keys, some make copies of other types of keys too.

Check with local auto parts stores such as:

The individual store locations can give you more information on what types of key copying services they offer.

19. Key Me App

The Key Me App is a cool app that allows you to get copies of keys from just about anywhere. Here’s how it works: you simply scan your key and save it to the app. After that you can choose to go to a Key Me kiosk to get a copy printed.

Or you can have copies shipped to you by mail if you’re not in a hurry. You can even send the scan to a friend so they can get a copy of your key.

20. Car Keys Express

Car Keys Express specializes in making copies of automobile keys. Just go to their website and enter your Vehicle Identification Number. The site will instruct you from there on how to get copies of your keys.

21. Minute Key

Minute Key makes key copying kiosks that are available at locations throughout the U.S. This is an automated copying service.

You just insert your key into the machine, follow the steps on the kiosk and wait. In a few minutes, your key copies will be dispensed.

One cool thing about Minute Key is that they have designer key items as well. You may be able to get a key fashioned after your favorite sports team or other designer choice.


Here is some other information you might want to know before you go to get keys made. The information here is basic but might vary from store to store.

How Much Do Key Copies Cost?

Depending on the store, you’ll generally pay anywhere between $1.50 and $3.00 per key copy. When I used the DIY machine at my local Walmart, they charged $3 per key. That seemed expensive, however, they also offered me a deal to get two more keys for an additional $3.

Which Types of Keys Can I Get Copies of?

Stores will generally copy most types of door, garage or house keys. With auto keys it varies; some stores make copies while others don’t.

In some cases, you may have to go directly to the car dealership to get copies of your car keys. Most other types of keys can be duplicated at most key-making stores.

What if you have a key that has “Do Not Duplicate” (DND) on it?

DND keys are often found on keys such as apartment building entrance keys. I did some research on this subject and the answers vary.

One suggestion is to go to the original store or locksmith that made the key to get copies. They should have a record of your original purchase.

What is a High Performance Key?

A high-performance key is a key that more accurate than a traditional key.

It’s made in a way that promotes more streamlined gliding in and out of locks. If you want a high-performance key made, simply check with stores near you.


As you can see, there is no shortage of stores and other places that will make keys for you. Regulations will vary based on the type of key you’d like made, but the services are available.

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