How to Use Coupons

For the month of October 2012, I’m revisiting how to get started using coupons. Since I started this journey several years ago, I’ve watched lots of changes in the couponing world. I’ve found myself change my opinion on certain topics, shift some of the deals I share here, and adjust my own shopping. Therefore, I wanted to put out a new series of “lessons” that provide realistic expectations and instruction of what you can achieve by using coupons.

In case you missed them, you can go back and read the prior posts:

  • Introduction
  • Your New Approach to Grocery Shopping
  • Stockpiling & Food Inventory
  • Understanding Store Sales Cycles
  • Understanding How Coupons Work
  • Maximizing the Power of your Coupons
  • Putting Together Coupon Scenarios
  • Organizing your Coupons
  • Finding the Deals
  • The Checkout Process
  • Handling Coupon Problems (coming soon!)
  • Saving Money Without Coupons (coming soon!)
  • Getting into a Coupon Routine (coming soon!)
  • Becoming a Courteous Couponer (coming soon!)

To contact me, please email at angela @ thecouponproject dot com.

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