Sam’s Club Membership As Low As $25 + Up to Three Free $10 Gift Cards! (And Why I Like Sam’s Club Better Than Costco)

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Hoping to join Sam’s Club soon? Here’s a Sam’s Club new member promo to thank you for joining!

Sam's Club new member promo

Sam’s Club New Member Promo

Right now NEW Sam’s Club members can get a discount membership as well as up to THREE freebies just by signing up through Groupon! Options include:

  • $25 for a Sam’s Club Membership Package + up to 3 FREE $10 e-gift cards ($20 off)
  • $35 for a Sam’s Club Membership Package with Member’s Mark Pizza and 10″ Round Cake + up to $3 FREE $10 e-gift cards ($10 off a membership, plus free items)

You’ll receive a $10 e-gift card after using each of the following Sam’s Club convenience services: (1) Scan & Go, (2) Curbside Pickup, and (3) Online Ship to Home.

Why I Like Sam’s Club Better Than Costco

So…why Sam’s Club? You’ll see Costco content elsewhere on this blog, and while I do have a Costco in my town, having a Sam’s Club membership is more convenient for me. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Club Pickup

Club Pickup is free for all Sam’s Club members and allows me to shop online and pick up my order the next day. I h-a-t-e shopping, especially at huge stores, so this is a great way for me to still get all the deals and save boatloads of time.

They even allow you to order fresh/frozen items; you’ll just need to wait a little bit while they get your cart that has those items reserved.

Reason #2: Scan & Go App

For the times I don’t plan ahead and place my order via Club Pickup, I can still save time by shopping with the Scan & Go app. It works just like it sounds: as you’re shopping in the store and adding items to your cart, you scan the barcode of each item and the app keeps a running total for you.

When you’re done you pay via the app, then present a barcode to the checker on your way out so they can see that you did indeed pay for the items in your cart. So. Much. Time. Saved. I love it!

Reason #3: Better Parking (At Least At My Store)

I have had a Costco membership twice. Both times I canceled my membership because I didn’t use it enough to justify the cost. The reason? The PARKING LOT. Ugh. I have heart palpitations just thinking about it.

At my local Costco, there is never a good time to go. It is always busy. The parking lot is always a nightmare. I don’t know how to fix this problem. I just know that the Sam’s Club locations I have been to have been much easier to get in and out of.

Reason #4: Extended Hours

OK, so the regular hours at my Costco and Sam’s Club are pretty similar. The Sam’s Club near me is open until 8 pm on Saturday and Costco is only open until 6 pm on Saturday…that’s about it for regular hour differences.

But if you upgrade your Sam’s Club membership ($45/year) to a Plus membership ($100/year), you get early entry of 8 am! It is so nice to beat the crowd and make a quick stop before heading to work or school, if need be.

A Plus membership offers other perks including:

  • Cash Rewards ($10 back for every $500 spent)
  • Free shipping on online purchases
  • Free select prescriptions
  • 20% discount on eyeglasses

But, But, But…

Yes, I know that you loyal Costco shoppers may be protesting these reasons and offering up some of your own as to why Costco is better. And I have NOTHING against Costco. I’m just saying that for me personally, Sam’s Club is a better fit at this time in my life. To each his own, right?

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